Wednesday 30 December 2015

Shanty Town Problems Revisited

This is a revision from dungeon rush shanty towns. The New Entries are the first 50 with original d50 are now the second half of the table. Small revisions have been made to be things that would alarm the community and be subject of gossip. Such events could be daily early on then weekly then monthly as community grows and becomes more regulated. An abandoned shanty town with letters and interesting clues cold be found - a haunted ghost town or where kids like to play in daytime.
Original versions here:

d100 Local Problems
01 Preachers looking to save godless murder hoboes
02 Animal cruelty rampant
03 Monster moves into communal midden heap or cesspit
04 Plague of creatures crawl everywhere d4 1=Frogs 2=mice 3=bugs 4=flies
05 Forest fire starts nearby threatening settlement
06 Gypsies flood town
07 Theives guild set up house
08 Bandits gang move in
09 Zombies seen from recent local burials
10 Rust monsters seen sniffing around town
11 Carrion crawlers caught kidnapping people
12 Repulsive giant bugs d4 1=crickets 2=ticks 3=flies 4=centipede
13 Dungeon mould or slime outbreak
14 Government tax agents spying on town
15 Escaped convicts and fugitives moving into town
16 Part of town slides a few yards
17 Abnormally frequent storms 
18 Celestial event has everyone speculating and inspiring superstitious follies
19 Tough guy declares they will clean up this town dead in d20 hours
20 Livestock thieves plundering animals (from dungeon or town or forest)
21 Rampaging great beast of wilds attacking people
22 Abandoned children growing more common
23 Poson grob kills several locals
24 Someone hobbling and crippling animals
25 Cannibal in town was sharing stew frequently was captured by mob 
26 Everyone gets parasitic worms
28 Crippled murder hobos begging and blocking mainstreet
29 Murder becoming everyday from cult or serial killer
30 Fighting breaking out daily
31 Gambling mania of town attracts poker shark criminals
32 Mimic kills several people
33 Gelatinous cube eating homeless by night
34 Evil spirit intruding on sleepers dreams
35 Supernatural being uses sex appeal to gain power and souls of locals
36 Visiting flagellants inspire pious self abuse cult fad
37 Visiting bard music scene attracting feckless youths 
38 Ghost stories proliferate and superstition running wild
39 Local music style and songs spread town fame as tax free degenerate vice pit
40 Locals play hillbilly music and make terrible folk art
41 Magical vermin infest stuff d4 1=goldbugs 2=gembugs 3=potionleech 4=gremlins
42 Magical vermin infest stuff d4 1=scroll weevil 2=bookworm 3=magnivore bug 4=kyuss worms 
43 Important local ill or missing d4 1=crafter 2=healer 3
44 Claim jumping disputes and land grab fights rampant
45 Streets stinking and choked with sewerage and mud
46  Local stirring up hatred towards some type of person or creature
47 Toxic alchemical spill mixes in the streets causing weird magical phenomena
48 Gangsters offering loans, protections and cash for dungeon claims
49 Giant dungeon fungus growing in village midden pit
50 Local was really a magical creature in disguise
51 Bandits begin to prey on route to civilization
52 Lack of sanitation, stinks at first then disease outbreaks
53 Humanoids harass travelers in area
54 Humanoids skirmishers attack, possibly prelude to major attack
55 Drunk murder hobos flood town, sleep in streets and brawl in the mud
56 Homeless refugees and urchins looking for work arrive and start begging
57 Humanoids increasingly wander into town outraged people wont serve them
58 Main street is a foot deep in stinking mud
59 Shortage of women brings out peculiar habits not approved by church
60 Booze all drunk dry, fights break out
61 VD epidemic - locals itchy, scabby, infertile and increasingly insane
62 Inquisitor comes to inspect camp for signs of heretics or cultists
63 Cultists infiltrate camp and start murdering victims
64 Lice, fleas and ticks break out
65 Horses and donkeys all sick most die of disease
66 Local lynch mob hang or burn some one once a week
67 Spy from dungeon starts to murder, sabotage and cause local unrest
68 Fire breaks out damaging buildings, tents and killing some locals
69 Grog supplies bad, many go blind or mad or die
70 Lack of food causes price hikes and illness
71 Stray dogs increasing some with rabies
72 Rat swarms everywhere bit people in beds at night
73 Lack of clean water brings disease and high prices
74 A phantom terrifying locals
75 A lycanthrope in camp everyone under suspicion
76 Doppelgangers infiltrate camp to murder
77 Drug addiction and alcoholism rampant
78 Tunnel under town collapses
79 Everyone in false panic that monster attack imminent
80 Local thugs try to take over and monopolise alcohol
81 Local business man tries to take over other shops with dirty tricks
82 People found eaten by some monster attracted to camp
84 Monsters setting traps around camp
85 Backstabbed robbed corpses found about town
86 Gangs form among residents and start to brawl
87 Plague carrier visits and dies
88 A wolfpack in area starting to attack locals and kill dogs
89 A big cat like a panther or mountain lion eats a few locals
90 Shoddy building collapses and kills several people
91 Mosquitoes swarms spread disease to locals and animals
92 Leeches crawling everywhere
93 Flash flood washes away part of camp
94 A tree falls on camp killing someone
95 Trail covered by rockslide and new path required
96 Humanoids poison local water supply
97 Pile of severed murder hobo heads left by gate in morning
98 Locals fight over woman often starting a huge brawls
99 Signs of demonic summoning or cult ritual found near camp
100 Campers dig up haunted burial mound and undead attack by night


  1. I like how these are a mix of "in yourface" and slow reveal issues.

  2. i always use this table when i DM, it's really good and diversified

    1. cheers thankyou
      always good to year how they are used!


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