Thursday 24 December 2015

Ye Old Magic Shoppe

Uncanny Xmas everyone!

I just got told to move in 60 days so im pulling my con games from 2 cons. Interst in old gaming seems pretty slime too so I will be returning to SYdney on 7th running. Need to start job hunting and house hunting and saving and selling stuff. A great xmas eve present. I decided to look for work nationally now as it would suck to move settle in then have to move interstate. WIll effect my gaming and blogging a bit. Blogger stats down a lot from 2 years ago. Wondering if OSR scene getting more pro and competitive instead of communal? Or I just am not up to date with new blogs? If so tell me.

I was Inspired by this

So I thought I would do this

Ye Old Magic Shoppe
On Exile Island the hunt for magic loot is a major industry and export. Murder hobo prospectors increasingly set up temporary towns on the hollowed out north mountains near Shadelport and raid the scores of long lost dungeons. In the South of the Island the Empire prefers to send professional military engineers to build fort on the dungeon and excavate. Some of them have been open cut like mines leaving huge pits of rubble. The Empire takes even the bricks and every monster is killed or enslaved.

In the Empire magic items found are property of the Emperor and mostly sent to the mainland to fight the civil war. Officers and nobles might be awarded items. Murder hobos get press ganged into being scouts for the Imperial Dungeon Engineer Corp. Objects found must be handed over to the law or purchased from the Emperor excluding potions and anything less than +1. In the Pirate Barony of Shadelport Items may be kept but adventurers are scrutinised and spied on in case they find anything too good. Adventurers are taxed and evaders end up press ganged as secret police goons or imprisoned.

Basic Magic Items are available and affordable and legal. Better Items in Empire or Barony can only be purchased by tax paying rich or nobility. Best markets only allow name level adventurers of 9th level. Prices vary seasonally and based on stock or what the government don't care for. Selling magic items must be registered with the tax collectors.

Common Magic Shops
These are affordable for peasant in a emergency or on credit . They trade in crap overlooked by state. Mostly run by hedge wizards, wise women, apprentices, healers or even con men (1in6 everything is fake). They have 1d3-1 common peasants for guards or goons. Carry a d100 gp and d100 silver in change in a sack or small locked box.

Common Magic Shops Can Be Found:
Villages near dungeons frequented by adventurers
Under rickety old bridges
Basements under adventurer pubs
In shanty towns on back of wagons or tents
Illegal ones might operate at night near grave yard

bulb of garlic 1cp or dozen on string for a sp
d4+1 lesser healing ointment jars d4HP 50gp
d3 Healing Potions 1d6HP 100gp
d3 Cold iron (maces, axes, daggers) double normal cost
d4 Silver Daggers 30gp
50% chance Polished metal mirror 30gp
50% chance of d3 sprigs of wolves bane 5gp each
d6 Cheap clay or leather or wood holy symbols on leather or hemp cord 6gp
d3 Silver or metal holy symbols on chain 30gp
d4 Bottles of holy water 30gp
d20 silver arrows 1gp
d10 +0 magic arrows 20gp
d6 +0 magic sling stones 20gp
d4 +1 magic arrows 100gp
50% chance of +0 magic dagger or 100gp
30% chance of +0 holy rowan wood club 100gp
15% chance of +0 magic sword 500gp
20% chance of +1 magic dagger 750gp
5% chance of a +1 weapon 1500gp

Merchant House or Guild Magic ShopsThese licenced shops work with authorities and are very secure with barred windows and a d6 guards with chain, pot helms, crossbows and swords or spears They are associated with rich merchant clans or guilds who take offence to anyone robbing or defrauded them. They keep strict hours and document all sales for tax collectors. They keep a d1000 gp and a d1000 silver. If they need more cash they send for it. Money is kept in a locked strongbox or vault. They don't let peasants in the door so merchant best dress or 5th level or better required.

Merchant House or Guild Magic Shops Can Be Found:
Near ports
Town squares near bank or town hall
Near magic school or temple
From a wizard tower
Illegal ones might operate in sewers or private home of rich

d8 lesser healing ointment jars d4HP 50gp
d6 Healing Potions 1d6HP 100gp
d10 Silver Daggers 30gp
d6 Polished metal mirror 30gp
d6 sprigs of wolves bane 5gp
d10 Silver or metal holy symbols on chain 30gp
2d6 Bottles of holy water 30gp
d100 silver arrows 1gp each
d20 +0 magic arrows 20gp each
2d6 +0 magic sling stones 20gp each
d10 +1 magic arrows 100gp each
d3 +0 magic dagger or 100gp
d3 +0 magic sword 500gp
75% d3 +1 magic dagger 750gp
50% d3 chance of a +1 weapon 1500gp
d6 exotic magic potions
25% chance of a cursed item with variable prices

Nobles Enchanted Goods MarketThese only deal with 9th level or better recognised title holders and very rich. They are heavily fortified often with magic defences with a d4 priests and wizards in attendance. Some even have monsters for sale and as guards. Mostly they hold items for VIPs or export. Some have weekly auctions. There is one in Shadelport next to the secret police barracks past richtown so peasants will never see it. The Empire maintains a southern port and their is a 30% chance a ship is in harbour willing to trade items. +2 Items and sometimes +3 are available and dozens of

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  1. Moving sucks... even when you want to change places. Sorry to hear about that.

    Good stuff with the magic shoppe... thanks for that!


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