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EMO DnD Classes pt 7: Monk

I'm keeping classes in batches of 4 for some reason
Primary Classes
Warrior - Priest - Wizard - Rogue
Sorcerer - Druid - Monk - Bard
Elves, Dwarves, Halflings and Tako (tako done but might be revamped)

Possibly will add Paladins, Rangers though other than spells they could be built from warriors. Thinking of a class to act as a shaman/psionicist with own spell list mostly priest and druid spells but spells chosen as a sorcerer with some astral powers. Barbarians and knights can be made from the kits under my warrior and just dont need separate classes. Assassin, acrobats fit under Rogue. Would consider some monster humanoids classes later.  Did enjoy Orcs of Thar supplement based Bugbear PC in a game. I have plenty of stuff for players now so ill sit on this for a while. My bard is a bit troubled too so ill wait a bit but basically like 2nd edition.

On with the Monks:

Monks in ADnD or Mystics in Basic Cyclopedia always seemed like an after thought. I was impressed in Castles and Crusades they had been beefed up to be more like fighters. Like the Rogue the Monk is a skill specialist who makes more sense as part of a Skill based system. I wanted a monk that could cover martial  experts, temple guards and cultists. I also wanted a bit of Sohei and possibility of being a Kensai from Oriental adventures too but no spells. Unlike a fighter a Monk is designed to min max skills to become more powerful. Also light maneuverability for tactical action is one of their strengths. Id usually recommend maxing out in a weapon, unarmed combat and martial arts. Acrobatics, running, other skills handy too.  Monks may learn ancient lore or rogue tricks and stunts too if they choose. Traditional monk skills like dodge, enhanced saves, move, landing are all WP or NWP so they get the best choices of both and keep getting more every lv. Bards are a bit more magical and rogues have better NWPs and less fighting prowess. I might add some other schools. Lotsa marvel heroes like Iron Fist even ninja could fit here. I picked the Moonknight pic for its Egyptian look  just to say you dont have to be a western or oriental monk. Many cultures may have monks of sorts.

some other notes
My unskilled fighters inflict 1d2 damage
Brawling skill 1d3 - any body part, confined space ok

Martial Punch 1d4
Martial kick 1d6 (need punch first)
Martial Smash 1d8 - only one attack, break wood, bricks hand or foot or head
specialize in unarmed for up to +1/+2/+3 hit and damagelots of other weird combat feats


Scholar warrior martial arts masters
HD: 1d8 Prime Stat: Wis
WP: 4 (+1/ Lv)
NWP: 4 (+1/ Lv) 

No-WP mod: -3
Languages: 2d4 (+1/2nd lv) S=spoken and W=written

Spells: None
NWP: Any
Shield: None
Armour: Light
Weapon: Staff, Club, Hand Axe, Hatchet, Any Spear, Chain, Any Flail, Dagger, Shuriken, Bolo, Sabre, Lasso, Rock, Sling, Glaive Fight as: Priest

Save as: Priest

Monks study the arts and sciences and the physical arts of battle and the mental arts scholars. They don’t have worldly ambition, only dedication to skill mastery and advancing in monastic ranks. Different orders use different skills but all use rare physical and martial combos rather than obvious force. A monk typically uses a weapon and uses extra unarmed attacks to kick, punch and headbutt in melee. A weapon, boots and gloves can help protect the monk from unarmed attacks vs foes on fire or with touch based powers. Monks spend time training, in study and in meditation. They learn any class skills. A monk Int bonus may take a weapon normally outside their class like a halberd or sword.  Some monks dont bother with weapons at all relying on unarmed proficiencies. Monks may duel each other or have contests of skill. All monks have a Lawful alignment component.
-Can use proficiencies restricted to warriors like weapon mastery +2 or weapon Specialist +3
and can make base critical hits (which they may improve) as a warrior (other classes can have a +1 Weapon expertise once and no basic critical ability without WP)
-Add Wis bonus to AC and all saving throws
without amour only 
-Combat abilities - extra attacks always fist or kick or may use brawl for any body part

1-3th +1AC & Initiative, Ki Strike hit +1 magic creatures with bare hands or weapon
4-6th +2AC & Initiative, +1 extra unarmed Attack, Ki Strike hit +2 magic creatures 
7-9th  +3AC & Initiative, +2 extra unarmed Attacks, Ki Strike hit +3 magic creatures, dice for unarmed attacks or on single chosen weapon use next highest eg d4 becomes d6
10-12 +4AC & Initiative, +3 extra unarmed Attacks, Ki Strike hit +4 magic creatures
+5AC & Initiative, +4 extra unarmed Attacks, Ki Strike hit +5 magic creatures17-20 +6AC & Initiative, +5 extra unarmed attacks
-Death touch - save vs Death (Con), deliver death with bare handed touch, first aid might save life, only works on humanoids but study of anatomy manuals might expand this
16th once a day death touch, 18th and 20th get extra uses per day, can have delayed effect of up to hour if wished
6th get one 1st lv monk follower and one more per lv after
10th can establish a monastery and attract 3d4 more 1st lv monks
20th can build a great school and attract 6d6 1st lv monks 

Specialist Monk Schools

Name - Alignment  



Scarlet Talon Order LE
Sinister agents of evil
Aid and assist diabolic despots and powermongers
Staff, Chain, Martial Punch, Strike to Entangle
Tumbling, Pole Vault, Sneak, Hide
Empire SW, Common SW, Ancient SW

Night Fangs - LN

Assassin brotherhood
Famed for seizing gates, winning sieges, overcoming guards and only killing target
Sabre, Chain, Brawling, Shuriken
Acrobatics, Jumping, Sneak, Hide
Empire SW, Common SW, Ancient SW
Dragon Fist Order - LN

Invisible wanderers
Secret agents gathering information for their libraries
Martial Punch, Double Strike, Dodge, Arrow Block
Sneak, Hide, Disguise, Infiltration
Empire SW, Common SW, Ancient SW

Spider Claw Order - LE
Sword wielding master kidnappers
Cult of kidnappers practicing blackmail and human sacrifice
Sabre, 2 weapon, 2 weapon master, Ambidextrous
Climb, Night Vision, Rope Use, Escapology
Empire SW, Common SW, Ancient SW

Moon Sons Order - LG 

Vigilante cult of the moon god
Vigilante travelers of the night often establish secret identities
Martial Punch, Martial Kick, Shuriken, Grain Flail
Sneak, Hide, Wall Running, Acrobatics
Empire SW, Common SW, Ancient SW

Sword Sisters Order - LN 

Queens of the sword cult
Defenders of women children and elderly
Sabre, Sabre Expert +1, Dodge, Fast Draw Sabre
Weapon Smith, Balance, Wall Running, Tumbling
Empire SW, Common SW, Ancient SW

Drunken Frog Order - LN 

Wanderer sect who feign uselessness
Horrible drunks who secretly train and help the common folk
Staff, Brawling, Instant Stand, Strike to Sweep
Brewing, Begging, Tumbling, Gambling
Empire SW, Common SW, Ancient SW

Holy Sages Order - LN  

Scholar scribes who serve temples and courts
Many empire sages are eunuchs with false jeweled beards and makeup
Ones serving cults vary – Enki Sages dress as fish, Ishtar nuns wear white robes and are virgins
Staff, Hafted Weapon Style, Strike to trip, Dodge
Ancient Lore, First Aid, Healing, Scribe
Empire SW, Common SW, Ancient SW

Holy Guardian - Any L 

Fighting monks who guard temples
Many dedicate their lives to defending monasteries or holy places from harm
Glaive, Strike to Sweep, Medium Armour, Dodge

Holy Lore, First Aid, Alertness, Run Faster
Empire SW, Common SW, Ancient SW

Iron Hand - Any L
Barehand fighting masters
Persue arts of bare handed battle

Martial Punch, Martial Kick, Double Strike, Martial Smash
Dodge, Run Faster, Iron Skin, Tumble 
Empire SW, Common SW, Ancient SW

+1 per 1gp spent on monasteries, hermits, relics, holy teachers, scrolls, pilgrimages, scriptures, order donations, exotic weapons, fighting style manuals, building schools, training orphans, translate and transcribe books
+100 per proficiency success that helps victory
Double for winning unarmed or choice weapon duel

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