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d100 Common Idioms of Xor

Heroes on Xor while leaping about in human skin loin cloths need stuff to shout! While wielding mighty sawtooth blades made from giant lizard fangs, you need stuff to yell as you stab it into foes 2 or 3 times more than needed. It's stuff boring old priests say or a farmer accidentally hurting himself at work or a warrior trying smack talk. Perhaps a quote from the nominomicon or the secrets of the cannibal kabbalah. I had idea of having one of these on bottom of each page.

d100 Common Verbal Abuse on Xor
01 By the great glistening gelatinous glumps of Xor!
02 All flesh is one - all is flesh
03 Flesh is as thy flesh does
04 By the rancid meat sceptre of the beast!
05 By the great yellow teeth of Xor
06 By all the magical mysteries of meat 
07 Everyone looks the same touching their toes
08 You are born of meat and at the end you are just meat
09 We come from blood, to blood we return!
10 By the bones we are are all broken
11 I keep my soul in my skin I must not let it leak out! 
12 The animus is in every living thing, beware the anti animus!
13 By The Flesh of Xor I hunger to eat my enemies
14 Blood and flesh for Xor!
15 Bones break bones yet flesh begets flesh
16 If the body complies the mind will obey
17 The mind is weak the flesh is strong
18 Bleed for your god who bled for you!
19 Beware the mutant, the infected strange and daemon cults
20 Infections are intrusions into the perfect ever living world of Xor
21 Devour life challenges as Xor devours worlds
22 All that bleeds lives!
23 A beating heart if the best heart
24 By the seven sacred organs I give my life!
25 Raging fists of meat pummel the wicked!
26 Beware the star stone of iron or metal strangers bring
27 Flense the infected and flail the wicked
28 Righteousness if flesh and flesh is righteousness 
29 By the pure flesh of the Virgin Queen 
30 Praise Xor the All Mother and All Father
31 We all suckle from the holy teats of Xor's wisdom
32 Cast into the corpse pits to feed Xor, to be reborn as Xor pleases
33 The circle of strife is all life linked in chains of eternal hunger  
34 Blast my rotten juices of piss and sweat and blood!
35 We are closest to Xor, our enemies are mere effluent and flatulence 
36 By the power of the Animus spare this life
37 There are two types of stranger, the ones you marry and the ones you eat
38 Meat binds all into a unity of flesh, the body of Xor
39 Heart beats, blood boils, bile burns, enemies die!
40 By the great fleshy leather dewlaps of Xor
41 May sweetmeats and pickled jowls rain down from heavens!
42 I butcher this foe that their flesh is returned to the greet devourer
43 By the jiggly boobs and buttocks of Xor!
44 By the fleshy love chasms of great Xor
45 By the sphincter of the great ones
46 By the pulsating prolapses of the elder gods!
47 I am your predator, prepare to be rendered to base gore
48 You are but a few buckets of meat slurry in the great fleshy ocean that is Xor
49 Great melting eyeballs of the witnesses of Xor!
50 Xor is way the only way, all that live comes from and through Xor
51 Consume thine enemies, consume their greasy grimy corpses with glee
52 All life is Xor, to oppose Xor makes you an enemy of Life!
53 It is the strong's duty to persecute the week and free them from choice
54 If you bite to much of Xor, Xor will bite you back
55 Come wade into blood and gore, enjoy the deadly battle dance of Xor!
56 Your enemies are gifts of Xor, use them for fuel, leather, bone, meat, sinew or slaves
57 Bones can flex only so far
58 Give a man food he carries your goods for a day, turn his skin into a bag he works for you and your children
59 It is a mercy to mutilate and mark the mad and strange so all know take pity on them
60 Xor will always provide meat for your young and old, praise Xor!
61 A stranger is just a animal you have not eaten yet
62 If a stranger wrongs you cut his cheek with a knife to say "No! I have had enough!"
63 May you be reborn in the bosom of Xor 
64 If it offends you spit it out or cut it off
65 Humans skin is like a book of a life, I look forward to showing yours to my kin!
66 Eyes, ears, finger, toes and nose - all good eatin' don't you knows?
67 Teeth are a treasure for trade and making weapons, always collect them!
68 By my blood engorged muscles I strike at thee!
69 It is easy for anyone to fall into the maw of Xor, some are taken sooner that is all
70 Pumping muscles, bleeding gums, hammering fists, squirming tongues
71 Broken bones, squirting blood, gasping lungs, embrace the void within
72 Stillness is death, keep moving
73 Stab my flesh, break my limbs, dash my brains, I live on inside Xor forever 
74 The chosen of Xor are born again and again while the useless are shat out into the void
75 The old and wise you feed and care for, the old and idiot just leave them for wild beasts to eat
76 Those who defend life are worthy of life, the unworthy deserve death, Xor is Life!
77 Lo! The enigma of Xor, creator of all yet gormless and formless ever living idiot
78 We are but ticks and fleas feeding on the greatness of Xor 
79 All elements are within mighty Xor and meat is the master element
80 Mutants are a blessing from Xor, any might be the key to survive in the future
81 If it tastes good it was meant to be eaten
82 Pity not those who we eat for they become our flesh, the circle of strife goes on
83 Xor gives us warmth, meat and life so we devote our selves to the lord of flesh
84 Life consumes life to live, murder is as natural as breathing,
85 A kind fool warns his dinner before eating them
86 If you ask to be eaten eventually you will be
87 Xor is the great cosmic worm ever devouring itself in a cannibalistic spiral
88 When you devour the corpse of your lover, it's ok to start with the feet
89 Scars show you have lived and had experience, only fools and idiots have no scars
90 Stone crumbles, iron rusts but flesh is reborn forever in Xor 
91 By the slaughter seers of Xor, I shall unleash your blood in great showers of gore
92 Everything given to your children, family and slaves is a debt they must repay
93 Show mercy to a foe and just mutilate or enslave them
94 Only eat who you kill, wasted flesh attracts otherworldly evil
95 May your soul rot in the bowels of Xor's digestive tract for a billion eternities
96 If good flesh gets a worm cut it out fast (some say poison it instead)
97 The eater of your friend is your enemy (or the eater of your enemy is your friend)
98 To open a flesh gate you must be gentle like a lover, masterful like musician
99 Chew your sinew and gristle, it's good for you and the sensible thing to do
100 Beware flesh of the alien, the outsider the defiler, the plague carrier and the daemon

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