Sunday 21 March 2021

Into the well of Byatis

Stoneage game continued (14thLv) with the party of Sourberry lord of the twilight elves, Boron skylord of the Ziggurat of Red Ape Valley with two clerics and a warrior and Lanos the giant with his biggest best magic dog lord.

They had flown across the world in their flying giant cloud castle to the island at the centre of the world. Hunting a wiked lich lord of the destroyed necromancer templars they went to the great ruined slaver city of bones, where intact necromancer towers were still common in the worlds greatest ruin. They battled some demons in the air then backed off and contacted dwatfs and researched a secret underground passage to the wizards tower.

So the heroes wandered after 30 minutes into a zone of magical influence and most of them forgot why they were here. A leric and a dog remembered and the term moved on using a augry to test best directions to find their enemy. They heard a screaming man and rushed in to where six fishfolk warriors led by a catfish priest torturing a long-haired man chained to a wall. The fish folk proved a bit tricky and the priest blinded the elf with a curse but he still managed to shoot the priest by the sound of the torture and the priest's voice. The man had no idea who he was but grateful and his torture wounds began regenerating, Creatures had been eating and torturing him for so long. 

Found the entry with a magic proof door and wards but scared of the dreamy forgetful aura and small. Went back home thinking they knew the way and an aboleth attacked and managed to turn Lanos and a cleric into marine breathers. So the elf teleported everyone back to the cloud castle and trapped the cursed victims into a fountain in a courtyard. With various curses and restored to air breathers the party planned and used divination and communion spells to investigate how to slay the lich.

So it turned out the elder god Byatis was trapped in the tower basement in a web and the lich had his soul in a crystal crown in the snake bearded gods prison pit. Also stopping Byatis wold aid the strange rescued prisoner and help remove one of the cities curses. The man was a immortal wanderer curseed to live and everywhere he settled was cursed with disaster. He was keen to help and was a petty god.

So they marched back after 3 days and the immortal broke the explosive ruin, destroying the seal under a sound nullifying spell. Then the destroyed the door frame and entered the chamber of Byatis. The god partially crawled out with huge tentacles, a beak and a baleful eye that sealed the open door in a force wall so it could feed and grabbed Boron. SPme sytruck the god with spells and weapons and Boron got gnawed on before cutting off the tentacle holding him. It spent some time planting some idea in the immortals mind. Finally, the battered tho god and the elf flew in the pit as the Lich teleported inside. The elf destroyed the crown holding the lich souls and they destroyed the lich by smashing it to dust then burning it .then turning the ash. The found a sealed door up a staircase into the tower and smashed through th be attacked by an Iron Golem that almost slew Lanos with poison breath and several blows (60hp lost in 2 hits). Smashed an ancient witch woman in a crystal column and all her magic stuff and found later was lih wife. There were illusionary pleasure rooms that were good to rest in and found several corpses and magic items. 

Several magic rings including a ring of three wishes that was really a delusion so the elf fke[t talking about being smarter and others doubted this, Comunoion revealed it was a curse and got a ring of weakness. Found rod of a striking, helm of comprehension, necklace of absorption, magic figurines and some other magic loot. The fights were not too bad but a save vs instant death poison was tense. Everyone got some loot, I forgot to add loot from three dead adventurers who starved in an illusion pleasure room. Pine elf +1 shortbow, +1 iron chain, +1 bronze shortsword, wizard robes of resist fire, +2 bronze hatchet, wand of burning hands d3+6 with 23 charges.

The immortal warned of the dangers of godhood and how to do better at it. Then left to wander the island, his memories returning and unknowing of what Byatis planted in his brain.

Possibly keep exploring world or visit giantland or the world tree in their flying castle    

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