Friday 12 July 2019

Help feed a real hobo gamer!

Welcome to share this about as i have had my lease end and too broke to get a new pad so Im officially homeless again and have everything in storage and living on other peoples sofas while i work for free in hospital on my placement while studying. Hopefully I will be finished training enough to have a job I have been promised in a month. Plus money that three banks promised to pay me in 5-21 days from a long drawn out probate happens and I could pretend to be middle class again in a a monthish. Hopefully I will have money to sell my deceased parents house in the country and hopefully buy a unit for me with wall to wall bookshelves.It costs me 30 bux return just to get there plus a hours walk so not really possible to work if i stayed there. Anyway Ive lived out of suitcases for months before and been officially homeless half of last 6 years so I will cope it just sucks.

Im releasing 5 zines a month for a dollar subscription and will do more if higher tiers supported. Links to past 20 or so items are up too so a good time too get in on this. Helps keep me in the hobby and a few freebies open to public. Help feed a real hobo gamer while im living on other peoples sofas! When edited properly the 3folds and one sheet dungeon zines will end up on drive through a buck each

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