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Relics of the Meat God

More Gore to Explore!
As my last post was "too horrible to read" here is more.

Scabs of Xor

Found in a drawstring skin bag, 3d4 pieces of sacred scabs of Xor. Each can heal 1 HP if applied to a bleeding wound or provide food for a day. Stay usable as long as kept dry.

Red Honey of Xor

Made by meat bees that gather blood and skin flakes or even corpses to make delicious red honey.  A pound of honey can heal 3d4 HP or cure disease.

Harp of Zerlag the Brown

Harp is made from a skull, spine and sinew. If played by a bard three times a day all in 30 foot mast save or suffer explosive diarrhoea. Mostly this is humiliating and causes a morale check. Once a week the bard harpist may play to a heap of excrement and form a 4 foot tall homonculi like creature d8HD AC as leather Att can use club or dagger. The creature is loyal and loves it's creator like a parent and if shunned becomes vindictive. It is stupid but will happily open doors, activate traps and search ahead. It cannot talk but will gesture and has easily comprehended emotions. It leaves smelly footprints and follows the creator until it is dead or mistreated too much.

Bone Bow

A heavy composite bow of living sinew and bone grows a arrow per day. It can grow up to 12 at a time but they can be removed and kept to encourage more to grow. It has own muscles to amplify the flexing and does d10 damage with own arrows or d8 with other arrows. The bow enjoys being bathed in blood once a week or it dies. Blood elves of Xor love their bows and write poems to them and debate care routines. Some manuals teach how to double arrow growth rate with daily feedings of blood.

Vampire Spear

A +2 to hit bone spear. On a natural 20 the spear awakens and a evil face on the head bites hold of the victim struck and on following round inflicts a d4 a round until the victim or someone can remove it with a STR save. Often while the spear is stuck the user will hold on and use unarmed or shield attacks. When target is dead the spear releases the bite and returns to sleep.

Crimson Lens

A ruby monacle gives wearer infravision in one eye and can see where blood has been spilled during last week within 30 feet. Actually it is a drop of divine blood in stasis.

Spitter CritterCreatures bread to emit chemicals or projectiles for use as a weapon. Creatures become dormant if not fed blood for a week and die in a month if starved. If fed daily replenish a d3 shots. Weigh about 2lb for hand version, longer more powerful models weigh 6lb. Stats for hand/long weapon variants below. Ranges on 10s of feet indoors or yards outdoors.

Web - sticky strands of protein STR save or held d4 turns
Damage - Range 3/5 Ammo 1/4
Acid - glob of corrosive slime
Damage 2d4/2d4 Range 3/5 Ammo 1/4 +1pt extra dam d4/2d4 rounds
Flame - mixes 2 chemicals which then ignite in air
Damage 2d4/2d6 Range 1/4 Ammo 1/4 +1pt extra dam d4/2d4 rounds 30 degree cone
Sleep - shards of crystallised tranquilliser
Damage - Range 3/10 Ammo 10 CON save or sleep for at least a turn 

Venom - shards of crystallised poison
Damage - Range 3/10 Ammo 10 CON save to resist poison or +2d4/2d6
rare versions have lethal venom

Teeth - burst of tiny fragments of metallic teeth
Damage d6/2d6 Range 3/10 Ammo 6/10 
Slime - spits lethal green slime
Damage - Range 1/4 Ammo 1/4 1HD/2HD green slime
Shocker - shoots a tiny electric eel like creature
Damage d6/2d6 Range 3/10 Ammo 4/8 CON save or stun d4 rounds 
Explosive - sires a bug that explodes on impact
Damage 2d4/3d4 Range 3/10 Ammo 4/8, damages materials fail save 
Stench - stinking cloud gas in a gelatinous blob
Damage - Range 1/3 Ammo 1/4 Cloud Area 1/2 
as stinking cloud, hand version lasts round, long version cloud lasts d4 rounds
shards of crystallised narcotic
Damage - Range 3/10 Ammo 6/12 INT save to resist, confusion d4/2d4 rounds
Confusion d4 1=attack nearest person 2=stare drooling 3=laugh crazily 4=flee
Pacifier shards of crystallised narcotic
Damage - Range 3/10 Ammo 
6/12 WIS save to resist or passive and friendly
Stronger versions act as a charm spell for a d4/d12 hours

Resembles a sawfish held by body, slash with the spiked beak that vibrates when exited by battle for 2d4 damage as a sword, also good for hedge trimming, hair cuts and in the kitchen. Smaller knife like ones do d3+1. Requires feeding it blood if not used to kill weekly. Some are +1 or +2 but non magical for hitting certain creatures. This + is more from the STR of the creature making it's vibrations stronger.

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