Wednesday, 31 March 2021

New Dungeon PDF Done + Reviews


Big kobold dungeon on my Patreon Now
Bigger and slower to do but done

It is a misery crawl about slavery and colonialism possibly, that lost me a subscriber already

Will be revising murder hobo book next month

My fees for some US post have doubled so glad I have most of my dream loot now.

I have recently got versions of 2nd ed Darksun and 1st ed Spelljammer as box sets. Spelljammer is amazingly good value and dense. Darksun not as good - feel layout more spacious but it is easy to read without glasses. Compared with spelljammer it is not as good. Id like to mix darksun and the middle eastern theme adventures stuff. Lots of overlaps. Will see as later TSR stuff I disliked looks of and layout.

Reading lots of mystara gazetteer stuff and some adventures Id never seen in 80s. Looking over dragon issues to buy but I wish Id gotten dungeon mags long ago - less adds more content. Have compiled 9 pages of notes for spell ideas while watching digital remastered original star trek. Wow its aged and i miss the model making effects and paste paintings. The digital effects sometimes feel cheap and text is pixelated on a big screen. Still I am liking it, 

:Also some LuLu Stuff

Got Mutant Epoch adventures and hoping new stuff comes out cos I have it all now. Its a nasty brutish setting with slimy wet puppet monsters and everything wants your meat. 

Its pretty huge but hideous layout and inconsistent clip art. Squigly borders of text like blurry 80s phone cords annoy me the most. I have not had a good read yet but I wont use as is and the Nightland section is the best. Its easy on eyes for font size and space but ugly and wasteful that I cringe a bit, Will write more on it later but on first glance Im underwhelmed vs say Raiders of R'Lyeh which is intriguing.
Fantastic Heroes of Witchery
A good retro-clone full of spot rules and ideas to steal, well laid out and illustrated. I won't use it as is but It is well done. 

I also got to print and look at some stuff of mine from the downloads page here and my Patreon. 

Housing Project
For my broken hill post apoc stuff on Patreon
Wow full of typos and even a repeated table
I deserve a paddling for letting this out there.
Will merge with my broken hill book next revision, useful stuff despite flaws
12 pages

Redbrick Dungeon Zone Book
Aged well and was a project i started in 2012 and finished for patreon 2018
It is a mass of tables aimed at generic dungeons and I might try and roll up some stuff using it here - lots of geomorphs for sprawling complexes. Probably mistakes but it looks nice and is more usable printed properly vs my other older books. Over 200 pages. Im tempted to roll up a dungeon with it again as a post. 

The Big Fat Book of Salty Semen
From last year this one is functional and pretty compiling my sea-themed works. I could double this size one day but I am pretty pleased. My last serious compilation book. 128 pages

Shadelport & Exile Island
To be revised some time and this print based on flawed file I have never amended but it is dense. 142 pages. I have updated lots of the city blocks and when the whole city remapped in fake detail I will redo and make poster map of the city. This is on my downloads page

The Thrice Cursed City
Another megadungeon mess - ended up bigger than I thought 48 page adventure setting on Patreon. It looks pretty and is usable and dense. Id like to run it properly.

Looking at a pile of my work thicker than a phonebook is nice.

Some rewrites in my homebrew describing magic item making, poison, acid, other making stuff all under skills. My encounter - combat stuff is written up. Planning on making simple players book at a5 for players and a4 book full of waffle, more stuff including sf stuff for weird fantasy..

Sorting out minis. Think i will house hunt at end of tax year for permanany place with a shed. 


  1. Nice to read how we have so many overlapping interests!

    I loved Spelljammer too. I made an exception to my regular rule about ignoring products beyond 1st edition AD&D. The idea was just too good. I have yet to play out battles with multiple ships on a side.

    I also love the Gazetteers. I never got to use them though. My favorites are Glantri, Shadow Elves, Dawn of the Emperors and Hollow World. As I’ve said before, I wouldn’t want to run Hollow World until after I had a party become very familiar with the contemporary cultures. Otherwise there’d be no impact to discovering the HW.

    And you’re re-watching Star Trek? I’ve been doing a re-watch and posting my observations for a while now; I’m currently into season two. I dislike the digital remasters myself. They look like a video game to me, whereas the grainy, glowing, colorful originals bring me joy.

    1. Digital animations feel cold, i like clarity and colour of them overall - toned down the bongos too

      digital models feel
      like they have no weight

  2. Fantastic Heroes of Witchery has become my go to old-school spell reference book lately.

    1. it is has good art and so many good spot rules and ideas

  3. (oops sorry for two replies)
    I recently got a good look at Apocathulhu and was a little underwhelmed, I enjoyed their preview release more than the final publication. I agree with your assessments but might still find some use after some deeper reading.

    1. im hoping a better read than first glance

      makes me think my own layouts ok


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