Wednesday 17 March 2021

d12 Quick Kobold Cults

Do Blogs Still Do Usable Retro Content?
Sorry, no hexflowers here. Seems to be only game stuff in my feed at the moment. Though they might be nice for gammaworld tech id flow charts. I guess like other subcultures of weirdos I belong to most people have gone semi-pro and not posting much usable game content. I'm under-inspired and I remember when articles came in as fast as I could read them once. Now it seems product oriented. Please prove me wrong and put any blog links in the comments

DnD5 The Furry Edition
New Furry options for dnd5 are interesting. I guess they needed more because every DnD5 game I played ended up with no humans. I just let ppl reskin halflings for small beast folk and my abhumans for big ones (but basically are barbarians with some animal abilities). I'd rather some race building rules or generic races to reskin than races with elaborate culture baggage I might not want. Kenku having to speak by repetition is so uber annoying - some dms strict on it and I make them pay by recording every dodgy phrase at a table to add to my vocab list. I don't know how I could be a communication specialist by repetition. Saying they like repeating phrases would have been fine.

Current Patreon
I'm writing a big kobold dungeon and village module for Patreon and it hopefully will be finished shortly. Its another I way did not plan for the amount of work required and its already twice as long as I thought. Will be done this month and revising all my tiers. Mostly all money from here has to buy artwork for future stuff. I should probably attend to job offers and some other paid work but whatever. This project made me do this....

Kobold Campagn Canon
I have a preference to not use any cannon monster mythos from dnd the same as I don't use canon settings, many monsters or gods. I do like the Petty Gods book though and would like to use it but right now I'm playing my Planet Psychon-Broken Hill mash-up and trying to finish my cave campaign when I get enough players. There are some public holidays coming up so I might get some game on. I don't mind kobolds vs gnomes and while I have lots of kobold types my default type is 1980 TSR non-dragon kobolds and they are not necessarily evil.

Kobold Cults
Kobolds are a diminutive goblinoid race from the earliest times. As one of the oldest goblinoid bloodlines, they became mixed with various other creatures bloodlines and have many sub-breeds. Never part of faerie kingdoms they chose other paths and especially came to conflict with gnomes and humans. Each cult has a holy month and a holiday for them. Typical kobolds long ago were more like brownies and goblins but the kind rampant in the current age has traits of reptiles like egg-laying and scales and horns and dogs

d12 Quick Kobold Cults
1 Korgan
- the first king kobold, at any time he has seven sons acting as champions in the world who aid kobolds in trouble, he rules a great underworld cave where faithful kobolds  come to serve him forever on death  
2 Mordran - the kobold fertility goddess who helps kobolds give birth and keeps storehouses safe from decay or harm and likes shiny stones
3 Oorbos - the hunter who makes weapons and traps and uses cunning to kill larger foes 
4 Vurku - the miner who tunnels eternally making tunnels and digging up treasures to hoard, jealously guards wealth against enemy miners and plunderers
5 Boloros - the builder, who first made bricks and taught metalwork and built the first dungeons
6 Kibos & Elros - the twin heroes, cunning, tricky and brave, stole many good things for clan
7 Belorg - the cave goddess, hag mother or witch queen keeper of secrets and drastic magic necessity, the cult will resort to summoning, poison and undead when kobolds are in a weaker position versus enemies dwells in a labyrinth her followers dwell in after death where enemies cannot find them
8 Klarsh - kobold who first allied with reptilians and hybridized with them making kobolds distinct from other goblinkin who didn't really help kobolds anyway, Klarsh could be male female or both in there mission and depictions vary wildly
9 Barbaleth - goddess of wine and feasting and fornication, always holds a jug and her cult are drunks who brew alcoholic drinks from anything even other races garbage
10 Zordin - the god of silent murder, darkness and fear a master of disguise, he could split into multiple bodies and change his face with magical masks to trick others
11 Balagas - kobold who tamed beasts and each tribe has a chosen beast ally the god is portrayed with, dogs are common but goats, cave lizards and bats also happen. Such animals have a treat through this god so kobolds may eat, ride or keep them 
12 Tegas - the gatherer collects tasty edible treats from the wild for her eventful basket of plenty, beetles, roots, worms, slugs, bugs, ticks fungi and all kinds of food other races avoid are her delights

Many petty gods of food like bogrump the turnip lord or beetle and worm petty gods


  1. I definitely hear you on the product orientation! I miss the when everything felt more spur of the moment and hobby-ish.

    My blog might have some stuff you'll like. It's mostly dungeons and monsters etc. Hopefully should be pretty much plug & play. I've been pretty quiet recently because I've been working long hours but the job should be calming down and post frequency going up.

    1. thanks for this im having a read

      blogoshere used to inspire me more
      now im buying old dungeon mags

    2. i like your maps and flowcharts
      simple confidant line work


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