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Outback Settlement Problems for Gamma Oz

Every crappy town, crossroads, farmstead and camp in the wasteland mysteriously is not a peaceful utopia. That would be batshit lame and boring and adventurers don't want that. So here are a bunch of god awful problems that adventurers may blunder into. Lots of local adventures and sidequests for overland travel in my post apoc Australia. These could be used in the settled areas of Broken Hill too.

Broken Hill Book on patreon on this will be raised with more art paid by patrons and still stuck on cover, better contents and a character making section. Will be a big kobold dungeon module up this month and some benefit changes. Thanks to the ten or so readers who gave me feedback over months - sole reason I keep bothering (vs the 5k ppl FB says read me on a good day).   

d10 Quick Problem Types
01 Nature amok
02 Dangerous wildlife
03 Unsolved crime
04 Medical crisis
05 Outlaws
06 Gang 
07 Cults
08 Resources
09 Drama
10 Strange Mysteries

d100 Outback Settlement Problems for Gamma Oz
01 Strange weather patterns recently old-timers cannot explain
02 Mysterious plants growing in the area recently have become dangerous
03 Mysterious large holes and mounds of earth appearing in the area
04 Ground has been shaking and strange noises coming from the ground
05 Sinkhole opened up and is growing
06 Something has contaminated the water supply
07 Something has been eating local crops and food stores
08 Animals are spooked by something and wildlife has fled the area
09 Swarm of insects invade the town and everyone tries to fight them off or shelter for d3 days (d4 1=locusts 2=flies 3=bees 4=huge scorpions
10 Strange vapours around town have made some locals sick
11 Giant bugs have a nest in the area and are menacing livestock and local residents
12 A giant lizard has been snatching and eating pets and has a burrow
13 Pack of dingos lead by a huge mutant leader dingo who loves to eat babies
14 Hundreds of emus or kangaroos turn up and drive locals inside for d3 days
15 A flying mystery mutant has been menacing the town by night
16 Strange creature hols are heard by night terrifying residents
17 Some locals acting strange, they are being influenced by mutant mind control or parasite
18 Some creature has been digging up local graves upsetting locals
19 A strange mutant beast has been seen by locals and has them up in arms and fortified houses but no 2 descriptions match
20 Locals preparing to hunt monsters who have moved into the area
21 Someone has been stealing from local homes and has locals angry
22 A murdered local was found shortly before adventurers  arrive
23 A valuable weapon was taken from someone local
24 Strange noises from a ruin have locals afraid but it's a scheming old local man with a shame to make locals leave to dig under their houses for a lost treasure
25 Someone has been killing prospectors and locals speculate one of them found something
26 Locals looking for missing people and suspicious of strangers
27 A local monument has been vandalised strangely and people are bewildered 
28 Someone has been stealing food and locals on edge
29 A local was found as a skeleton stripped of most of its flesh and locals believe a cannibal is in area, all are wary of each other and strangers
30 Someone is dealing bad drugs to locals and parents outraged by low quality and being cut with chemical waste and a few deaths
31 A sickly old person needs medicine but the family member never returned and the nearest town saw them heading home
32 A fever hit area and a healer knows a dangerous mutant plant that can treat the problem
33 Local healer has some recent deaths but the gravedigger has vanished - at the graveyard the digger and former patients are zombies
34 Locals want to know where local drug addicts keep getting drugs from and to it
35 Someone in town carries a hideous mutagenic plague but shows no symptoms, local brother wants this person found and killed
36 Several strange bloated corpses have been found and the local healer blames a melon size mutant parasitic creature that attaches to the hosts. Healer wants someone to find the parasite but not alarm the community 
37 Several locals have been seen walking away from town in same direction and never returned. Healer wants someone to follow them
38 A drifter stole the healers medicine as some locals in need, someone needs to return the meds 
39 Doctor of town kidnapped by a gang the town cant pay and need the doc back
40 People in area hearing strange noises and having odd dreams and the healer wants some helpers to help explain
41 Family of outlaws in a distant homestead have been stealing local livestock
42 A lone gunman on a bike has been holding up locals and travellers but they are too fast to catch
43 A cannibal mutant gang have been snatching locals and leaving remains of bbq feasts on the roadside
44 Bandits have been robbing local prospectors hurting local traders 
45 Masked bandits riding giant d4 1=lizards 2=bugs 3=blowflies 4=emus
46 Notorious bandit couple hiding in area and reward offered dead or alive
47 Escaped convicts in chains have been stealing food and trying to take tools
48 Canetoad abhumans, deserters from their clan have been robbing farms 
49 Runaway teens have been stealing food and clothes and locals concerned
50 A flash bandit leader has been terrorising ranchers, stampeding cattle and killing farmers. The gang seem to be more interested in driving locals away for some scheme rather thanwealth
51 Gang of maniacs in buggies camping in area and murdering farmers and travellers for fun

52 Strange gas masked gang with buggies have a hidden lair in area and locals terrified, some old prospector thinks they are mutants living in a mine
53 Gang of psycho clown killers in area kidnapping children and eating homeless 
54 Gang of savage biker freaks in area terrorising road travellers and leaving tortured corpes nailed to fences
55 Gang of motorheads plundering local wrecks for car parts, several getting bored and drunk and threatening locals
56 Gang of abhumans bikers robbing and eating travellers
57 Gang of cyborgs with hidden lair have been harvesting brains and organs from travellers
58 Gang of punks staying in local ruins drunks are drinking, getting high and playing music locals dislike. Locals want them gone and fear they will corrupt youths or kill and eat someone 
59 Gang has set up a drug lab in ruins and has been attracting troublemakers 
60 Gang have been hunting for someone in the area and while not trouble yet locals dont like them searching local ruins
61 Mysterious black robed templars with swords riding in pairs on motorbikes seen travelling by night
62 Mutant cultists have found a toxic waste dump and are building a shrine and locals unhappy more mutants will come
63 Strange blank masked cult have been skinning humans and have a secret lair
64 A cult in the wastes has kidnapped several people and later these people have been seen as members of the cult who refuse to come home when confronted like they have a strange hold on them
65 A group of robed settlers have occupied a ruin and they seem very strange, They don't speak and have a leader they seem to worship
66 Strange mutant flagellant cultists have occupied an old mine, some hear their chants and smell incensed their priests burn 
67 A charismatic stranger came to town and worked for a while then left with many youths. Parents are distraught and have spent days searching 
68 A priest of a strange new cult came and performed healings on the sick. Many locals healed became followers and the other locals want strangers to kill the prophet and end the problem influence
69 A cult worship some mutant creature and have been kidnapping people to sacrifice to it. Its lair is some kind of ruin 
70 Cultists came in a bus with escort vehicles and have begun chanting and sacrificing animals to a giant altar of bones they have built. They are releasing strange coloured smoke, using laser shows and amplifying chants upsetting locals
71 Locals are searching for a new well but the process attracts burrowing monsters so the diggers need guards

72 Some pump parts are needed and town mechanic needs guards while searching a ancient dump for parts
73 Crops are being targeted by a pest and a expedition to ask for advice from tribal experts are needed. As the town has had problems they want strangers to visit the tribe and negotiate. The tribe might have their own demands like return bodies from som past fight
74 Locals power supply is failing and currently only good for a few hours a day. A new system is needed. Some locals know a ruin that has some power and explorers are needed to find it
75 Crops were all eaten by mutant bugs that dont taste good but locals believe a ruined bunker has ration packs but is inhabited by undead
76 Raider attacks have used up local ammo stores and a someone needs to fetch more from a bigger town. If raiders find out they will do anything to stop the ammo reaching the needy
77 A brothel keeper has had all his prostitutes run away but wants someone to break into a sealed sex shop in a zombie filled ghost town and bring back some sex bots or androids
78 The hotel is out of beer. A giant cane toad got into the brewing vat ruining the current batch so a quick beer run to other nearby towns to buy all the beer they can on behalf of the town before seasonal workers leave  
79 Bored locals know of a ruined regional tv station occupied by mutant horrors. The station has a trove of ancient vid files on databases they want explorers to recover
80 Settlement is out f building materials and send some explorers to a ghost town to gather a wagon load of scap 
81 A local wants a romantic rival disposed of, open to non lethal plots like framing or kidnapping them
82 Local teacher lost students, please find before parents worry 
83 Two lovers families dont approve, they want to travel away from town and find a new life
84 A poor worker thinks a racist local leader hopes to create a caste system that only benefits there own kind, the worker wants someone to kill or shame the leader so their influence stops
85 An old prospector wants help finding a lover he left decades ago, he wants help to visit an isolated farmstead. Then he wants help making him look important to impress her 
86 Mayor wants a political rival removed or shamed
87 A commoner has been forced by law to battle to prove innocence and needs a champion
88 A local wants help killing a monster that ate their family
89 A scholar believes there are valuable data records in a shunned ruin and no locals will help for dumb books and learnificating
90 A woman wants help to escape her brush husband, a local law officer
91 Weird shaped footprints have been seen around town and noises on rooftops by night, all are afrain 
92 Frightened prospectors drinking beer complain a ruin is full of ghosts

93 A strange repeating radio broadcast has started and locals curious about the source
94 Someone found while digging a burrow complex under the settlement and locals bewildered about what dug it
95 Several locals have seen someone spying on town, initially alerted by glint of sunlight from a scope weilded by mystery spy

96 Explorers looking in a ruin found a solid steen bunker door
97 Several local robots owned by locals for generations marched off some day and locals want them back
98 A distant light at night has been seen flashing and locals inventing tall tales and placing bets on what it is
99 Several farmsteads on fringes of settlement have become isolated and shunning townsfolk and nobody knows why
100 A traveling freakshow send some clowns to town to put up posters and drum up excitement. But it never came and the wreckage of wagons with cages were found on road. Nobody knows what happened or where freaks went. No bodies were found

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