Saturday 13 July 2019

d100 Things Found Digging Holes on Psychon

Planet Psychon where the gods just create ruined ancient civilisations at a whim, where echoes of old memory banks are brought to life and all kinds of forgotten crap gets buried during regular terraforming.

d10 How Buried?1 Semi exposed by wind or water erosion

2 Partly exposed by collapsing earth recently
3 Partly excavated then abandoned by diggers
4 Mounds everywhere of treasure seekers excavations in area
5 Exposed ancient trash heap
6 Crumbling rubble of ancient civilization
7 Mine or burrow tunnel
8 Crater from weapon detonation or meteor 
9 Covered in biological material
10 Covered in pool of sludge 1in6 toxic or radioactive

d100 Things Found Digging Holes on Psychon
01 Part of a sleeping kaiju's body
02 A concrete structure, part of a bunker
03 Pipes leading into infrastructure tunnels
04 Entrance into sub train tunnels for service or station
05 Piles of costumes, from a store or landfill of terrible outfits never sold
06 Crashed saucer with remains of alien corpses
07 Landfill of unpopular video game cartridges
08 Bundles of cables 1in6 with live current
09 Drums of toxic waste
10 A warhead left from a great war 1=atomic 2=chemical 3=biological 4=psychotronic
11 Hundreds of bags of narcotics in trunks or inside stuffed toys
12 Cryonic pods full of cloned transplant organs 
13 Cryonic pods with people d4 1=criminals 2=survivors 3=infected undead 4=corpses 
14 Hundreds of skeletons form a mass grave
15 Remain of a temple of a long forgotten AI god
16 Trunks of long live military ration packs
17 Ammunition for some type of firearm but no weapons
18 Thousands of leaking ruined batteries (acidic or radioactive or flamable)
19 Remains of a water bore pump house
20 Huge fuel tank of pressurised flammable stuff
21 Robot scrap graveyard, possibly might disturb something
22 Android body part dump, might be able to repair some d4 1=virused hostile 2=virused but not hostile yet 3=defective and dangerous 4=servile but vulnerable to virus
23 Thousands of eggs
24 Hundreds of petrified dinosaur bones from a ancient museum
25 Remains of a art gallery with mostly ruined artworks
26 Several vehicles long sealed in section of tunnel or car park
27 Large boat some sections intact 
28 Remains of a shack with bodies of inhabitants trapped inside
29 Tomb of ancient seated on throne with weapons and artwork with murals inside
30 Thousands of empty drink bottles or beer cans
31 Long buried strange vegetation that begins to awaken in sunlight
32 Pulsating tissue of mutant flesh that has been growing in depths
33 Remains of teleporter station possibly working
34 Crashed airliner or airship remains full of baggage and skeletons
35 Crashed spacecraft with intact pods of astronauts inside
36 Remain of emergency bioplague clinic with undead trapped for aeons
37 Remains of huge war mech, AI damaged but intact but body only good for scrap
38 Psychotronic antenna array, if tampered starts broadcasting d4 1=war propaganda 2=hallucinations 3=homicidal berserker rage 4=collective dream reality
39 Thousands of hamburgers and hotdogs seemingly perfectly preserved and edible
40 Medical waste dump of hospital linen, body parts, needles, drug containers, etc
41 Thousands of packets of cigarettes
42 Furry cartoon animal androids from a theme park in bags, activated if sun reaches solar cells
43 Thousands of body bags from plague years
44 Remains of a damaged contaminated power plant (asbestos, radiation, chemicals)
45 Thousands of mobile phones, all start ringing when exposed to sun
46 Landfill of android toys, start reviving and moving about after exposed, possibly virased and hostile
47 Piles of mining equipment and tools long buried
48 Ancient freezer warehouse complex
49 Warehouse super store with gigantic passages and degenerate descendants of staff scuttling in halls
50 Submarine with remains of dead crew inside and 1in6 chance of a d12 nuclear missiles
51 Crashed bomber with d12 cruise missiles each with a deranged AI sure there is a war on
52 Remains of old ruin with occult ritual pariphenalia, gaot skulls, candles and old books
53 Remains of a library with shelves of books inhabited by d4 1=librarian bot 2=killer androids 3=well read morlock survivors 4=mutant animal life
54 Fast food resteraunt inhabited by d4 1=undead staff 2=android staff 3=mutant animals  4=cultists trying to re create this ancient temple and religion 
55 Wizards tower with a lich inside still working on a book, unaware has been buried
56 School complex with d4 1=feral albino youth gangs 2=robot teachers and truant officer bots desperate for students to bully 3=cult living like 50s highschool and perform musical numbers constantly 4=mutant animals recreating human civilisation with robot teachers
57 Greenhouse complex full of mutant plants
58 Fragment of a fallen orbital or asteroid hab that survived re-entry
59 Thousands of sealed coffins in mortuary freezer complex, all tainted by necrovirus and potential undead
60 Hospital complex crawling with undead and robots
61 Giant ant nest of intelligent ant folk who mostly grow fungus and have not seen surface for ages
62 Millions of giant disgusting worms
63 Burrow complex of mutant megafauna
64 Burrow complex of humanoid animal mutant species
65 Thousands of comic books, possibly a collector cult would value these historic documents
66 Trailer truck loaded with d4 1=vending machines 2=virused killer androids 3=undead corpses in bodybags 4=cigarettes and beer
67 Underground cave complex with ecosystem of fungus and albinos
68 Dinosaur theme park of android dinosaurs all virused and hostile
69 Signal beacon starts flashing calls d4 1=AI god 2=targets a missile 3=summons cultists from distant temple 4=awakens killer robots who converge here
70 Sports stadium where albino mutant gladiators battle
71 Thousands of candy bars and packaged snack cakes
72 Train wreck with baggage a human remains d4 1=undead 2=mutant creature 3=killer android 4=morlock clan
73 Beautiful underground pleasure garden with gormless eloi, morlock masters in secret observation area monitor their food supply
74 Broken time machine from past with dead crew and possibly a ancient in a cryonic pod
75 Gigantic and edible giant mutant tubers
76 Corpse of a gigantic humanoid
77 Crumbling ruins of office complex d4 1=undead in suits 2=mutant colony 3=mutant animals 4=service robots keeping place tidy
78 Remains of a missile silo complex with intact AI d4 1=doomsday cultists 2=undead soldiers 3=mutant survivors 4=mutant animals
79 Dungeon comples fitted as a prison with torture chambers. Inhabited by variety of monsters and inhabitants roaming about of in lairs guarding treasure caches
80 Huge statue of some ancient god or corporate mascot
81 Remains of old millitary barracks d4 1=undead soldiers 2=security robots 3=mutant survivors 4=mutant animals 
82 Synthetics decommissioning centre with bagged robots and androids, sunlight will re awaken some who fear termination and have become deranges
83 Bowling alley with cultists and androids servicing this "temple" of the ancients
84 Bus depot with wrecked vehicles and terminal building full of baggage and corpses d4 1=undead 2=feral cannibal gang 3=mutant animal 4=secret base of a local faction
85 Huge robotic head, no idea what happened to body, promises is a good guy just help it get body back
86 Brain depository with brains in storage vats, can be communicated with by control panels, many insane or unaware of world outside
87 Green slime bubbling out and spreading from some massive underworld reservoir
88 Underground mushroom farm overgrown with mutants tended by robots and mushroom folk
89 Bubbling lava and smoke from a volcanic vent
90 Geothermal heated bubbling mud from deep in the earth
91 Heated spring water, only slightly radioactive with colourful calcium formations in a delightful underground grotto
92 Theme park ride tunnel with surreal world inside populated by singing androids
93 Underground cave system inhabited by civilised beast folk shocked by hideous mutants from the outside 
94 Rusted bunker complex overgrown with fleshy growths and tentacled hideous oversexed plague carrying mutants
95 Android settlement serving a AI brain hiding from humans
96 Cave system with macroscopic life forms oozing and pulsing, hungry and hostile
97 Mutant albino redneck colony want new lovers or food or both
98 Ancient sex shop full of strange devices, video booths and killer androids roam with strange weapons, vindictive to humans who exploited them
99 Alien base in hiding, stranded here hoping to contact peers for rescue and/or destruction of this horrible planet
100 Cyborg base ruled by AI, always welcome fresh meat and offers super powers for free no catch, honest

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