Tuesday, 29 December 2015

d100 Unwanted things from the back of magic shop

Been playing Temple of Elemental Evil game which is one of several things that got me back into DnD and was some influence on my DnD game. Im dreaming up what creatures a domesticated in dungeons - giant crayfish would be great for fishmen clearing out dungeons and thy would probably food them.

Most magic shops are pretty old and accumulate all kinds of curios and trinkets. Some might be keystones to adventure others enigmatic table weights ayt best. 

d100 Unwanted things from the back of magic shop01 Lizardman skull lamp
02 Stuffed crocodile 1in6 has a scroll case hidden inside
03 Shiny scales of giant chaos butterfly wings
04 Behemoth foot umbrella stand
05 Shaving stubble from a devil in ornate tin
06 Dried out imp pinned out in small display box
07 Box of dried bats
08 Fragment of broken gargoyle detects as alive and magical
09 Beak of a huge insect, monster or demon
10 Giant egg sack

11 Dragon scales of several colours in a box
12 Demon skull with evil sigils and melted candles

13 Faux unicorn horn
14 Box of 1d6 dried unicorn poops heal 1d4HP if eaten or held on wound
15 Macrame bat made of spider silk and goblin ribs
16 Black leather cape made from giant bat wings 
17 Giants skull turned into chamber pot 
18 Metallic gorgon scales or bird feathers
19 Creepy leather sack made from giant testicle
20 Box with a giant slug inside who plays a mouth organ if awakened
21 +1 Magic rusty shank d3 damage with cast detect enemies once per day 1200gp
22 A dagger made from magically woven cold iron and silver 
23 A gnarled old faerie walking stick +1 club 1200gp
24 A dagger with permanent light spell on blade with scabbard to stop it
25 A carved old stall +0 magic staff +500gp
26 +1 Arrow or bolt or sling stone at a low price
27 A silver knuckle duster with a d4 healing pill and a suicide pill hidden inside
28 A short sword drips stinking demon ichor +1 damage 1000gp
29 A magic stick that can turn into a staff or a spear at will 1000gp
30 +1 stone throwing axe causes sparks on impact, also good for starting camp fires
31 Astrolabe with incorrect starsigns looks faulty but actually a clue to treasure
32 Boxes with incomplete alchemy lab glassware
33 Creepy old painting of person who's eye follow you (Amber Clan?)
34 Dried old hand of a killer casts silence 15r or Sleep d5 charges 
35 Gem or medal with demon or devil true name engraved
36 Evil looking silver ring with onyx eye allows a forgotten lich to see what you see
37 Old rug with pentacle design, blood and ichor stained
38 Silver milking pale keeps milk intact used in household of sky gods
39 Shiny apple fresh as day picked in magic garden a hundred years ago heals d4HP
40 Pointy hat produces a live rabbit once a week on command
41 Ugly fetish +1 on a single saving throw once 25gp
42 Horrible demon idle with leering face used by demon to see our world
43 Silver holy symbol holds a holy water potion or grog inside
44 Candlestick Idol of a saint, cries if you light candle 
45 Candlestick once lighted stays lit without burning candle until commanded
46 Magic salt shaker good for 10 shakes a day
47 Magic nut cracker opens perfectly 1st time can talk and walks but mostly complains 
48 Bowl used as a mirror in ancient times but reflection whispers evil thoughts
49 Wizard hat with a grog vessel and drinking tube
50 Three foot statue of a wizard water pipe makes smoking last 20% longer and stronger
51 Box of d100+10 hand size self adhesive glittery gold stars
52 Big sprinkle box of glitter and jar of paste 
53 Tin of open sea biscuits with petty magic ring in the bottom 
54 Badge with gem stud that cleans a outfit pinned on it once a day
55 Snowdome with a unicorn and a rainbow
56 Black ancient skull if held can hear demonic voices offering power for your soul
57 Splendid white fur  cape made from 500 squirrel chests, squirrels attack wearer
58 Huge magical tudor style ruff collar +1 saves but terribly out of fashion 
59 Necklace with ancient silver pendant containing lich emperors tooth 
60 Strange old cabinet which random common items appear inside every month
61 Corset that removes inches off your waste and prevents you going to bathroom if on
62 Local map shows local weather for next day
63 Local map blood stains appear if anyone murdered in a location
64 Local map but local ruins and dungeons appear if sites disturbed
65 A locket with a cameo painting that resembles party member, from a lost local manour 
66 Brass lantern will burn with eerie red light for 12 hours on a small amount of blood
67 A 12 inch cube box, once a day a kobold comes out and does 1hr of manual labour 
68 Glass jar with hibernating stirge bird inside will hungrily attacks nearest victim if opened
69 Dried dog size spider turned into a 30lb backpack but most find it creepy to touch
70 A chess set that plays by itself with a player but carved in a peasant crude style
71 A yoyo that produces light and sparks as certain tricks performed
72 Wooden duck on wheels, says quack and follows last person who touched it for a day
73 A golden ball that returns to whoever throws or kicks it
74 Magic seeds of a monster plant species killed off a century ago, 2d6 in a bag
75 Serpent man skull, fed blood under full moon will answer a question about reptilians
76 Huge wig from dated fashion, map under inner lining to ruined tower
77 Spectacles with handle allow to see shape of peoples bodies under clothing
78 Collection of strange coins in a box with map of farm where they were found
79 Box of rambling wizard notes, 10% a month for year of finding interesting map or spell
80 Pack of cards that come to life and play with you but criticize you and cheat
81 A bottle of strong spirits with a face that talks melancholically you while you drink
82 Talking set of dice that beg you to play with them then cheat against and abuse you
83 Volcanic black glass discs with grooves supposed records of a lost reptilian race
84 A cheap copy of a relic or artifact enchanted to detect as magical with a dim glow 
85 A stuffed fish mounted on a board who sings a old bard song on command
86 Box of toy army men once a day colours will fight to death then rise next day
87 A box of d3 blank canvas and a d4 paintings, on comand canvas will paint a subject
88 Box of d6 small paintings with animated erotic scenes of bathers or undressing women
89 Magic wonder cloth cleans one thing per charge with a d100 charges
90 Set of drums will drum a march or stop on command
91 Box of strange fertility fetishes will double chances of conceiving if under bed
92 Creepy puppet will give a comedy routine a turn a day, probably not evil monster
93 Box of books on unpopular magical theories could be used to research a spell
94 Box of half eaten chocolates 2d6 each provides effect of bless for a hour
95 Pack of miracle polish makes magic metal glow for 24hrs 4d6 doses
96 Magical tiara shoots a ray that can cook food for ten minutes a day
97 A box with a metal face inside that gives terrible advice and abuses people
98 A magic self heating frypan that criticises your cooking and taste
99 A self heating mug that warms drinks
100 A pewter tankard that produces a pint of wizard dark old ale once a day


  1. Unwanted? I'd gladly have a half dozen or more of those things in real life.

  2. Oh! Some really fun stuff here! A good mix of weird, creepy and funny.
    Thanks for making it!

  3. How long does it take you to come up with 100 items for such a list? They're always great from 01 to 100.

    1. sorry so late

      when m gaming more i write lots on way to work on bus and finish in evening - some only take an hour or two some take 4 or more
      i probably write more when i get feedback or read inspiring stuff from other bloggers

    2. it is a skill tht can be trained - started as d20 then d50 then 100

      d1000 very hard to keep track of what has been said

    3. a list taking about 2 hours
      more expanded encounters take a few days
      about 1% take weeks on an off


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