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Killer Babies

Killer Babies are reasonably common in Xor and Psychon and come in several sizes. Re skinning an ogre as a mid size killer baby needs very little work mostly they don't like treasure. On Xor babies might congregate around terrain with giant breasts.

Mutant Baby

2d8 HD AC as Leather Att Bite d4 Mov 6
Can jump 10 foot to attack may lep from concealed location for surprise 1-4 on d6
If you pick it up or grapple will shit on you, save vs disease

These creatures are usually abandoned in sewers of cliffs and are born to mutants or those with the mutant taint. They can see in the dark. They rarely get bigger than 20lb and will find each other and congregate in a pack of 3d4. The boss baby might have 3d8 and a d6 bite. Sometimes a baby will pretend to be cute an lost as a trap then the other babies will leap from hiding. Some babies have other mutations and abilities. Sometimes a kindly witch will change their nappies. Babies might collect shiny things and will eat all kinds of stuff they find in dungeons and may have treasure in their nappies or piles of faeces in their lair. Babies might be bribed with milk, rattling or shiny objects. 
Can be tracked by slime or faeces trail

d12 Common Mutant Baby Mutations

1 Spider climb good for ambushes from above
2 Spit acid 6 range 2d4 damage save or take d3 a round for d4 rounds
3 Stinking cloud once per day flatulence cloud which babies are immune to
4 Sabretooth babies have d6 bite and double damage on a natural 20 to hit 
5 Blink can teleport 10 foor once per round 
6 Diseased bite from vile green spittle and phlegm fountain nose
7 Fling faeces once per round can throw a diseased ball of filth
8 Scream attack all within 20 feel save of struck with fear once per turn
9 Bat wings can fly 12 one turn every hour
10 Hell babies can cast charm person once a day and their eyes glow while casting
11 Explode on death 3d6 damage to all in 20 foot area save for half
12 Cannot be surprised, will awake if anyone even moves within 30 foot

Giant Baby
12d8 HD AC as Chain Att Bite 3d4 or grapple Mov 9
If grapple will get free bite attack every round
1in6 per round get bored and discard a grappled victim throwing it a d10x10 foot (d6 damage per 10 foot save for half)

These huge beast start as regular babies that scream and demand so much food they are abandoned usually in the wilderness. The ones dumped in sewers run out of rats and get too big and go upstream looking for bigger game. Giant babies are attracted to human settlements and usually the locals will call adventurers or knights or the militia to drive them away. Giant baby mutations appear once they are bigger than a human and mostly they are cosmetic. They will destroy houses and any human made structures and kill farm animals by grappling and chewing them.

d12 Common Giant Baby Mutations
1 Single horn good for a extra d10 attack
2 Fangs bite does 2d8 damage
3 One eyed like a cyclops
4 Regenerate a HP per round unless from fire or acid, stops at zero HP
5 Vomit once per turn 4d4 acid in a 30 foot cone save for half 
6 Stinking cloud from flatulence once per turn
7 Explosive diarrhoea once per day 30 foot cone to rear, save vs disease 
8 Scream attack once per turn  all within 20 feel save or deaf for an hour + 2d6 damage
9 Punching and pinching, gains two hand attacks 2d6 each 
10 Hideous rashes, boils and warts all over 
11  Explode on death 6d6 damage to all in 20 foot radius, save for half
12  Leg walker, baby can stand on two legs move 12 and trample for 4d6 damage instead of other attacks

d6 Baby Diseases

Typically if you fail a save you get one of these terrible baby illnesses
1 Phlegm Face -d3 CHA for a week and nose pours out slime like a tap

2 Spew Guts -d3 CON for a week and vomit every hour
3 Shit Guts -d3 STR for a week and diarrhoea every hour
4 Jelly Legs half movement for a week from weak legs, easier to crawl
5 Baby Face go bald and lose a d4 teeth, hair starts to grow back a week later
Sob Face -d3 WIS cry constantly and prone to mood swings for a week

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