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Books of Xor

More i think of it a Xor Series of adventures might be good. Here is a list of Faux book titles I can quote constantly in my Xor book.

d100 Books of Xor

01 Settlers of Xor
In which pioneer settlers build a city for their tribe of heroes versus their evil kin

02 Ancients of Xor
Ancient wise in the ways of living inside Xor and their strange alien weapons

03 Pirates of Xor
Pirates from another world came to Xor for treasure, plunder and wonder

04 Knights of Xor
A order of knights guard the holy orifice of Xor keeping it safe from chaos demons

05 Gargantua of Xor
A war between colossal morons of godlike power and how humankind got rid of them

06 Citadels of Xor
A cluster of great cities emerge over centuries and come to war and ruination

07 Parasites of Xor
Horrid new species of parasites invade a community who must trust Xor knows best

08 Plagues of Xor
Diseased demon cultists come bringing sickness to the tribes of Xor

09 Plant Lords of Xor
Rare tribe of plant folk on Xor seek a hidden place with vegetation to live in peace

10 Beastfolk of Xor
Scholar Hero travels to the wastes to live among the beast folk tribes

11 Rotten things on Xor
Volcanic event erupts infected chaos effluvia to the region which heroes seek to heal

12 Flesh Apes of Xor
A race of huge naked ape folk rampage over the region egged on by their ape god

13 Merchants of Xor
Traveller Aiken Zola follows trade routes describing customs of lands for traders

14 Meat Giants of Xor
A horrid race of hungry flesh giants rampaged the kingdom till their lord was killed 

15 Bastards of Xor
A gang of unwanted youths go on a adventure seeking wealth and a new home

16 Hatred of Xor
Flagellants, berserkers and murder cults roam the land until heroes stop them
17 Treasures of Xor
Adventures, heists and exploits of the rogue elderly Flurax Sepossak
18 Eaters of Xor
Another world gate allows Xor to taste uneaten worlds allowing heroes to travel
19 Prophets of Xor
Prophet dreams of Xor's desire and rouses an army to fight a crusade against chaos

20 Caverns of Xor
Heroes travel into the depths of Xor seeking a lost civilisation devoured long ago

21 Deep in the Bowels of Xor
Travel the inside Xor seeking a safe way beyond mouth, stomach & labyrinthine gut
23 Fangs of Xor
Tribal cannibal warriors taken as slaves, escape after seeing strange civilisation
24 Mutants of Xor
A saint unites mutant tribes into a army to fight the mutant hunting templars

25 Animus of Xor
An explorer in the neural chasms of Xor discovers a secret hidden race 

26 Ultra Pits of Xor
Explorers in the deeps of Xor find a great subdermal kingdom of evil wizards

27 Killers of Xor
A blood thirsty cult on a murder spree as they flee civilisation into the chaos wastes

28 Fighting Fungus of Xor
The bellybutton chasm strange forests of fungus and mould strange to people of Xor

29 Cancer of Xor
Hideous chaos growths menace a peaceful valley of warrior farmers

30 Oceans of Xor
Great oceans of sweat, tears and spi with hidden islands are explored by a bone ship

31 Bones of Xor
Great bone assemblages are home to new settlers, explorers and monsters

32 Flesh of Xor
Great flesh quarry where meat is exported and the troubles of the governor running it

33 Blood of Xor
Exterminating a cult of blood sacrifice dedicated to a vampire bat goddess

34 Breathe of Xor
Into the lungs adventurers seek a chaos incursion harming all of Xor

35 Brains of Xor
Explorers in the brain clusters of Xor seeking occult mysteries and strange wonders

36 Heart of Xor
Proffessor Carnodeles and his merry assistants look into the heart cathedral of Xor

37 Cannibal Mutant Babies of Xor
Giant babies roam the land eating everything so heroes seek a humane end for them

38 Zombies of Xor
Necromantic cult finds larder of corpses and causes trouble so heroes kill them

39 Flatulence of Xor
Gaseous emissions caused by demons of pestilence giving Xor bad bloating

40 Orifice of Xor
Land of a thousand sphincters, full of fleshy caves with treasure and monsters

41 Gateway of Xor
Intruders from another world exchanged with xorians and hijinx ensue

42 Invasion of Xor
Xor invades another realm bringing peoples of Xor to a new world not made of meat!

43 Devoured of Xor
Adventure inside Xor as explorers world eaten

44 Strangers in Xor
Visitors from a far off land explore Xor to trade and find stranded enemies from home

45 Tentacles of Xor
Tentacled mutant horrors invade and villagers must flee a land gone mad

46 Beasts of Xor
Hunter seeks strange beast to slay, enters caverns of Xor to find where beasts from

47 Templars of Xor
A warrior order help rouse a army for a crusade against chaos daemons

48 Berserker of Xor
Wild warriors raid a coastline and cavern systems for treasure and slaves

49 Bone Pyramid of Xor
Tomb of a mad necromancer king who plans on animating a bone 
50 Flesh Cube of Xor
A cube of flesh appears on a world crumbling apart offering a refuge from apocalypse

51 Carrion Ziggurat of Xor
Fleshy mountain of scarified wonder carved by cultists into the flesh of Xor 

52 Hierophant of Xor
A great priest unifies kingdoms to wage war on chaos infections breaking out

53 Crown of Xor
A king unifies local tribes to aid Xor in devouring a new realm as invaders

54 Healers of Xor
White necromancers heal and speak to the dead but some say they are really sinister

55 High Priestess of Xor
Great Priestess overcomes adversity, has great lovers and wins a kingdom 

56 Warriors of Xor
A tribal barbarian becomes a great warlord then royal guard and then king
57 Thieves of Xor
City urchin rises to become gang lord and many times uses stranger magic treasures

58 Wizards of Xor
School wizards meet again years later before tragically they must kill each other 

59 The Tower of Flesh
Heroes invade a flesh tower to kill the mighty meat master of flesh wizardry

60 Swords of Xor
Mercenaries fight various wars in lands of Xor before they battle a daemon horde

61 Axe of Xor
Barbarian brothers hunt and kill evil wizards who destroyed their kingdom

62 Harpoons for Xor
Men hunting humongous flesh creatures are drawn to world of Xor

63 Magnificent Meat Mages of Xor
A band of wizards battle a mutant army besieging a village

64 Mummies of Xor
A great underground tomb has awakened with mummies who prepare for war

65 In the Flesh Gardens of Xor
Escaping the pleasure pits of Xor are harder than any prison with bars

66 Gluttons of Xor
New arrivals greedily gorge on the wrong flesh and become mutant monsters

67 Midden Heaps of Xor
An ancient garbage heap has remnants of long lost civilisations

68 Birthmark of Xor
Heroes marked by blemish of Xor witness the invasion and devouring of their worlds 

69 Butchers of Xor
Heroes gather exotic organs and meats of Xor for wizards

70 Slime Pits of Xor
Exploring underground slime lakes and exotic island kingdoms

71 Carnage of Xor
A warrior order slaughter their way across the realm before heroes arise and kill them

72 Blood Feast of Xor
A savage cult taking over the region claim to know secrets of Xor

73 Madness of Xor
A land of madness and behaviour altering hormones tear lakes guarding a bad wizard

74 Reanimated of Xor
A wizard makes zombies from cloned corpses he has been growing for troops

75 Elder gods of Xor
Cult calling elder intruder gods to the land of Xor who were killed by heroes
76 Bird Gods of Xor
Strange kingdom of bird folk keep a wall to ward off humanity

77 Lizard Kings of Xor
A kingdom ruled by tyrant lizards and dinosaur minions that feed off Xor

78 Dreamers of Xor
Kingdom of wild wizardry where locals dream a whole new world in contact with Xor
79 The Predators of Xor
Monstrous creatures besiege a community who hold them off until allies arrive

80 Emperor of Xor
A ruler dedicated self to Xor and carved out a empire until he was betrayed

81 Surgeon Seers of Xor
Surgical cult who created monsters and explored the depths of Xor seeking power

82 Scar of Xor
Great sickly chasm has intruders from daemon realm, heroes are sent to purify them 

83 Sickness of Xor
Plague strikes the land and heroes travel to a node of Xor's mind to save people

84 Slumber of Xor
Xor recovers after long hibernation and creatures awaken for food
 and love
85 Love Slaves of Xor
A band of slaves travels, escape and eventual settlement of a new kingdom 

86 Warp Lords of Xor
A dread lord with powers of of the alien warp comes to Xor to raise a daemon army
87 Goddess of Xor
A new goddess assembles worshippers to prove her divinity to the god kings of Xor

88 The Flesh Daemons of Xor
Horrible invaders come to xor but mighty heroes foiled them

89 The Skin Flayers of Xor
A cruel warlord arises and is eventually foiled by a lack of supporters left alive

90 Sacrifices of Xor
A startling strange civilisation sacrifices thousands of captives to the maw of xor 

91 City of Flesh
A great city of merchants and nobles and it's many tales of treachery and adventure

92 Pit of the Meat God
A great god at the bottom of a pit is foiled then killed by heroes

93 The Carrion Fortress
A vast fortress of flesh holds back a undead horde keeping kingdoms of xor safe

94 City of Bleeding Gums
A bustling corrupt city of pink and ivory, where murder and mystery are at every turn

95 Rise of the Meat Lords
Warlords of barbarian tribes arise to exterminate wizards and demon worshippers

96 Rancid Meat Sceptre of the Beast
Artefact wielded by evil god is stolen by a mortal who destroys the beasts empire

97 Fleshfall of the Meatlord
Meteors land and alien flesh grows smothering the land with Xor here to devour all

98 War with the Dead
The fallen dead enslave xor for the eternal feasts of the dead

99 Rugose Slime Caves of the Vile Ones
A hideous outsider race dwells in caverns of flesh growing their evil spawn
100 Pustullent Ones Cometh
Great infected boils cover the land until a hero confronts the plague demon lord!

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