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12 Schools of Wizardry in the Emoverse

The Twelve Schools

Elemental College
Prehistoric schools mostly neutral
Also para elements and quasi elementals but rarer
-Geomancy the Earth Elementalist School
-Aeromancy the Air  Elementalist School
-Aquamancy the Water Elementalist School
-Pyromancy the Fire  Elementalist School

First spells taught by planar elemental beings more common back in the first age Still popular and least hated wizards by common folk. Commonly used in war..

Necromancy College
Mostly ancient evil black robe corpse magic
or white school who heal and commune with dead for advice
or red new school of neutral anatomical biomancy
-Ossimancy or knokencraft
-Carnomancy or fliechcraft
-Sanguinmancy or blutcraft
-Animancy or giestcraft

After the monster age some using their black magic conquered the world with undead. The black school has been hated since then. White school are rare but tolerated. The red school claim to be free of moral evil, seeking to heal, experiment on corpses and make help the living. They are well established in the universities who publicly condemn black necromancy.

Arcane College
Taught in modern schools of various alignments since the rule of humanity
-Enchanters (specialists in making magic items and mind control, aid feudal lords)
-Summoners (specialist in calling planar being for aid, specialised monster summoning)
-Evokers (battlefield army wizards for war or battle mages,
 call strange destructive powers
-Diabolists (wizards dedicated to serving Hell and calling infernal power to grant wishes)

Isolated traditions have been brought into the modern common study of magic. Enchanters are popular with nobility for making magic weapons and influencing others but many fear them. Summoners call beings and objects from other worlds eventually exploring the planes to treaty with great daemons and elemental lords. Evokers specialise in blowing stuff up with a variety of elemental powers used mostly on the battlefield making them popular with military and seen as more modern than elementalists. Diabolists study devils, Hell and demon lore to help deal with these powers. Obviously many distrust them and most consider them corrupt.

Other Magician Systems Confused with Wizardry
Wizard taps magic from their selves, material components and knowing of exploitable universal power. Sorcerers tap into other worldly pre human powers of creation or the planes. Mystics hold spirits or use channelled internal energy to release as spells. Alchemists manipulate by synchronising their spirit to 
material components to create magic items like potions, weapons, guns, golems even living creatures. True witches understand the secret dawn age lore of magic with power words and crafted fetish items. They evoke forgotten petty spirit and planar beings forgotten by others

Alchemy - a separate system with own spell list and a set price of materials and casting time. Alchemists make special potions often that they prepare then activate at the moment of use. They also make animated constructs, steam apparatus, gunpowder, st and incendiaries and mechanical or clockwork  technology, etc. They don't summon monsters they create them with limited lives from potion bottles and the things shrivel and die in a short time period. Alchemists make life forms using magical apparatus and materials.

Sorcerers - same spells but limited spell knowledge but cast instinctively channelling energy. Often from other worldly bloodlines linked to other planes or supernatural beings or spirits. Tend to be inborn and innate who have strange dreams of non human times and planar beings. Lazier and less dedicated than scholar wizards, usually attract cults or join them, often hedonistic and chaotic. Some have instead made pacts with such beings according to ancient pre human secrets. They tend to occasional get messages or instructions from their patrons. Many so called witches (unlawful magicians are witches by law) are sorcerers. Much more likely than wizards (mostly atheists or occultists) to have supernatural or religions trappings or have cultists serving them as followers.  

Mystics - separate spell system also known as magi, psionicists, mentalists, mediums or shamans. Powers are based from tapping into their personal spirits and gaining spell spirits from the spirit world who are held to prepare in 8 hours of ritual seances and then released to cast. Four main branches of power specialisation. Energy (magi), Body (savants), Mind (mentalists) and Planar (prophets) are the elements of mystic arts. As shamen many barbaric, nomad and wild peoples mystics deal with spirits, ancestors and beast totems. Mediums are civilised degenerate shamen who make themselves open to otherworldly spirits for hire. Shamen and mediums actually capture spirits and use them as spells or project their animus into a spirit to interact with other spirits. They would be Psionicists on Xor or Planet Psychon

Witches - most illegal casters are called witches which can confuse students. Many so called witches are sorcerers or wizards or clerics of unpopular cults like druids. Witch magic is rare now but witches had limited powers common to other spell casters but could cast limited spells more often or at will when powerful. Some say it is the original magic system. 
(roll to cast spells from limited list but gain some lower abilities at will at high level, roll to see if can cast again in day or automatic eventually). Witches survive best when women and oppressed people have limited opportunities for power, religious status or titles. Most witches are illegal and underground. Many are based on vengeance others are benevolent healers but still persecuted.

Clerics -  warrior priests gain miracles to fight evil (or vice versa). Serve respectable gods known by the masses especially the urban ones. Druids serve rural cults of rednecks, remnants of older people occupied by civilisation. Druids are outlawed or at least persecuted in some lands. Evil clerics are the opposite and use power to spread fear, ignorance and defy what is right. Clerics as military priests often crusade against evil cults or neutral druid sects or operate inquisitions to find hidden ones. Some clerics hunt even outlaw wizards. 
Powerful robed magical priests might seem wizard like but their miracle power comes from prayers and the miracles occur when the priest says the holy words of power. They just channel and store magic from gods through their holy symbol.

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