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Summoners Schools Ideas

Moray Summoner by Heonhwa Choe

Summoning to me is one of the basic types of wizard school, big enough every other school partakes in it a bit. Lots of schools use some summoning and have a basic theory for were the poor summoned creatures come from. Ive allowed players to specialise before with ants, spiders etc. It works well. Hou could also say monster summoning spell varient call different things you need to learn versions. One version calls owls another summons beetles. 

Summoning Lists

Monster summoning spells are a classic but also a good way to add character to a spell caster. I made up some sets of schools of summoner so players might specialise or you might find different versions of spells summon different creatures than dungeon fodder. Spells to increase duration or numbers called might help 3rd lv spell to summon d4 1st lv monsters. Summoners are kinda pokemon guys i guess.

d12 Earth

5th level plus immune to blunt, crushing or falling damage
1st Rock Dog d8 HD AC as chain, Att d6 crush, Mov 12

2nd Earth Stag 2d8 HD AC as chain, Att 2d4 charge, Mov 15
3rd Earth Boar 3d8 HD AC as as chain, Att 3d4 charge, Mov 15 
4th Dire Wolf 4d4 HD AC as chain, att 2d4 Move 15 
5th Earth Lion, 5d8 HD AC as chin, Att  d6x2 claw d8 bite, Mov 15 
6th Earth Bear, 6d8 HD AC as chain, Att d6x2 claw d8 bite, Mov 15
7th Duncow, mighty auroch 7d8 HD AC as plate, Att 2d8x2 or 4d6 trample, Mov 15
8th Earth Elemental, 8 HD AC as plate** Att 3d6 crush, Mov 9, burrow 6 
9th Hill Giant, 9d8, AV as plate, Att 2d8 or throw 2d6 rock, Mov 15

d12 Fire

all immune to normal fire, *=+1 to hit needed to harm & immune to magic fire
1st Arson Sprite d8 HD AC as leather, Att d6 fire touch, Mov 12 or fly 3
2nd Fire bat 2d8 2d8 HD AC as leather, Att 2d4, Mov 3 or 15 fly
3rd Fire snake 3d8 HD AC as chain, Att d6+fire venom d4/round until you save, Mov 12
4th Fire toad 4d4 AC as chain, Att 2d4 bite or 1in6 chance round spits 4d6 fireball, Mov 12
5th Hell hound 5d8 AC as chain, Att d10 bite and spits fire 1 range cone, 5dam save halves
6th Fire Salamander 6HD AC as chain*, Att 2d8, Mov 12 can teleport between fires in sight
7th Pheonix 6HD AC as plate*, Att 2d8 or shoot d8 fire arrow per round, 3 range light
8th Fire Elemental 8 HD AC as plate** Att 3d6 burn, Mov12, ignites flammables on touch
9th Barbed Devil 8HD AC as plate** Att 2d4x2 3d4 all Plus fear, Mov 12, can cast spell per round: burning hands or pyrotechnics or fear or hold person or 1in4 chance of summoning another can try once a day

d12 Air

1st 2 Giant Ravens one per level d4 HD AC Leather Att d6 Peck Mov 3 Fly 18
2nd Dust Devil 2d8 HD AC as leather Att d6 Buffett Mov 4 Fly12
3rd Giant eagle 3d8 HD AC as chain Att d8 Peck, Mov 3 Fly18 
4th Giant Owl 4d8 HD AC as chain Att 2d4 Peck, Mov 3 Fly 18 silent, night vision
5th Vapour Hound 4d8 AC as chain* Att d10, Fly 15
6th Vapour Beast 5d8 AC as chain* Att d12x2 Tentacles Mov 9 Fly 15, surprise 1-4in6
7th Celestial Hawk 6d8 AC as chain* Att 2d4x2 claws 2d6 beak Mov 9 Fly 24
8th Air Elemental 8 HD AC as plate** Att 3d6 buffet or grapple and carry up, Fly 18
9th Cloud Giant, 9d8, AV as plate, Att 2d8 or throw 2d6 rock, Mov 15 Featherfall at will

d12 Water

1st Flying razor fish per level d4 HD AC as chain Att d4 bite Move 3 Swim 15 Fly 15
2nd Beast folk such as a fish or shark or eel or crab folk warrior 2d8 HD AC as leather, att d8+1 weapon Mov 12
3rd Shark 3d8 HD AC as leather Att 2d4 bite Mov 18 Swim (or Porpoise)
4th Sea Ogre 4d8 HD AC as chain Att 3d4 trident Mov 6 or Swim 12
5th Giant Crab 5d8 HD as plate Att d12x2 pincers Mov 9 Swim 9
6th Sea Serpent 6d8 HD as plate Att d8 + venom save or 2d4 Mov 9 Swim 12
7th Fish Demon 6d8 HD as plate* Att 2d4x3 claws and bite Mov 6 Swim 15  
8th Water Elemental 8 HD AC as plate** Att 3d6 buffet or grapple and carry up, Fly 18
9th Sea Daemon 8HD AC as chain** Att d6x8 tentacles or grapple and d8 beak

Other Possible stuff less thought out

d12 Arachnomancer 
1st Large spider or scorpion d8 HD AC Leather Att d4 bite +venom +2 Save or 2d4 damage Mov3 Web 6, builds webs 
2nd Huge spider or scorpion 2d8 HD AC as leather Att d6 bite +venom +2 Save or 3d6 damage
3rd Giant Wolf Spider Save or die 3d8 AC as chain Att d8 bite +venom Save or 2d4 damage
4th Giant black widow 4d8 HD AC as chain d6 bite + venom save or die 
5th Giant Tarantula  Save or by dancing to death over d6 hours laughing
6th Giant Camel Spider HD 6HD AV as plate, Att d10x2 two grabbers d8 bite Mov 15 stinking cloud onec per day, usually before flees
7th Giant scorpion 6d8 HD AC as plate, Att d10x2 pincers tail d8+ venom save or die Mov 18
8th Phaze Spider HD  6d8 HD AC Plate or +4 when out of phaze and invisible Att Bite 2d6 plus poison -4 to save Mov 9 Climb web 18 can hide in or=ther dimension and watch 
9th Spider Demon 
 8HD AC as chain** Att 2d6 bite + poison, Grapple Arms x2, Web Shooter save or held for a turn

d12 Necromancer

1st Skeleton
2nd Zombie
3rd Ghoul
4th Shadow
5th Wight
6th Wraith
7th Mummy
8th Spectre
9th Ghost

d12 Insect Master 
1st Giant Ant
2nd Giant Bee or Wasp or Fly
3rd Giant Beetle
4th Bombardier Beetle
5th Giant Dragonfly
6th Giant Preying Mantis
7th Lesser Insect Demon
8th Rhinoceros Beetle
9th Greater Insect Demon


1st Snake
2nd Small Raptor
3rd Giant Lizard
4th Poison Snake
5th Constrictor Snake
6th Subterranean Lizard
7th Pteradactyl
8th Minotaur Lizard
9th Fire Lizard


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