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Awesome Fantasy Drug Abuse In Shadelport For Murder Hobos

Of course, good adventurers never use performance-enhancing potions,
that would be unfair and unheroic. There is fantasy drugs, not real ones so don't quote this to ppl in your care or you would be a horrible person. You don't need to roll all of these. Higher numbers are generally weirder rarer etc. Change anything at any point you like. Make something tempting enough to try a few times before users melt or explode or whatever magic pills do.

Basic Drug Form -----------------------------------

d100 Ingredients 
Roll once or d3+1 for compound
01-10 Mineral (Alchemical)
11-30 Fungus (Fungus Lore)
31-70 Plant  (Herbalist)
71-80 Animal (Beast Lore)
81-90 Monster (Monster Lore)
91-95 Elemental (Elemental Lore
96-100 Planar (Cosmic Lore)

Common - d3 ingredients from d80 
Uncommon - d4+1 ingredients from d80
Rare - d4+3 ingredients from d100
Very Rare - d4+6 ingredients from d100

d12 Mineral 
Ingredients Sub Table
Many more used and often just in a preparation process
1 Rare salts
2 Crystal or gem
3 Rare Metal
4 Rare Earth
5 Quicksilver
6 Naptha
7 Manganese
8 Cinnabar
9 Aqua Regia
10 Pitchblende
11 Brimstone
12 Philosophers stone

d12 Fungus 
Ingredients Sub Table
1 Spores
2 Mould
3 Mushroom
4 Toadstool
5 Slime mould
6 Bracket fungi
7 Yeast
8 Puffball
9 Water mould
10 Symbiote (like lichen)
11 Parasite (grow on animal)
12 Necrotic (grow on undead)

d12 Plant 
Ingredients Sub Table
1 Seaweed
2 Flower
3 Fruit
4 Seed
5 Root
6 Bark
7 Stem
8 Leaf
9 Twig
10 Resin
11 Sap
12 Cactus

d12 Animal Ingredients Sub Table
Rarer or more dangerous animals more desirable
1 Horn or antler
2 Testacles or glands
3 Venom of bug or snake
4 Whale ambergris
5 Tooth or tusk
6 Scale or skin
7 Amphibian secretions
8 Bile or liver
9 Brain or pineal gland
10 Heart
11 Blood
12 Eyes

d12 Monster Ingredients Sub Table
Like body parts from animals but more exotic
1 Basilisk venom
2 Demihuman blood
3 Troll blood
4 Sea serpent tongue
5 Carrion worm tentacle
6 Hook horror droppings
7 Peryton antlers
8 Troglodyte gland
9 Wyvern sting
10 Manticore feet
11 Unicorn horn
12 Dragon scale

d12 Elemental Ingredients Sub Table
Like body parts from animals but more exotic
1 Firetoad skin
2 Water weird fluid
3 Salamander scale
4 Stone giant tooth
5 Sylph hair
Winter wolf fur
7 Mermaid eyes
8 Rockworm blood
9 Sky ray sting
10 Elemental crystal
11 Elemental essence
12 Elemental lord blood

d12 Planar Ingredients Sub Table
Like body parts from animals but more exotic
1 Hellhound tongue
2 Devil horn
3 Angel feather
4 Faerie tears
5 Larvae skin
6 Nightmare hoof
7 Daemon spittle
8 Demon ichor
9 Wyvern sting
10 Ghost ectoplasm
11 Chaos slime
12 Dead god bone dust

d12 Drug Form
Skilled apothecary can roll to consume any in one round
1 Inhalant powder from snuffbox or vapour from bottle 1 round
 Inhalant vapour from bottle 1 round
3 Liquid injected with syringe or needle 
d3 rounds 
4 Resin smoked in pipe, hookah or cigar d3 rounds
5 Pill often in box d3 rounds
6 Biscuit, wafer or cake in a tin d3 rounds
7 Liquid eyedrops from a bottle d3 rounds
8 Cordial in tiny bottle to drink 1 round
 Supostary in a tin or box d4 rounds
10 Paultice on skin d3 rounds
11 Gum, candy or resin chewed d3 rounds
12 Ointment in a jar rubbed on body d3 rounds

Finding Drugs -----------------------------------

d12 Scarcity
81+ on ingredients table roll d6+6 instead
1 Common - find easily with 4 hour search d4 cp in the village store
2-6 Uncommon - find in a day of searching d20 sp in town specialist merchant
7-11 Rare - only found in specific places or seasons or week to find d100gp city
12 Very Rare - risky strange unique locations, month to a year to find d10x1000gp

d12 Common Sources
1 Guy in a pub
2 Stranger in an alley
3 Friend of a friend
4 Village store
5 Farmer
6 Wandering Tinkerer
7 Wise woman
8 Local drunk
9 Youth gang
10 Guild pusher 
11 Barbershop
12 Beggar

d12 Uncommon 
1 Guild dealer
2 Apothecary shop
3 Alchemist shop
4 Healer
5 Smugglers
6 Black Market
7 Herbalist shop
8 Grand Bizzare Markets
9 Foreign merchant
10 Noble
11 Monastery
12 Cultists

d12 Rare Sources
1 Demihuman traveller
2 Menagerie keeper
3 Shapeshifter 
4 Druid cult garden
5 Hidden shrine or temple
6 Underland merchant
7 Goblin market
8 Strange being in a sewer
9 International crime syndicate
10 Wizard shop 
11 Undersea race
12 Explorers guild

d12 Very Rare Sources
1 Palace of a great star spirit in the sky
2 Angel from the celestial city
3 Wandering immortal
4 Elemental lord
Faerieland market
6 A gatekeeper in hell
7 Demonic noble
8 Spirit lords court
9 Hidden lich tomb
10 Dragons lair 
11 Petty godling or demigod
12 World tree merchant

d12 How Long to process?
1 mix in a bowl in a turn
2-3 mix in mortar and pestle for an hour
4-5 cook on campfire overnight
6-9 week fermenting after cooking in a kitchen
10-11 month fermenting in laboratory
12 after fermenting takes a year to sit ideally in industrial alchemical apparatus

Drug Effects -----------------------------------

d12 Lesser Effects
Common drugs with brackets being uncommon superior versions
  Heal 1hp (1in6 heal d4 hp)
2  +1 temporary hp (1in6 +d4hp) 1 Turn
3  +1 Initiative (1in6 extra d3 Mov) 1 Turn 
4 Night vision (1in6 infravision) 1 Turn
5 Euphoria (1in6 immune to fear) 1 Turn 
6 Pleasant sleep (1in6 weird inspiring dreams) 1 night sleep 
7 Pain killer (1in6 +1 AC) 1 Hour  
+d3 save roll like poison or disease or fire (1in6 last hour) 1 Turn  
+d3 skill roll like poison or listen or spot once in turn (1in6 saves whole hour) 1 Turn
10 Detect magic (1in6 last hour) 1 Turn 
11 Detect spirits (1in6 last hour) 1 Turn
12 +1 attribute point (1in6 last hour) 1 Turn  

d12 Major Effects
Rare drugs with brackets being very rare superior versions
1 Heal d4 1=2d8 2=poison 3=disease 4=restoration (1in6 raise dead)
2 Haste +1Attack double speed (1in6 last turn) lasts 3d4 rounds
3 Protection From from one alignment as spell (1in6 last hour) 1 Turn
4 Berserker +2 hit and damage, fight to -10HP (1in6 laste turn) lasts 3d4 rounds
5 Resistance one element +2 save half damage (1in6 last hour) 1 Turn 
+2d6 temporary hp (1in6 +d6+6 hp for hour) 1 Turn
7 Temporary mutations d4 minor & 1 major (1in6 permanent if fail save) 1 Hour
8 Detect Invisible (1in6 last 4 hours) 1 hour
9 +d4 Attribute point (1in6 last 4 hours) 1 hour
10 Detect gate or planar beings in sight (1in6 last hour) 1 Turn
11 Phase needs a magic weapon to hit +4 AC (1in6 plane shift) 3d4 rounds
12 Augury answer yes/no question hour trance (1in6 Contact Plane 2d6 hour trance)

Lesser Side Effects
Save or suffer the effect
 Diareah for 2d4 rounds helpless after effect if fail save
2 Nosebleed for the duration or d4 rounds minimum
3 Constipated d4 days -2 all rolls
4 Sleep for d4 hours after the effect 
5 Vomit for 2d4 rounds after effect 
6 Minor poisoned d4 damage after effect
7 Skin and hair changes colour d4 hours
8 Slowed for hour, 1/2 move, -4 initiative 
9 Alignment changes for d4 hours
10 -4 on one saving throw type for hour
11 -d4 on one attribute for hour
12 Haunting otherworld visions prevent rest or sleep 24 hours

Major Side Effects
If save roll fails to suffer the main effect, success suffer mild effect, healing magic can fix
1 As kicks in bleed 1hp round until treated for poison, if save lasts 3d6 rounds  
2 After effect save or possessed by a malicious spirit if save -1 all saves for the day
3 After effect ends save or can't cast spells for the day, if save only d4 turns
4 After effect lose 1 attribute point if save only lasts day (restoration) 
5 After effect lose d3 hp from maximum, if save only lasts d4 days (restoration)  
6 After effect infected with lycanthropy, if save only lasts d3 nights (cure disease) 
After effect infected with mummy rot, if save only lasts d3 nights (cure disease) 
After effect loses level as energy drain, if save only lasts d3 nights (restoration)  
9 After effect sleep d4 hours but a soul in nightmare dimension, if save just bad sleep
10 After effect mutate into new species over 24 hours, if save gain minor mutation
11 After effect sterilised and lose all desire if save only lasts a month
12 After effect a planar being will desire to torment you and ruin life until it is killed if save only makes one prank and abuses the user briefly then loses interest

Mundane Addiction
Common Drugs - save if use 4 doses in a week
Uncommon Drugs 
- save if use 2 doses in a week
Rare Drugs 
- first use safe, save each use after
Very Rare Drugs 
- save each use

Once addicted you want a daily dose or suffer the random effect
A month in a monastery, temple or locked in a cell might earn a new save to recover
Restoration, cure disease or remove curse can cure minor addiction. ADiction effects vary from person to person mostly but some might be the same for all users.

Mundane Addiction Effects
1 Scratch self and leave marks, lose 1 Charisma pint after a month 
2 Hungry all the time, eat double food and drink
3 Discover being drunk all day helps pain -2 all rolls
4 Your drug of choice has no effect on you now just mild buzz which you still crave
5 Trouble eating and weight loss, cant naturally heal from rest 
6 Nightmares haunt dream, save each night sleep to see if you benefit from rest  
7 Sweat constantly require double fluids to drink and urinate hourly   
8 Headache and cramps -2 all rolls to hit, save or skills 
9 Out of breath, march and labour only half as much
10 Joint pain halves Movement
11 Tempted to lie, flee, steal or kill for a fix if get a chance, save each temptation
12 Distracted -2 initiative, all perception rolls are harder 

Weird Addiction
Once you recovered from the addiction to rare or very rare drugs and you try to use them again, a failed to save results in strange addiction. These require a year of confined treatment or high-level priest spells like remove greater curse spell or healing spell. Once addicted you require a fix per day or roll here to see what tragedy befalls the addict. This same effect kicks in each time you need drugs, only roll again if hooked on a new drug.

Weird Addictions Effects
1 Gain a minor mutation permanently each day craving when you have more than half your Level if your not a mutant you become a shoggoth  
2 Lose a random attribute point each day craving
3 All food and drink causes vomiting unless you are high on the choice drug
4 Immune to healing magic to recover lost HP, only natural rest works
5 Petrify into stone whenever fail to save from daily craving
Cannot cast spells while craving drug
7 Gnaw your own flesh, no natural healing and lose 2d4 hp per day 
8 A devil gives you a d4 dose for a soul contract, now lawful evil
9 A planar being or strange horror begins to grow inside addict, after seven failed saves they explode in gory mess and monster parasite flees to do new evil deeds
10 Alignment becomes chaotic evil and will do anything required to score drugs, eating human flesh or possibly just brains helps soothe your cravings
11 If die while craving become a drug hungry undead d4 1=revenant 2=mummy 3=vampire 4=wight
12 Now native to another plane,  being on mortal world hurts and you are vulnerable to spells and powers vs other planar beings like protection and banishment. If chaotic cold iron is painful to touch if lawful it is silver

Sample Drugs -----------------------------------

yeast-based injected drug common 2cp 
brewed culture maintained to keep yeast growing
the tiny amount used in a batch takes a week to make
Side business of some brewers and popular in prison
Pain killer 1 Hour
Sleep for d4 hours after the effect

Uncommon variant takes one month to brew 2sp
Requires a dash of mandrake root juice gives +1AC
Also causes Diareah for 2d4 rounds helpless after effect if fail save

blend of ambergris, bloodeye toadstool, twigs from trees from the plane of fire
boiled for a month in apparatus a dose 24gp a drop of liquid or a crystal that dissolves in mouth, used by dwarf smiths, then became too popular and now fairly rare
+2 save half damage vs fire last one hour, every ten minute turn lose 1gp from bleeding gums 
Drinker feels warm, heart races and after the effect ends save or violent diarrhoea for d4 hours

Blue Haze
Rare blue pipe resin 30gp a hit or a resin bar for 360gp for 12 doses
Distilled in a lab takes one month
Manganese, rare seasonal berries, amber, manticore blood
Burns with flash and blue sparks
Popular with wizards and alchemists
Recover a d4 cantrips or a 1st level spell used per dose
After effect lose d3 hp from maximum, if save only lasts d4 days (restoration fixes)


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