Wednesday 23 December 2015

Underworld Beast 08 - Dungeon Dogs

Ok so i have blown my monster a day for xmas deal so will try and do a few extras. Sorry. As half monsters i use variants, mutants or unique I've never gone too monster mad before. I might add some things used in my summoning spells here for inclusion (and laziness).

I've mostly been reading first 60 issues of xmen.

I do get inspired by other blogs and good ones set my mind on fire and send me off on tangents but not seeing a decline in quantity. Maybe someone will do one of those new blogger posts so i can update my blogroll. Id love to hear any recommendations.

Dungeon Dogs have been well documented by Zac and others so i hope not too repetitive. I could do a version for human dogs in a FRP.

Underworld Beast 08 - Dungeon DogsVarious species of humanoids have been breeding their own dogs and some even crossing them with planar beings like imps or demons. Different humanoids have their own breeds. Humans might try and and tame them but many have unpleasant habits and traits most civilized humans shun. Murder hobos might keep a few in a shanty town but generally they are forbidden to have dungeon dogs.

Dungeon Dogs have superior night vision but require some light. They are used to complete darkness and only get -2 to hit in complete darkness or blinded.

Kobold Ratter
AC +1 HD d4 MV9"run Bite d3 SA: -
These disgusting pink or red hairless sore covered, scabby dogs make excellent ratters and alarm dogs. Kobolds breed them to catch vermin to eat them when there are too many. They are very yappy and even kobolds might get sick of them. They are often trained to fetch arrows and sling stones. They always have terrible diarrhea.

Hobold Riding Dog
AC +3 HD d6 MV12"run Bite d4 SA: carry 1 or 2 kobolds
These black, red or sand coloured dingo like dogs are used for hunting and as mounts or pack animals. They are also good eating.  They prefer living in a group and attention seeking without help. They dislike humans and will nip humans who try to befriend them.

Goblin Tunnel Terrier
AC +3 HD d8+1 MV12"run Bite d6 SA: beserk
These resemble a bull terrier but are hairless with black or white with a colour tinge of yellow, violet or green. Their eyes and nostrils are slitted and their eyes are gold with slitted pupils. Their nostrils can close in water or gas or when they reach inside stomach cavities to feed. The have rat like flexible tails. They can still fight in negative HP and go berserk gaining +1 to hit and damage. On a natural 20 to hit they hang on an will stay locked until dead automatically hitting every round. They love to eat children.

Goblin Courser Hound
AC +2 HD d8 MV18"run Bite d4 SA: fast
Similar to the Goblin tunnel terrier except they are scrawny longer legged and built more like a greyhound. They chase down rabbits and most humanoids easily. Not as vicious as the tunnel terrier their speed is their greatest use. They also eat less and are less likely to eat humans. Any small creature will set them off racing to attack including small pets. They have excellent endurance and goblin tribes use them as messengers. They have terrible flatulence.

Goblin Snot Hound
AC +3 HD d6 MV12"run Bite d4 SA: slippery and diseased phlegm
Hairless dogs with pale white green skin and slobbery jowls covered in in dripping drool and snot. They dribble discusting phlegm and like to eat revolting things like feces and vomit and goblin nappies. The phlegm is slippery and bites require a CON save to resist disease. Victims of the disease break out in dripping pustules on the face and genitals and lose d4 CHA for a d4 weeks. Anyone rolling a 1 on a d20 fighting them slips on phlegm to a prone position. The dogs are incredible trackers and some goblinds dip their arrows and weapons in in the dog phlegm. Young human children die die if exposed to the dogs disease.

Goblin Pecker Hound
AC +2 HD d8 MV12"run Bite d8 SA: +2 to hit if in team of 2
These large goblin dogs have a sharp bird like heads with beaks, various coloured fur and lion like tails. They are savage and difficult to control. They are mostly guard dogs with the disobedient ones chained up. Some skilled dog handlers will have two dogs on chains and will have trained them to attack from behind. If two dogs attack together as a team they get+2 to hit.

Hobgoblin Horned Hound
AC +3 HD d6 MV12"run Bite d6 SA: If bite hits get a horn attack for a d4
These short haired mastiffs hobgoblins use for many purposes even meat. Their colouration varies from tribe to tribe often the same as the hobgoblins.They have one or two horns which grant them a extra attack. They are hostile to all other dogs and herd animals. Some have only one eye.

Orc War Hound 
AC +4 HD d8 MV12"run Bite d8 SA: berserk, rabies
These huge slobbering black or green dogs carry rabies yet do not die. They foam out the mouth and bark aggressively. Their orc handlers train them from birth with clubs and train them to hate humans. They spread rabies to any who are bit who fails a CON roll (DM rolls in secret). The disease is painful and fatal to victims. Infection causes hydrophobia but the dogs prefer to drink blood. If their HP drop below zero the become berserk with +2 hit and Damage. They lose a HP per round dying at -10HP.  Orcs dress them in spiked leather armour and collars which inflict 1pt damage on any creature biting them.

Bugbear Phantom Hound
AC +4 HD 2d8 MV12"run Bite 2d4 SA: Invisible
Bugbear hounds are silent and invisible and capable of following complex orders for ambushes. The hounds that fail get eaten. If rendered visible the hounds are huge shaggy beasts with triple rows of sharklike teeth in huge grinning mouths. They like to steal food and sneak off if not paid atention to to find amusement. They like to eat children, goblins and kobolds. Bugbears like to play fetch with their dogs using severed heads which terrifies onlookers.

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