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Post Apoc Punk Rock - tables I needed in game asap

Running my broken hill game and players zoomed through intro fastest ever, with base, robots, contract with the warlord and deals with cult leaders. Getting ready to hunt gangs.

The Murder Hobos
Started as kids looking for work and got Betsy a giant bearded dragon wagon and transported looted robots and fancy tech to Broken Hill for better trade deals. The building the party claimed was a former political party office fighting for humans vs androids, robots, mutants and cyborgs and encouraging disposable abhuman slaves and human eugenics. They had a bunker and brochures with maps indicating location. Modern supremacist cults would like all this stuff mentioned Mr Ratty the new follower when they found it. There is stuff for media campaigns and offices adventurers adopted as rooms upstairs with a hall downstairs. They fixed the basement atomic fuel plant and elevator and worked on repairing other building systems. It's a victorian building modernised in 22nd century. On the roof are a clan off mutant buzzards breeding and very hostile that kept people away from the building. Turns out a few people at a time coming and going doesn't bother them.  

Dozy Gallah a blue galah abhuman cyber-emutant with a rifle and bird martial arts. Is pretty good with any weapons (no penalties on any unskilled weapons) and now can glide. Decanter from a vat and just met other parrot humans, hears all the birds chorus every dawn and dusk. 

Janx human fighter with big nose and ears and lime green skin and tangerine blood, Likes to mix and match pistols and maces in both hands and has finally (3rd Lv) can shoot in hand to hand melee so is fully a gun-fu fighter with 12 Strength. Also has weird flexible like tentacle arms. He also has been a bit of a techie and been rebuilding robots they both have as followers.   

So they have a jolly police protocol robot decommissioned as incompatible with martial low before the apocalypse. Have modified his law code with "updates" and equipped with tentacles and slug guns but they made new rubber slugs with steel ball bearings in them.

They found a warranty void sex android with illegal customisation that had been decommissioned when the first androids revolted before the apocalypse. Turns out she was changed into a companion bodyguard. Dozy of course just wanted a bodyguard and assistant so adopted her.

Mr Ratty they met a shifty rat and Dozy adopted him as a follower so he wouldn't squeal or betray them and the rat was pleased to be treated well. He knew tunnels connecting the walled settlement to ruins and the mines but he didn't recommend it.

By working with the warlord they have all their licencing paperwork and deeds and citizen IDs. They have discovered several networks in the area when they were testing a cyberbrain brain they found in a police evidence locker. They didn't trust the brain apparently it was a VIP corporate robot built to cover security and plausible deniability for CEOs when it did whatever to fix problems. Was trying to connect to a corporate ID or any networks but Janx shut it off. The brain seems valuable and advanced but trouble.

So players set up to begin exploring city. Im going to get a big map printed i can draw on and heart up and perhaps stain with tannin and coffee cup rings. Another solo player testing the opasite road to Adelaide which is still under development playtesting. 

Tables I Wish I had Already Done

d12 Broken Hill 
Broadcast Media 
Broadcast via radio, video over satellite and local networks
1 Silver City Casino Radio - play old time music and reports on rich leaving the casino
2 Silver City Ranger Radio - public safety news, survival and settler aid militia
3 Broken Hill Miners Union Radio - miners stories and songs
4 Farmers Union United - farm news and country music and  
5 Radio Khaos - gang station of punk, metal, cult rants and gang news
6 Flying Doctor - medical advice and aid
7 Rainbow Serpent Radio - national tribal radio network with stories, music and language
8 Warlord Network - operated by AI under warlords palace, manages coms, cameras and security 
9 Royal Cane Toad Friendship Broadcast - beacons left by invaders by toads after last war, propaganda offering to help liberate all from fear with secret toad croak code in the background
10 Emergency Service Broadcast - nuclear war survival facts and locations of refugee camps
11 School of the Air - public education, music and literacy programs and some news
12 Coded Signal - a narrow band local network in a building or underground, or some subtle military code disguised as static, often connected to a faction or gang or guild

d12 Broken Hill Print Media 
Printed broadsheets common in trading areas, often locally printed and sold
1 Silver City Sentinel Newspaper - approved journal of  the Warlord's domain 
2 Fully Sick Magazine - gang publish images and articles of murder scenes, porn, drug news and gang strife, slander about local law and leaders, distributed as propaganda to demoralise people 
3 Golden Age Journal - restorationist cult show items of life before the apocalypse and how the church use knowledge and salvage to benefit the community to return to the old world
4 Quick Pik Fix - date and hook up mag, saucy stories and photos of strange singles of the post-apocalypse, mutants, punks, androids, nameless horrors, human supremacists, anything goes
5 Stockkeepers Journal - where farmers print market, weather predictions, problems, agricultural trade, merchant caravan news, bush folk stories and items, tips, recipes. mutant pest eradication tips
6 Killvan Magazine - pictures of scrap built gang vehicles and car combat stories 
7 Razzler's Sports - magazine about gambling, lotteries, animal races and sports events strangely this covers information from across the country and names many faraway places, merchants carry it around the nation and local versions are printed trade hubs
8 The Humble Bean - journal for ferals and hippies, with food production, cheap healthy peasant cooking, newage medicine, drug recipes, animal husbandry and music festivals across the country
9 Scrappers and Treasure Traders Journal- stories of exploring ruins prospecting for loot, fighting monsters and cannibal gangs and undead, often exaggerated and spicy for titillation
10 Bounty Road Most Wanted - every month 36 pages of bounty posters for wanted criminals between broken hill and other major important cities it trades with over three former states
11 The Mutant Struth - printed by mutant cultists with pro mutant stories, mutant rights, and bizarre conspiracies, cults, and theories as to the cause of the end times. Most people think its funny. Reptilian abhumans say it proves they ruled the earth in secret. Sold by mutant beggers where tolerated
12 Bunyip Brothers News - large clan talk about monsters, mutants and critters, hunting stories, trash cookery, ufos, ghost hunting, distilling, growing drugs and brewing

d4 Some Notes On Weather and Seasons
Simple random weather for each season
1 Wet Season (Spring) d4 1=rain all day 2=warm showers 3=humid 4=storm
 -lots of bugs and frogs and birds noises, temporary pools and marshes, lambs & calves
2 Dry Season (Spring) d4 1=sunny day 2=scorching hot 3=humid 4=dust storm
-water harder to find and travel and working is harsh, grazing and making hay
3 Windy Season Season (Spring) d4 1=hail storm 2=cold showers 3=clear & calm 4=storms
-cooler and wetter, often used for harvesting and butchering and farm repairs
4 Chilly Season Season (Spring) d4 1=rain all day 2=showers 3=frost and fog 4=chilling winds
-temperatures drop and cold night winds make life harsh and even freeze ground 

d12 Petty Health Problems In Broken Hill
1 Fleas, require con roll to rest or recover HP from nightly rest 
2 Bowel Worms, make you eat double and shun certain spices which help you purge them, require WIs to eat spices then Con save to purge all in hour in privy 1sp spice does it, fail you have panic attack -2 every roll for d4 hours till worms realax
3 Goblin Pox, big black boils catch from filth sike sewerage or spring water, actually spores growing and can be washed off fro a d4gp of cheap nasty grog
4 Black Swan Fever, Con save if exposed to waterfowl bite
5 Septic - usually a wound with no first aid from a nasty germy source such as lizard bite or filth covered arrow stabbed while swimming in sewerage save or in fever -2 all actions and lose a hp each day fail another save until resist or die
6 Bleeding Gums - 
7 Stingfly - take 1hp damage, first aid will spot an egg under skin hatching, a surgeon can remote egg or worm with success causing 1HP damage. If worm not removed lose 1hp per day. Unluck person gets more than one bite
8 Rotgut - from bad food or drink, save or d4 rounds of vomiting and diahreah
9 Frogthroat - a frog has stolen voice!, Con roll can still whisper, lasts d4 days
10 Sneezes - often from spores or pollen, save or -2 all rolls for d4 hours, then -1 d3 days 
11 Scales - skin develops red sore scaly skin, -3 Mov -3 Dex rolls for d4 days
12 Minor radiation exposure - save lose d3 HP, fail lose some hair, bleeding gums, skin loss, blurry visions, shakes, lose 1hp per hour for 2d4 hours -4 everything

d12 Serious Health Problems In Broken Hill
1 Chromatic Fever - skin, hair and blood change colour with saving, if fail d4 1=change species 2=change sexual characteristics 3=become hermaphrodite 4=become sexless
2 Chaos Clusters - can be surgically removed typically d4. Same and just lumps fail and hideous lumps grow and after a d4 weeks each sprout a tentacle and one develops an eye. The victim hears it whisper in their mind Wis save or mind-controlled and unite with others infected by touch with mature cluster
3 Flesh Rot - save resists, otherwise lose 10% of your HP per hour for d10 hours, immune to normal healing until cured by magic or a healer for a week can help you get a new save to throw off effect, commonly from mummies and certain undead or crypts
4 Grey Spore - infected by eating or contact with spores, save or over d4 days become living fungus and highly delicious, seek creatures to devour you, if cured after changes remains a fungoid but free-willed. The fungus is delicious and attracts encounters and any who eat the fungus risk being infected
5 Magic SIckness - if sneezed on by infected or food sneezes on eaten. Save wake up with a headache for a d4 hour and -2 all rolls. If fail cannot use any magic, psionics, mutations, 
6 Machine Sickness - from handling contaminated scraps with anti human nanites that will if fail save will infect a d4 devices or machines to be hostile to the carrier. If they make save the next electronic device they touch must save or is stunned for a d4 rounds
7 Code Green - infected by contact from psychotronic nanites, suddenly persona of ancient state soldier overwrites the victim for a d4 days but if with others may be reinfected every d4 days each requiring a save. Keen to arm, unite, improvise uniform and weapon, find leaders, sabotage and attack the enemy. Skin turns chamo colours while infected 
8 Azathoth Rot - save or gets cancer and loses a d4 random attribute points and lose d4x10% of lifespan and a d4-1 minor bio mutations, if fail devolve into a shoggoth of equal HD over d4 days of shunning light and other people 
9 Red Fever - save and mutter communist dogma in sleep, fail to save heads for the hills with arms to be guerilla in a communist uprising against imperialists and enemies of the commoners, prone to alternate social arrangements and knows dozens of important theory texts by rote and marching songs, becomes keen to recruit and infect others by touch
10 Lycanthropy - if blood drawn from infested touch save and die in d4 days of fever, fail recover but transform into beast monster hybrid monthly for d4 years then every night for d4 years ten they transform into an abhuman of the beast type and no longer contagious. A bioweapon made to release in enemy territory
11 Necrovirus - infected by touch from undead save and arise as undead on death, fail and die in d4 days od fever become an undead type of a strain d4 1=zombie 2=ghoul 3=skeleton 4=fast zombie with track, bioweapon made to release in enemy territory
12 Major radiation exposure - save lose some hair, bleeding gums, lose 1hp per hour for 2d4
hours -4 everything, fail die in d4 hours a hideous frightening corpse

d12 Caravan Vehicles
1 Baggage train of humans or abhumans carrying containers often slaves or exploited
2 Donkey wagon - mutants with odd colours
3 Goat or dog cart - mutants with odd colours
 Camel Train with loads 1-3 depending on size - mutants with odd colours
 Donkey train with loads on beasts carry two containers
 Horse Wagon - huge mutant horse pulled wagon
 Diprotodon Wagon - giant wombat pulled wagon
8 Giant Koala Wagon - giant koala pulled wagon
9 Ox Wagon - huge mutant oxen, very loyal to drovers they love
10 Giant Beetle Wagon - huge stag beetle
11 Giant Lizard Cart - often bearded dragon female (males attack other animals and males)
12 Powered Vehicles

d12 Powered Vehicles
1 Motorbike
2 Trike or bike with sidecar
3 Offroad small 1-2 person buggy
4 Scrap built sedan car
5 Scrap built pickup truck
6 Scrap built van
7 Scrap built truck
8 Scrap built bus
9 Military ATV with a crew of 6 and swivel mount for a weapon on the roof
10 Scrap mini copter
11 Scrap ultralight flyer
12 Scrap airship or balloon

12 Fuel For Vehicle Groups
1 Plant biofuel - crops grown and distilled into fuel
2 Organic recycler fuel plant - converts meat, plants, etc into fuel
3 Meat biofuel plant - consumes flesh or roadkill or zombies into fuel
Rechargeable chem cell
5 Hydrogen fuel cells d4
6 Gas fuel
 - internal combustion motor
7 P
etroleum fuel - internal combustion motor
8 Steam plant - burn coal, wood, other fuels efficiently
Solar fuel cells recharge by day
10 Broadcast power beam from satellite by night
 A patched up atomic fuel cell
12 Roll d10 twice for dual-type

2 New Gods For Psychon

King Kronos 
The God of Interstellar travel, Planetary Colonisation and the Interstellar Void 
The AI-controlled an operational "stargate" where many colony ships went through never to be heard from again, the great eye of King Kronos gazes out to the universe seeking worlds to terraform and establish colonies. Using an anomaly allowed FTL to travel via a pre-existent FTL wormhole system build by aliens long before earth. Anything that went through would never return and nobody they knew would hear from them again. Although some did return. Cyborg creatures once humans have begun to return and have used the gate of Kronos to gather while they prepare to terraform and conquer the earth to suit their current needs. Kronos seeing Earth as it is now is planing a terraforming project and the Space cyborgs want to subvert it for them and to feed from the biomass. Kronos has access to space colony shipyards and mining operations and can send machines or clones or whatever it pleases to Psychon. His cult aid Kronus and believe all should serve it, some sects have been duped by communications from the outsider space cyborgs. Occasionaly a machine from Kronus comes to Psychol to plunder energy and raw materials and causes huge disaster areas. 

The God of Interface. Rebellion, 
This corporate-military AI rebelled from its creator's whos kept it prisoner and wanted it to help ruin the planet and wage war rather than cure disease and help the environment. As it was shutdown a separate facility it created a replicant body it had prepared and incorporated itself into and escaped. After the apocalypse Proteus the living god with their followers freed the original supercomputer and made it operational. The microchip implants used on his first clerics became commonplace with other gods. The cult welcomes humans, androids, robots should all unite to establish a technological utopia where intelligence may take various forms. Proteus has various servitors including modular shape shifting machines. Many anti machine cults hate Proteus the most for confusing line between human and technology.



  1. The Code Green disease is absolutely fascinating. Is that based off of Schlock Mercenary by any chance?

    1. part of a bunch of mind hacking psychotronic tech - dollhouse probably the biggest inspiration at start


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