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d100 Church Missions

More missions but possibly nicer than the previous posts in this series. Unless you are a godless heathen then not so good. As usual higher number more severe missions. Possibly handy for when healed at a temple. A druid one would be pretty different. Some tasks might just require time and labour. Having finished this I considered could be missions related to petty gods and saints but oh well.

d100 Church Missions
01 Go begging in the markets to raise money for the church roof fund
02 Work in the scriptorium copying religious documents
03 Inspect the graveyard for needed repairs and cleaning 
04 Go work with the caring for the sick and offer them prayers and scripture readings 
05 Collect poor boxes from some of the smaller churches for the bishops new gold hat
06 Guard pilgrims travelling between shrines from bandits and evil doers
07 Go preach in the markets and put on a better show than rival public speakers 
08 Put on a mystery play to entertain the masses at the markets
09 Clean all the local shrines and leave a coin at each one
10 Go and teach orphans to read and write and convert them to our faith
11 Convert a merchant to our faith so they might help spread our faith
12 Preach to backward isolated villagers and warn them about temptation of evil cults
13 Convince a wealthy banker or merchant to sponsor an orphanage
14 Round up local drunken and sinful adventurers and bring them to church for a service
15 Convince a noble to show mercy to those that owe them money
16 Nail holy scriptures to the door of the biggest miser in town
17 Visit prison and convert and aid the poor degenerate sinners
18 Gather up abandoned urchins and bring them to a church orphanage 
19 Rally a angry mob against some injustice or blasphemy and use to proselytise 
20 Find who stole a from a poor box and thrash them soundly and hand them to the law
21 Convince a wealthy person on deathbed to leave money and lands to the church
22 Build a new shrine for pilgrims to act as shelter and expand current treks
23 Travel into the wilderness and preach to savages and non humans 
24 Raise money for missionaries to aid and preach to savages on the frontier
25 Vandalise monuments and rock carvings of the old religion with holy symbols of our faith
26 Gather and burn blasphemous books and objects of vice like rum and drugs
27 Help poor trapped in vice industry to escape lives with popper respectable work and homes
28 Help refugees and homeless find safe place to live
29 Transport a valuable artwork between churches for new installation
30 Build a monument to church or holy person or deity to impress people
31 Help fund or build a new church on the frontier to help spread the faith
32 Restore a tainted former holy site with sanctification and purification rituals
33 Investigate rumours of a strange cult operating in a rural area
34 Some unlawful spell caster is operating in a community in secret, find and punish them
35 Help stop the spread of vice, drunkenness and lechery in a poor area 
36 Help guide pilgrims through a dangerous route unused for decades
37 Find and restore a long lost holy shrine and have it put on pilgrim maps
38 Go on a long distance pilgrimage to collect holy scriptures to bring home 
39 A bejewelled gold relic box with a saints body parts was seized by raiding dungeon monsters, bring it back
40 Find a holy hermit and encourage them to return to civilisation to share their discoveries from years of solitude
41 Find a former priest of paladin and help them restore their faith and return to the church
42 Go on a mission to the frontier and help build a church, school or hospital
43 Expose a hidden cult of vice and degradation among the merchant or noble classes 
44 Find a evil cultist pretending to be a holy person spreading chaos and evil
45 Destroy all the undead in a graveyard and sanctify it so the dead remain at rest
46 Hunt down lycanthropes or vampires or doppelgangers infiltrating a community
47 Help recover lost holy book stolen by thieves and punish them for their sins
48 Recruit a band of acolytes to the church and lead them into a battle vs evil
49 Aid templars in their works guarding pilgrims and funding holy wars in distant lands
50 Exterminate a community following a enemy religion spreading vile blasphemies
51 Aid crusaders on their travels to holy war with food, shelter and money
52 Recruit a mob to join the crusades to earn a place in heaven by killing heathens
53 A necromancer in a hidden underground vault is defiling dead and grave robbing, find and exterminate the fiend
54 Hellish agents have been convincing the desperate to sell their souls to hell, find them and stop them
55 A noble has been dealing harsh justice, convince them to be more merciful and help the needy
56 Shut down house of ill repute and find the workers proper jobs and houses, protect them from vindictive gangs and criminals so they can escape their troubles
57 Find a local drug peddler, burn their goods and thrash them publicly
58 Aid widows with legitimate work and homes 
59 Check the seals on local crypts and catacombs for signs of necromancers or undead tampering
60 Rally a fighting force or peasant mob and lead them to burn the house or tower of a wicked sorcerer or wizard up to no good
61 Evil cultists gather for seasonal feasts and depraved orgies with devils and animals, find the next such gathering and attack them
62 Aid the inquisition in locating cultists and destroying their organisations
63 A monastery has reported a dreadful haunting, investigate it and stop the problem
64 A community has had parishioners struck by curses, find the culprit and have them arrested
65 A report of a country church being lenient and encouraging other faiths and cults has disturbed church officials, go and encourage them to do the right thing
66 A priest has had some unsavoury accusations directed at them, investigate them and report findings to the church but be discreet
67 A nunnery has had reports of madness and troubles, go investigate and stamp out the problem
68 A pedlar of quack potions and cures has been encouraging simpletons to use their faux treatments instead of church healers. Investigate them and possibly use legal means to drive them away
69 A simple rural village has been reporting miracles and wonders, investigate if they are fair or foul wonders or just some kind of hoax
70 Help with the construction of a new church or cathedral
71 A cultist captured admitted under torture that a gate to hell opens occupationally and cults gather to welcome devils into the world, find and stop them
72 Join a crusade to help a holy war against a rival faith or backwards frontier peoples
73 Anew land has been discovered and the church needs agents to explore it and help pave the way for missionaries
74 A templar order keep has had many accusations of vice and they seem very well off, investigate if they are honest or infiltrated by a cult
75 A church found ancient forgotten catacombs beneath it and have requested experts to investigate them
76 A rural village have been building cages over select graves and the priest has had trouble finding out why this custom has emerged
77 The corpses of some plague victims have vanished of late. Spend the night watching a new batch and make sure nobody takes the bodies
78 A vile beast from the pits of hell has been roaming a wilderness area and locals have asked church for help
79 A peasant from a frontier estate claims the master is a infernal monster and you are sent to investigate the claims with a visit
80 A haunted house has scared off all tenants and has been abandoned. Go and cleanse it and perhaps it can house the poor
81 A great festival and procession is coming and a organiser for festivities is required urgently to put on a show to impress commoners, nobles and priesthood
82 An entire order has been called into question by reports recently, infiltrate them and report to the bishops of anything wrong
83 An important noble has been feuding with a bishop, meet them and negotiate a peace both can live with
84 Negotiate peace with kingdom border nobles and the degenerate godless sub human savages over the border
85 Rumours of golden ritual paraphernalia stolen from the church is held by a robber knight in a ruined castle with his band of degenerate bandits and a mysterious black robed stranger. Go see if they have the relics
86 A cult has stolen several bodies of nobles from a crypt under repair, find out why, return the bodies and kill the evil defilers
87 A rival religion has set up a new church, it is important we show our superiority and double down on our charity and outreach among poor downtrodden simpletons for a month
88 A gathering of different religions are gathering to discuss how to deal with all the strange hidden cults that menace all the proper religions. Guard the conference delegates in case the cults try something shifty 
89 Travel to join a far off crusade against a foreign primitive peoples. Help seize their land, change their faith and liberate their gold for use by a proper civilisation
90 Enter a portal to hell and rescue a paladin determined to fight to the death
91 Travel to the depths of the earth where a insidious evil temple secretly directs surface cults. Destroy the cult leaders, their relics and their demon lord
92 A ruin covered island crawling with dinosaurs and cannibal cultists needs saving from their bloodthirsty vampire bat goddess. Destroy their unholy ziggurat and burn all their evil books
93 The growing popularity of godless wizards are a problem. Go unto the common folk and perform miracles to keep their faith and try to convert some wizards to our faith
94 A great dungeon complex full of monsters is being directed by a demon, they must all be destroyed
95 Build a borderland keep to over watch the inhuman hordes and their demon gods
96 A fiendish seaside demon cult regularly summon a gargantuan horror of the deep to throw victims to. Await in secret for the murderous heathens to call their false god. Then attack and kill them all and their god and burn their homes
97 A fiendish black library is said to be a place where evil wizards and devil cults learn forbidden lore. The church has discovered it is not a place rather than a plane connected to the hells. Locate a gate used by cultists, enter and cause havok, burning as much as possible
98 Sailors have returned from a far off land unheard of before. Travel with them to establish a church and mission to save the poor fools who know nothing of our one true faith
99 A heretical sect have produced a new translation of the book of our faith and must be hunted and captured. Those that do not recant are to be exterminated
100 In a strange valley overgrown with weird fleshy growths and strange naked creatures explorers have found a gate to a whole alien world of living flesh with no metal. Find the gate and introduce our religion to this strange new world

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