Monday 15 July 2019

Marvel Log: Heroes in Space Attack Dire Wraiths

so to recap: 

Shockwire bouncer by night living lightning hero by day!
Jack Frost silver age vet hero returned from years unseen
Lotus break dancing giant tree guy
Amp rock and rollroadie with sonic powers, armour and strength
Terra four armed mutant burrowing super strong hero, works for beer and curry
Evac the official hero of World Wide Rescue Service
Bolt Trower the android archer with his robot falcon 

Month ago:
Rescue Force battle monster space worm with lizard king!

battled a cult summoning alien being and killed it with a local king lizard kaiju

New Hope for Yesterdays Heroes

Frost and Evac took control of a old folks home for super seniors
Former manager was a alien space dragon super villain in disguise, Mandragora
Followed evidence pointed to location on the moon and modded Evac's heavy cargo lifter for a lunar return trip with boosters. Dire Wraith spies tried to sabotage the launch.

Heroes Deny Plot to Flee Dying Earth in Home Made Space Ship!
Went to the moon found alien base in a landing strip on;y seen in classified photos the team heard of. Battled psionic shape shifting grey aliens offering universal cosmic peace. Some of party attacked and others teurned on them. Grey aliens were shape shifting dire wraiths projecting Mandragoras telepathy plus their own shape shifting. Inside base met atractive lady astronauts with metalic bob wigs and tight silver space suits. Some herows attacked and broke illusion over more wraiths. Met Dr Mandragora and he turned into a alien space dragon (a psionic one). Had a chasing psionic battle with him and most party went through a gate made by a wraith witch and went to wraithworld. Bolt thrower left on moon with Mandragora and his arrows couldn't hurt the villain..

Heroes Out Of Control Invade Alien Planet In Other Dimension!
Jack frost got through gate and pulled out his secret trumpcard. Revealed he was carrying Lotus a new tree superhero in his pocket in seed form who grew himself in alien soil from alien plant matter. So he was purple and black here. Shockwire had escaped but joined Frost and Lotus. Amp, Terra and Evac were unconscious and being carried away by wraiths to a distant city. Standing team went to mountains (vs desert or jungle) and contacted by robots. Brought to a secret base of a rare wraith warlock with his science wraith minions. He wants to leave planet and go to Earth with only a few evil shape shifting alien spy comrades. But provided plan to raid wraith witch city labs and prison plus kidnap a wraith with gate powers to pull out her brain. Raid worked and escaped. Tunnels had lots of interesting scenery and mutant cave clams and toad wraiths.

Escape From Dimension X

While jack worked on lab project to turn the wraith brain into a dimensional portal maker. Shockwire contacted a object in orbit they had noticed and used powers to have a radio chat with ameboid alien allies. Their bioship had a starspawn of cthulhu brain for a dimensional warp drive. Made a deal to go with them back to earth via their home planet. Lotus sent the science wraith saucer with a nuke off to the city deliberatley not when plan demanded it. Some sort of darkness void shield ate the explosion but it looked cool. While angry warlock yelled at Lotus, Shockwire jolted him into unconsciousness by surprise. Made a deal to take 2 science wraiths and some other beings found in cryopods. Three frozen wraith heretics who liked earth and family of human parents with mutant-wraith hybrid child (in mobile suspended animation pod). The ameboids gooey inside bio ship was kinda disgusting. Warlock awoke to find his base trashed and minions gone and the gate device Frost built with the witch brain was destroyed.

Heroes Triumphant Return From the Stars Welcome!

Spent a week on alien planet. Heard about their history and wars and links to shoggoths and the crinoid great old ones who made them long ago. Possibly dire Wraiths might return or get up to larks possibly can trace heroes to ameboid homeworld.

Return to moon base to find Bolt Thrower and Joan the dog surviving. Marndragora turned into a space dragon and flew off. Bolt Thrower scratched him and he fled after trashing half the base.  Apparently Mandragora cannot leave earth further than the moon. Everyone returned to earth in their vessel with Bolt Thrower jacked in to pilot the ship.

Back on earth got a good reception and went back to regular business. Characters spied on agents of some high tech crime cartel and publicly showboated bringing down a couple of corp agents. Got lots of popularity.

Ive sped up my initiative system to just Intuition count downs
Also +5 spot karma for comic dialogue has everyone quipping or catch phrazing.

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