Wednesday, 10 March 2021

Wasteland Trade Road Encounters

Have a few more outback tables to do.
one for farming outback areas, greener and closer to coast and ruin cities
one for troubles in tiny towns of the apocalypse

d10 Quick Wasteland Trade Road Encounter Types
01 Distant sights
02 Distant noises
03 Merchants
04 Wanderers
05 Factions
06 Road gangs
07 Tribals
08 Animals
09 Mutants
10 Strange

d100 Wasteland Trade Road Encounters
01 Dust devils gather strong dusty winds grow for d4 hours 
02 See distant smoke far away from a fire
03 Buried vehicle wreck or ruined shack in distance from road
04 Ancient artwork by roadside d4 1=stone 2=welded trash 3=metal 4=holographic
05 Aircraft seen d4 1=scrap ultralight 2=scrap biplane 3=airshop merchantman 4=high altitude flyer too high and fast and distant to identify but leaves a trail
06 Glinting light in distance possibly someone with binoculars or telescopic sight
07 Glinting object in sky especially by night, something in space 
08 Strange auroras in sky, spectacular by night
09 Huge dust cloud turns sky red and reduces visibility, dust gets in airways and eyes 3d6 hours
10 Huge flock of birds by day or bats by night or possibly insects like locusts or moths for hour
11 Distant explosion
12 Distant gunfire
13 Big black crows watch and caw at strangers, picking over bones
14 Sounds of digging equipment in distance or underground
15 Dingos howling in the distance
16 Distant revving engines of some vehicles
17 Distant tribal music and chanting carried by the wind
18 Distant shouting or scream from some fight
19 Someone crying for help or sobbing from tragedy
20 Crying animal in trap or stuck in fence being attacked by preditor  
21 Wagons 2d4 of farm produce d4 1=hay 2=fruit and vegetables 3=grain 4=wool
22 Wagons 2d4 of scrap, metal, parts and other junk 
23 Cattle or sheep d100+50 with mounted stock drovers
24 Passenger wagons d4 1=idle rich off to race or festival 2=slavers transporting prisoners 3=contracted workers 4=mix or prospectors, mercenaries and other scum
25 Bus with d4 escort scrap vehicles of settlers travelling to new life
26 Scrap built trucks with d4 escort scrap vehicles with salvaged trade goods
27 Trifrond plants d100+50 with mounted plant drovers good for food and oil
28 Pack insects or lizards 3d4 with mixed goods with nomad tenders 
29 Mutants with battered push carts and scraps found in wasteland
30 Slaves d4 1=human 2=mutants 3=abhumans 4=zombies carrying trade containers on heads or backs with armed guards with whips
31 Limping wounded warrior gasping for water d4 1=caravan guard 2=gang member 3=mercenary 4=tribal
32 Feral child with pet d4 1=dingo 2=giant bearded dragon 3=zombie 4=crows
33 Swagman looking for manual work who has wandered for years 
34 Lone highwayman with gimmick d4 1=sniper 2=mounted 3=traps 4=pets
35 Prospector scrounging for scrap and lost tech
36 Lone but deceptive maniac really d4 1=cannibal 2=cultist 3=serial killer 4=
37 Old holy wanderer d4 1=tribal elder 2=priest 3=nun 4=mutant wizard
38 Humanoid horror uses a disguise to get close d4 1=undead 2=lycanthrope 3=dopelganger 4=infected mutant
39 Robotic wanderer d4 1=Infantry robot 2=scout drone from bunker 3=robot suicide bomber 4=free willed scrap robot looking for parts and fuel
40 Synthetic wanderer d4 1=replicant spy 2=android assassin 3=Cyborg mercenary 4=cyborg killer
41 Warband of mounted xenophobic templars hunting mutants
42 Healers caravan on a mission to aid the sick
43 Mutant cultists with strange beasts and a sacred collection of mutagenic waste samples
44 Motor cult trucks transporting vehicles and fuel to a base
45 Transport wagon or trucks with troops of faction on way to battle
46 Restoration cult transporting relics of the ancient to museum
47 Bus of ferals operate mobile kitchen and rave sound system and selling drugs
48 Plague carriers turning into undead on pilgrimage to a more dense population area
49 Beast abhuman horde on way to battle enemy faction 
50 Psionics sect wary of outsiders travelling to a foretold hidden place of safety with mind enthralled guards
51 Strugling desperate on foot gang ambush possibly blocking road or traps

52 Cycle gang seen in the distance approaching fast
53 Scrap built buggies approaching leaving huge dust clouds behind them
54 Concealed persuit car with several bikes and buggies try to surround travellers 
55 A gang with cars with scrap army and gang members being transpoted
56 A truck with a escort sedan, d3 buggies and 2d4 cycles d4 1=transporting resources 2=transporting gang members to battle 3=blocking road charging toll 4=destroying everything in path
57 Ultralight drops some pipe bombs followed by bikes and buggies to mop up
58 Pick up trucks with armed rednecks 
59 Gang or robed cultists in vehichles covered in occult symbols
60 Law officers in convoy of police vehichles planning on wiping out road gangs in path
61 Abhuman tribal warriors d4 1=ambushing humans 2=hunting 3=camping 4=on religious journey
62 Tribal camp where two tribes meeting to discuss a treaty and trade, both reluctant to deal with interuptions
63 Tribal hunters after d4 1=kangaroos 2=emus 3=giant lizard 4=hideous mutant horror
64 Tribal cook off with large gathering of clans
65 Tribals battling racists gang members
66 Slavers chasing tribal peoples, some already prisoners
67 Farmers shooting at tribal camp
68 Tribal mutant clan in scrap shacks wary of travellers
69 Tribals chasing creature that has nabbed a child d4 1=giant lizard 2=huge mutant bird 3=giant bug 4=giant snake 
70 Tribal dance and ritual for big tribal ceremony, wary of visitors
71 Giant snake hiding in vegetation

72 Giant diprotodon running through bush, plows through any obstacles in way
73 Someone walks near a trapdoor spiders hidden burrow
74 Huge mutant feral cat hunting
75 Feral mutant goats, males aggressive if does or kids scared 
76 Giant desert worm attacks anything moving over sandy patch
77 Feral thri-frond plants living among vegetation 
78 Dimetradon hunting giant rat quickly looks to any bigger snacks come near
79 Mutant neofox tries to steal food
80 Pack of hungry dingos unafraid of people
81 Underground colony of morlocks hunting for humanoids to keep as cattle
82 Shoggoth oozes from hole seeking protoplasm to absorb
83 Grass goblin colony ambush from bushes with secret woven nest
84 Psionic mutant seeks thralls to dominate, hides hideous face with illusion
85 Giant mutant blowflies snatch people to feed maggot pit
86 Sand squid or land shark snatches victim
87 Chimera mutant horror hunting
88 Giant scorpions chase anything moving 
89 Giant ant colony taken over road
90 Giant canetoads keen to gobble whatever fits in mouths
91 Wind storm for d4 hours uncovers d4 1=building 2=vehichle wreck 3=bunker entrance 4=
Remains of a sacked caravan with possibly d4-1 survivors and tracks to where prisoners and loot taken
93 Lost confused person in jumpsuit escaped a bunker has wandered for days
94 Canetoad sniper reports traffic to command for order to shoot
 Cyborgs seek victims to be cyborged at home base my secret master
96 Advanced persuit interceptor car zooms past at extreme speed, no idea who is driving
97 Dozens of shambling undead seek living to infect or eat
98 Cyborg t-rex with laser cannons controlled by evil satelite
99 Aircraft crashes d4 1=scrap merchant airship 2=orbital escape pod 3=orung abhuman in high altitude spy jet from Orung kingdoms of the north 
100 Beam from orbit teleports down d4 1=eldren agent 2=replicant spy 3=

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