Thursday 25 March 2021

d20 Basic Curses

So spell revision got me re-reading spells in detain and seeing mistakes made over 30 years of gaming. 1st ed PH has so much verbal diarrhoea and not just the quaint kind. I have wondered if blindness could just be a curse and limited deafness seems a low threat. Also, I like the greater and legendary curses in other books. Basic common curses are presented here for my game. A few spells I'm doing this for....possibly cause disease and cause madness might do like this.

Some cults will have preferences. Also breaking cult oaths could earn a curse.
Yeah i did a d1000 curses but i regretted starting it and finishing in it and will never do a d10000 again.

d12 Common Curses
1 Lost Muscle - Strength reduced to 3, muscles waste away
2 Lost Vigor - 
 Constitution reduced to 3, health shattered by illness
3 Lost Agility - 
 Dexterity reduced to 3, shaking hands and limbs
4 Lost Will - 
 Strength reduced to 3, overcome by despair
5 Lost Talent - 
 Intelligence reduced to 3, drooling senility 
6 Lost Charm - 
 Charisma reduced to 3, vile pustules and odour
Butterfingers - drop weapon or item if you fail any rolls while using 
 Vulnerability - minus 4 all saving throws
9 Nemesis - minus 4 all to hit rolls
 Lame - movement is reduced 3 (-75%)
11 Confrontation - double chance of random encounters
12 Antipathy - animals hate and fear you and attack more often
13 Sterile - lose all desire or romantic feelings
14 Mislayer - thieves (or animals) will pickpockets and steal items
15 Unwieldy - if fail to hit roll, roll again to see if hits self or ally 
16 Reversal - alignment becomes opposite or set to a specific one
17 Decay - armour, clothes or equipment falls apart item per hour
18 Bravery - insist on being first travelling, using doors or opening containers
Exposed - plus 4 to be hit by enemies
20 Haunted - undead encounters more likely, if appear on encounter table will always be undead, extra undead encounter daily even just spirits ruining sleep

You can reskin the explanations for these
Charisma loss could be bestial features, pustules, scars or just everyone repulsed
Some curses might not bother some people as much.
A curse cast in battle will be what a caster thinks will be most effective.

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