Monday 17 December 2012

Perilous Crossings

(Reflecting on this was wondering if i was experimenting with multi genre tables with shifts from one to another. Like from humanized rural to mythic wilderness). Crossings in many adventures make good climactic scenes and cliff hangers for adventure. Here are some lazy tools to make hex crawling a bit more fun. Not as solid as some other ones but here we go - transmissions intermittent for next 3 weeks:

d12 Savage Setting Crossing Types
1 Log crossing
2 Jump from one rock to the other
3 Waterfall crossing
4 Swing across vines
5 Use backs of huge creatures
6 Single rope crossing
7 Double rope crossing
8 Rope bridge
9 Flimsy bridge of bamboo or sticks
10 Climb across huge trees
11 Can cross rapids with rope and teamwork
12 Cave under waterfall

d20 Savage Setting Obstacles
1 Ferocious man sized creature blocks path
2 Hostile cannibal tribesmen camp
3 Hive of bugs or parasite filled corpse on path
4 Single warrior challenges newcomers to challenge to cross
5 Pack of dangerous animals
6 Huge predators lair
7 Starving traveler half mad and sick
8 Swarm attack while crossing - bugs, fish, frogs, bats
9 Witch doctor offers quest for right to cross
10 Witch doctor asks 3 questions for right to cross
11 Cursed crossing - spirit totem or tabu item
12 Horribly tortured bodies strung up everywhere
13 Sacrifice or torture in progress
14 Ritual battle in progress
15 Ceremony taking place come back tomorrow
16 Crossing collapses
17 Aerial creature attacks
18 Missile attacks from hidden clan
19 Assassin with poison missiles
20 Swarming with savage beasts below

d12 Archaic Setting Crossing Types
1 Wooden bridge
2 Stone bridge
3 Fortified bridge
4 Ruined bridge
5 Ferry boat
6 Tunnel underneath
7 Fulcrum crane
8 Elevator system
9 Cable carriage
10 Collapsed Bridge
11 Swinging moat bridge
12 Single chain or metal cable

d20 Archaic Setting Obstacles
1 Toll bridge - official with guards
2 Toll bridge - unofficial with thugs
3  Bandits favorite ambush point
4 Highway man
5 Warrior challenges for right to cross
6 Beggars ask for money, healing, help
7 Crossing is a local vice den with drugs, gambling and prostitutes
8 Execution in progress
9 Gang torture in progress
10 Slave traders making deal
11 Priests converting and extorting donations
12 Crazy sniper shoots at who crosses
13 Tax collector and guards know party coming this way
14 Cultists looking for victims
15 Dangerous beast
16 Settlement on crossing
17 Broken crossing extra risky
18 Gangs meeting for deal - party sets off melee
19 Bad omens and cursed insignia mark crossing
20 Orphans needing help

1d20 Magical setting Crossing Types
1 Gateway
2 Teleporter
3 Floating squares
4 Floating Disc
5 Carried by fabulous monster
6 Passage through another world
7 Wizard telekinesis you over on a raft
8 Underground Train
9 Ice bridge
10 Invisible Force bridge
11 Magical burning bridge
12 Razor blade or giant sword for bridge
13 Living beings form bridge - may assemble and dissemble
14 A magical dungeon
15 A great tree with passages and walkways
16 A corpse of an ancient gargantuan monster
17 Titanic humanoid carries across
18 Magical vehicle ferries across
19 Magical being uses strange powers
20 Necromancer bridge - built with animate bones, corpses and rubble

d20 Magical Setting Obstacles
1 Undead block passage
2 Other planar being blocks passage
3 Magician blocks passage
4 Bizarre Monster blocks passage
5 Spirit demands quest to let past
6 God in disguise tests or tricks characters
7 Magical curse effects all who pass
8 Sends those crossing to another world
9 Faerie, gremlins or imps rob party
10 Disguised monster is part of crossing
11 Old person demands toll - actually a shape shifter
12 Non humans force charges humans toll for a laugh
13 Magical Fire Arrows shoot at any who cross
14 Evil cultists engaged in rituals
15 Monster toll keeper
16 Plague of small annoying creatures - snakes, kobolds, spiders
17 Magical prison which traps those passing
18 A sourland around a monster lair
19 Monks or priests test with challenges for right of passage
20 Spirits attempt possession of all who pass

1d12 Weird Science Setting Crossing Types
1 Monorail
2 Air ferry
3 Elevator
4 Escalator bridge
5 Shuttle
6 Specialty vehicle
7 Teleporter circuit
8 Wormhole gateway
9 Awesome spectacle designer bridge
10 Road just crosses, minimal support or structure
11 Telekinetic force bridge
12 Specialized robot transportation

d20 Weird Science Obstacles
1 Robot guardian
2 Argumentative AI
3 Android demands Fee
5 Cyborg gang taunt anyone crossing
6 Tech system failure
7 Mutants demand toll
8 Cult demand donation, offer membership
9 Sentient xenoform demands service fee
10 Virus nanobots or mutagenic contamination
11 Fortified barricade blocks passage
12 Guards want to know more about you and whatever your doing
13 High tech trap
14 Hostile lab made creature lair
15 Youth gang jerk you around
16 Crooks offer criminal services
17 Suicidal person here to die - perhaps party will help
18 Recycling or cleaning machines get extreme
19 Horde of hungry and needy want stuff
20 Dangerous collision

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