Thursday, 4 March 2021

Armour Experiments

Armour ExperimentsArmour Experiments
So reading the gazetteer Rawn of Empires warped my brains quite a bit. It made me like later Mystara, tolerate flying ships and make me rethink combat. One thing I will play with is the armour that blocks damage. I'm tweaking it a bit. Will try this out in my new psychon-broken hill game. If it works it opens the possibility for spells too. Its not something I would have considered in the past but I'm open to changing a few things for my homebrew.

Armour Basics
AC+10 = chance to be hit
AP is damage points blocked - 1HP dam always gets through a minimum 
Archaic armour AP is half vs arrows & crossbow bolts
Archaic armour AP ignored by firearms
Energy weapons ignore AP of archaic armour and half most advanced armour
Power armour is fully resilient to firearms and energy weapons and no minimum gets through 
ENC=AC if worn x3 ENC if carried, power armour x10 ENC if carried

Suits of Archaic Armour AC/AP
Cloth +1/1
Hide +2/1
Leather +3/2
Scale +4/3
Chain +5/3
Splint +6/3
Plate +7/4
Plate +9/5

Archaic Armour AC/AP
+1/0 Greaves
+1/0 Bracers
+1/0 Heavy cloak
+1/0 Hero Harness - includes 10 ENC carry capacity
+1/1 Leather Cuirass
+3/2 Chain Shirt
+5/3 Plate Cuirass
+1/1 Cap
+2/1 Helmet
+1/1 Small shield or buckler
+2/1 Medium shield-like knight, hoplite, viking 
+3/2 Large Sheild like a roman or norman kite
+4/2 Siege Shield 2H required, often carried by lackey

Suits of Advanced Armour AC/AP
+0/0 Ballistic cloth AC+3/AP3 vs firearms
+3/+3 Plastic semi-rigid ballistic polymer
+4/3 Flack  semi-rigid ballistic cloth with polymer and ceramic inserts
+5/5 Riot  rigid polymer and a ceramic plate 
+6/6 Combat  polymer, titanium and ceramic plate
+3/1 Reflec  silver energy resistant suit +5/5 vs lasers

Suits of Power Armour AC/AP

Scout Power Armour, 2 hydrogen cells last 4 days  STR16
-gasmask, HUD, coms, thermal and low light optics, Jump6 thrust pack
+10/10 Assault Power Armour, atomic fuel cell lasts 2 days STR18
-air supply 4 hours, HUD, coms, thermal and low light optics
-Jump3 thrust pack for frontline powered infantry combat
+12/12 Marine Power Armour 2x atomic cells lasts 2 days STR21
-air supply 4 hours, HUD, coms, thermal and low light optics
-Mov24 flight pack can make orbital re-entry and space capable

Piece Advanced Armour
+3/3 Riot Sheild - transparent polymer with a gun port
+1/1 Ballistic helmet
+2/1 High threat helmet with built-in visor and 
+2/2 Riot helmet with gasmask and radio
+3/3 Tactical helmet - includes radio, gasmask,
-HUD, binoculars, goggles, hydrogen cell


  1. I love the idea of damage reduction and considered using it in my own homebrew. However, last year I ran a bit of Mork Borg which uses damage reduction for Armor and I was surprised at how much it lengthened combats. The damage reduction made most fights a couple rounds longer.

    I prefer fights to be quick so I no longer plan to use it in my homebrew. Just my two cents from recent experience.

    1. i will try it out for a bit
      my players all RQ vets so will be normal

      as i have modern and sf armour im hoping will make them work better without just AC


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