Wednesday 3 July 2019

d100 Horrible Dungeon Decor

Fix that boring old dungeon with guaranteed horrible decorations!!!!
Dial that shit up to 11 and leave the under age poleboys and lampgirls at home

Monsters are sick of human shit and have put in extra effort
BYO vomit bucket

These should make players a bit worried or paranoid at least

d100 Awesome Haunted Dungeon Decor

01 Gutters running along inside walls flowing with blood and chunks of gore
02 Eyeballs in cracks in walls glare back at explorers
03 Kobolds are nailed to the walls with rotting stomach cavities full of maggots
04 Stripped adventurer corpses, horribly tortured, some recognisable
05 Blinded sobbing adventurers with no legs crawling about dungeon
06 Flayed human skins nailed to wall
07 Walls covered in graffiti depicting demons and monsters torturing humans
08 Adventurer heads on spears arranged around dungeon doors 
09 Severed human hands nailed to doors as a warning
10 Goat skull candle holders with eldritch sigils and black wax all over as lights
11 Stone chest carved into floor, just a artistic distraction, not functional
12 False realistic perspective paintings of long corridors on dead ends
13 Artistic depictions of witch sabbath with elderly witches in orgy with demons and goats
14 Ancient artwork of standing figures defaced with giant penises and boobs and horns
15 Gibbets with rotting human corpses hanging from the ceiling
16 Skinless human corpses nailed to the walls
17 Wall decorated with thousands of human teeth
18 Walls decorated with human bones and skulls inset into walls
19 Niches with severed human head s in walls
20 Pyramids of blackened human skulls stacked around dungeon
21 Image of monster boss decapitating human captives while others torturing prisoners
22 Image of human in chains bringing offerings to monster god at spear point
23 Dead human chained to walls covered in bloody cat-o-nine tails whip marks
24 Cages hanging from ceiling with moaning filthy naked captives cramped inside
25 Bloody chopping blocks, cleavers and hatchets everywhere for butchering prisoners
26 Squat evil demon cursed idols with creepy grins and eyes that seem to follow intruders
27 Shrine of monster ancestor with pile of human hearts in a bowl before it 
28 Half eaten human corpses laying about dungeon being chewed by rats
29 Terrified petrified figures trying to cover eyes and look away from something
30 Oozing fluid from cracks in the wall from something revolting behind the walls
31 Strings of human ear necklaces popular with monsters in this dungeon for status
32 Six inch iron spikes projecting from walls making knock backs dangerous
33 Prisoners bricked inside wall cavities begging for help
34 Shelves in walls where sickly prisoners are tied to rotting corpses
35 Trails of vomit everywhere from drunken monsters
36 Trails of monster faeces trail where something dragged its butt to get rid of worms
37 Huge heaps of steaming monster dung pellets everywhere
38 Length of someones intestines trailing through the dungeon
39 Corpses with hundreds of nails through them
40 Leaking pipe or crack in wall flooding area with steam obscuring vision like mist
41 Sounds of whips and screams in distance 
42 Sounds of what might be ferocious dogs tearing someone apart
43 Thousands of bats on ceiling easily frightened into swarming and confusing everyone 
44 Mounds of dung riddled with rat nests
45 Floor slippery with congealed pools of blood and bodily fluids
46 Half flesh off someones face dropped by a snacking monster
47 Monsters here like to wear human finger necklaces and use them as currency
48 Monsters have painted a crude mural in human blood
49 Human skins hanging on hooks
50 Barrels of human heads in brine, an old monster recipe
51 Statues adorned in blood and wearing necklaces of severed body parts
52 Trolls with limbs cut off and stumps sewn to each other furiously chewing on each other to get free
53 Remains of human corpses with looks of horror and gaping wounds where something burst from their bodies
54 Human corpses covered in mould, will collapse into unrecognisable heaps
55 Charred human bodies killed by some beast or spell and not intact enough to eat
56 Humanoid shaped bloody splatter marks on walls, ceilings and floors as if something struck them with great force into surfaces
57 Three kobolds wearing a human skin and a coat and a hat try to trick intruders
58 Semi dissolved human corpses killed with acid by some beast or spell
59 Semi frozen corpses some extremities snapped off or shattered and frozen blood from a monster or spell
60 Corpses on floor with grey pallid skin and looks of terror, will arise as undead soon
61 Walls have trickling transparent ectoplasm oozing down walls, area seems colder 
62 Sudden inexplicable chill goes over area and flames flicker weakly
63 Eerie chilling breeze blows through hall blowing out any un protected flame less than a torch (covered lamp ok)
64 Strange gibbering screams heard in the distance
65 Muffled moaning sounds as if from under the floor
66 Rattling chain sounds heard and occasional moans
67 Spectral figure walks down corridor and through a wall
68 Floating head appears and laughs for several rounds then vanishes
69 Undead severed hand scuttling along like a spider
70 Screaming figure approaches, then blood pours from eyes and it vanishes when close
71 Hear muffled moan and dragging sound as legless adventurer drags self on floor in agony
72 Humanoids in luminescent powder they have found pretend to be ghosts
73 Old coffins smashed open and mummified chunks of bodies scattered everywhere
74 Huge webs with sacks of human bones hanging in them covered in dust
75 Surprised corpse half trapped in stone doorway
76 Staked out corpse on floor gnawed by giant rats
77 Burned area with covered in ash with several charred and exploded bodies
78 Bodies charred by lightning partially charred with intricate lightning pattern scars and bruises
79 Bear trap with a foot still trapped inside
80 Axe headed pendulum hanging from roof, with two halves of a corpse by the spent trap 
81 Surprised corpses impaled on spike trap that swung from a wall
82 Body crushed by boulder dead fall trap head not visible under rock
83 Corpses in a net, trapped then speared to death and left as decoration or warning
84 Severed hands reaching from a sealed pit trap they failed to escape from
85 Pit with desiccated impaled corpses of adventurers at the bottom
86 Kobold children playing in entrails of human corpses for fun and slinging gore at each other
87 Body pinned to wall with daggers in some ritual murder
88 Huge pellets like those vomited up by owls but football sized with human bones
89 Monsters in dungeon like to wear clothes made from human skin leather
90 Pile of human scalps in bloody heap
91 Barrel with rotting corpse in water, bloated and stinking with maggots
92 Humans, naked hanging by spikes through feet, throats slit and drained of blood
93 Human corpse, clothed, drained of blood with a spigot implanted in neck hanging by feet
94 Keg of dried and salted human meat, some recognisable hands and parts the deeper you look
95 Musical instruments made from human bones, skins and sinew in a chest
96 Intricately carved human skulls with symbols of chaos
97 Dried human hearts with nails in them hammered to walls as charms to ward away humans
98 Human heads mounted on plaques as hunting trophies, some might be known adventurers nobody has seen in years
99 Large half barrel tub full of dried blood and fat, with splatter marks and strings of blood sausage hanging on a rack to cure and some butchered human corpses drained of blood
100 Corpse on a slab made from multiple sewn together corpses, a failed attempt at golem or undead making

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