Friday, 1 January 2016

Seasonal visitors for shanty towns revision

This is like the last post a revision adding 50 entries to the Seasonal Visitors to our murder hobo shanty town

A few interesting developments in murderhoboology.

The Empire has bought in over a thousand convicts to labour and settle the south of Exile Island. Many of them have been put on labour details into open cut dungeon mines. Everything is run by the military with many prisoners with skills being freed and given land.

Wizards working for the Baron often pay murder hobos to take a floating wizard eye with them so rich can watch dungeon adventures from palaces in city/

d100 Seasonal Visitors
01 Flagellants come and have drunken parties between holy flogging sessions
02 Headstone or coffin salesman taking commissions for master
03 Recruiters of competent adventurers d4 1=nobility 2=dungeon boss 3=foreigners 4=guild
04 Famous Bard visits for inspiration and his fans stalk him
05 Farmers looking for someone who wronged family
06 Road builders come to improve road to civilization
07 Old wizard professor with carpetbag seeking adventurers for dungeon raid
08 Mischievous local faerie creatures playing tricks
09 Secret police spy looking for dissident or fugitives
10 Lawman or balif from seeking fugitive
11 Bounty hunter and gang looking for bounties
12 Slaver selling d4 1=halflings 2=children 3=kobolds 4=goblins
13 Farm kids looking around easily duped attract trouble from families
14 Sailors on leave looking for adventure and cash
15 A wizard looking for party to help him research dungeons and monsters
16 Travelling tinkerer good at fixing things
17 Revolutionary searching for killers to help him commit treason
18 Old scholar with servant researching something lost in dungeon
19 Runaway youth will do anything to serve a veteran dungeon killer
20 Runaway goblin wishes to serve mighty human
21 Tatoo artist of questionable skills
22 Butchers boy buying exotic dungeon meat (no humanoids)
23 Wheel maker taking orders for carts or wagons
24 Farmer with wagon passing will take goods and passengers for a fee
25 Messenger boy carting messages to town
26 Hobo selling fresh farm chickens straight from local farm
27 Madman wanders from hills found eating garbage from roadside
28 Monk scribe comes to take letters by dictation and to visit murder hobos
29 Farmer comes to sell basket of field mushrooms
30 Tinkerer with donkey buys any scrap metal
31 A depressed jester looking for work or change of career
32 Ex servant looking for work or new trade
33 Alchemist apprentice selling fireworks
34 Tobacco dealer also selling razors, tinderboxes and pipes
35 Rat on a stick dealer from town#6 Lamp maker selling candles, oil and lanterns
37 Local hunters lads looking for work
38 Crooked priest collecting money for absolving sins
39 Con man selling kangaroo farms, bridges and cheap slightly haunted castles
40 A fortune teller setting up tent with crystal ball and pet donkey
41 Glamorous foreign prostitute or female impersonator visits town in carriage
42 Man selling a dog pulled wagon willing to sell
43 Crier will tell news from city for a copper
44 Crier advertising work for adventurers
45 Locals seen ghost of missing adventurer and heard spooky cries by night
46 Desperate farmer lost a child to humanoids wants revenge
47 Priest come to study if evil cults and humanoids up to some plot
48 Hobbling old man visits telling rambling stories of similar settlement years ago
49 Bailiffs looking for escaped slave, prisoner or fugitive
50 Professional slave gladiator now free looking for work
51 Trapper comes to sell meat and traps
52 Wagon of fancy prostitutes from city
53 Travelling minstrel and actors come to perform
54 Traveling circus always looking to buy new freaks
55 Slaver come with shipment of wives to sell
56 Priest and acolytes comes to convert sinners and feud with any local priests
57 Travelling tailor comes to mend and sell clothing and hats
58 Travelling tinkerer fixes things like boots, weapons and tools
59 Tanner comes to buy exotic skins, furs and hides
60 Cobbler comes to mend and sell boots
61 Visiting noble with entourage inspects camp for local ruler
62 Wizard and apprentice visits to trade magic items
63 Family of adventurer looking for kinsman who they have not seen in a while
64 Drug dealer come to supply area and enjoy local vices
65 Demihuman adventurers arrive, usually disgusted and make own camp
66 Quality cook visits and everyone raving about quality of food
67 Con man comes to fleece adventurers with land deeds and fake potions
68 Thief gang passes through to rob everyone and move on
69 Gambler passes through to suck camp dry of money
70 Bounty hunters looking for a wanted murder hobo
71 Military inspect area to consider building a fort
72 Lumber men come in to clear trees
73 Missionaries come to aid limbless, diseased and drunken murder hobos
74 Tax men come to claim income tax from business men and adventurers
75 Historian comes to visit to document happenings and examine historic finds
76 Dandy wannabee adventurers from city insult scruffy locals and start fights
77 Hoodlum from city organises pit fights with man and beast and monsters
78 A fight promoter with star gladiator takes on all comers for cash
79 A builder comes to construct a structure
80 Fortune Tellers mostly hucksters exploiting locals
81 Brewer visits with barrels on wagon
82 Preachers come to encourage adventurers to quit lives of sin
83 Cultist comes to recruit new members
84 Fight promoter comes to buy monsters for city gladiators
85 Messenger arrives looking for client to deliver map or letter to
86 Monster boss from dungeon sends envoy to make deal with camp
87 Loud braggart adventurer declares he will cleanse dungeon
88 A famous adventurer and followers joins camp
89 A band of filthy murder hobos join camp and start rivalries with established ones
90 An apothecary's son comes to trade potions for exotic monster organs
91 Inbred rednecks visit to see if a good place to settle down
92 Farming family visits to examine land and judge if camp a fit community
93 A poet comes to compose works on the local heroes or murder hobos if he cant find any heroes
94 A bard comes to put on shows, seduce women and make a name for himself
95 A cat seller with wagon load of cats arrives, guaranteed to reduce rats
96 Miracle medicine show comes through to fleece the foolish
97 Military officer comes to make sure locals not stirring up war with humanoids
98 Rural hunters and trappers come seeking furs and exotic game
99 Rich hunters come to hunt monsters for a lark, treat locals like stupid scum
100 Settlers with wagons come to inspect local land and community

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