Saturday, 1 September 2018

Belly Buttons of Xor

For some reason Xor has belly buttons.
They are a feature you could put in any hex on a meat landscape.
Did Xor have a mother or is it it's own mother?
Does it birth new planar extensions of itself to invade other cosms?
These are unknowable to most people of Xor who only know an infinity of flesh.
Typically they are a d6 miles across.
Just use these to spice up your terrain.
Make good dungeon entrances.

Xor belly buttons

1 Lake of tears
2 Crusty desiccated salt bog
3 chaos puss bog infection
4 Hair forest full of bugs
5 Plant forrest
6 Fungus forrest
7 Cultivated garden
8 Trash heap 
9 Desiccated tissue
10 Parasite pit

Lake of tears
This flesh depression has a salty lake of tears or sweat. It will be teeming with life possibly fish or macroscopic amoebas, hydras, planarians and other simple life. Often a fishing village might thrive on the shores. Stranger things live in the darkest depths, some shallow folds or a sticking out belly button might form a island.

Crusty desiccated salt bog
This might have been a lake or just accumulated deposits of salt or dried serum crystals. Mostly it is a crystalline crust with amazing formations on steeper shores. Other flat areas may only be a layer of crust over stagnant toxic fluid. Such areas can be hazardous. Some might be mostly dried nitrate lakes. Often dried dead creatures are on the shore, preserved for thousands of years, fluids leeched out and perfectly mummified. Some monsters dwell here as humans avoid them of just come for mineral deposits to preserve food. Salt elementals and other strange creatures may live here. Necromancers come to study the preserving effects of the salt and ancient dead. Occasionally a castle of mineral salts might have been built by a wizard or planar being to rule over the area and menace the living. Some areas might have caves of salts or resinous dried serum crystals. Some of the oldest deposits are as hard as quartz or granite. Others are brittle and crumble to the touch.

Chaos puss bog infection
These areas are foul swamps of puss, often with dried scabrous land masses, ingrown infected hairs and open pools of infected white or yellow or green liquid often opaque sometimes transparent. Sometimes blood is in the liquid or visible on the surface. The stench can be overwhelming and a miasma of disease covers the place. Some wear masks with scented resins to drown out the stench. Disgusting horrible things live here such as giant flies, maggots, carrion eaters, parasites and macroscopic amoebas and slimes. Some goblinois thrive here wallowing in the filth. These are favorite places for demons to invade and they might build a fort or dungeon complex from dried infected matter. Primal chaos pools often guarded by shoggoths or chaotic entities can be found where more chaos can enter. Most Xorians hate such places as evil unlife. Disease demons and fly demons especially love the place.

Hair forest full of bugs
This depression of crinkly flesh folds is quite hairy forming a undulating difficult forest. The darkest bottom of the pit may have a cave system or a body of fluid. These are excellent habitats for mites, ticks, fleas and macroscopic bugs of all types. Some humans come to hunt but the difficult terrain helps preserve the wild life and keep visitors limited.

Plant forest
This is full of dirt produced by decaying matter, feces and brought by birds from other lands. Trees and plants have thrived producing by Xorian standards a strange alien landscape. People may live here and trade fruits and other products but some xorians find plant matter difficult to digest. Wood is a exotic material on xor. Some come here for seeds to grow plants in their mostly guarded private garden areas. Animal life here might even develop hair and colouring strange to most Xor life. Plant creatures often guard such locations from fire or intruders. Birds especially visit here and some species develop strangely in evolutionary cul de sacs. It would be rare to see the same forest twice.

Fungus forest
This is full of dirt produced by decaying matter, feces and has become ovegrown with fungus. Thee deeper and darker areas have the thickest and often a cave system is in the bottom, possibly with some water. Besides xorians come to feed off fungi and gather useful  materials. Fungus creatures dwell here and often goblin colonies thrive. Spores from here may colonies other dank dark decay filled places. Some xorians disprove of fungus and refer to it as a disease.

Cultivated garden
This area has terraces and garden beds and waterways all built by intelligent beings who often still live here in a village. Such dwellers are protective and might have domesticated animals. They often limit the entry points with fences or scarification. Cliff pueblo style is pretty common for defence on the naval sloping cliff sides.

Trash heap 
By processes of nature, animals and people this pit is full of desiccated corpses, fluff, lint, bones, dead bugs and man made garbage. Some might live here such as beastmen who dine off the garbage and burrow into it. Ruins might also be found and other forgotten remnants of culture. Some visit to scavenge or hunt. Giant naked rats, maggots and carrion eaters are common. The deepest darkest crevices are often crawling with bugs and horrors.

Desiccated tissue
Great sheets of dried skin, shed hairs, scabs and mummified bodies scattered here in great heaps. Great desert like areas of skin flakes can swallow up travellers and are popular with giant ant lions. Carrion eaters and beastmen tend to dwell here most and most xorians have little reasons to visit. There may be caverns in the deepest depths to explore.

Parasite pit
This pit is thriving with colonies of mites, worms, leeches, ticks and fleas. Many are scar covered and leak serum or blood attracting more creatures. Some of the parasites leave anti coagulants in the wounds they feed from. The area smells and most xorians think the area an abomination. Some come here on crusades to kill creatures and destroy their eggs. Some creatures spread from here or hitch rides on giant flies or lay eggs on giant flies feet to transport them. The darkest depths are fouled with rancid secretions, dried skin and serum crystals, puss and more monsters.


  1. Huunnnghhh this is the perfect mid-point between gross and excellent.

    1. i think you can be gross and excellent
      wait till i do my foreskin and butthole modules

  2. I haven't told you enough how inspiring your creative ... well, haemorrhaging is. For years now I have had the possibility of keeping any lack of inspiration at bay just by come here and read random posts. There is always something that sets off my muse in new and unexpected directions!
    You are worth your weight in gold pieces!

    1. thank you this makes my day
      email me and i will send you something


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