Wednesday, 11 February 2015

d100 Loves Gone Wrong

Still 3 game logs behind and 2 articles on roadwar coming but finally did a d100 while on bus and travels. Reading books has been partly to blame for writing less. Damn - nobody learnified nothing from books!

My games have lots of weddings and babies but not enough horrid romantic tragedies. Will go under my gothic collection eventually.

Reading Irish fairy tales was good inspiration. Potions that make people forget love seem pretty handy thing for druids, but even then the mind wiped have subconscious bitterness.

If you were evil could apply to players loves but I might make them more avoidable. Once should be enough for a few years in most cases. You could roll for loved one of a king or friend of party to start a scenario. Perhaps even roll for dungeon boss.

The d10 version is for a quick problem with the d100 being a expanded version with more specific woes

d10 Quick Loves Gone Wrong
1 Rival Affections - another object of attention or love or distraction enters the scene
2 Spite & Jealousy - Lovers strong dislikes cause problems
3 Kidnapping - Some jerk steals the sweet heart away
4 Death & Murder - A sticky doom befalls the dear one
5 Spells & Curses - A magical doom befalls the object of affection
6 Loves Rewards - Intimacy may lead to some crisis or problem
7 Loves Secrets - A dark secret taints the love
8 Pride & Prejudice - Lovers arrogance brings downfall
9 Blood Feuds & Dark Inheritance - the lovers kin have a haunted past
10 Loves Unreasoned - strong emotions drive lover to excess

d100 Loves Gone Wrong
01 Romantic rival comes on the scene attracts interest from one of the parties
02 An old flame returns and tempts old interest from one of the parties
03 A new dear friend of lover is taking up their time and influencing them
04 One lover is haunted by a dream lover that begins distract them
05 A famous hero attracts one of parties
06 An important leader is attracted to one of the lovers and attempts to remove obstacle
07 One of the lovers adopts a new religion which increasingly steals away loves devotion
08 A supernatural seducer uses magical means and foul plots to obtain one of the lovers
09 A changeling or doppelganger or look alike attempts to court lover using form of true love
10 A enemy uses lies and deception to get intimate with one of the lovers
11 Lover disapproves of partner spending time with family or friends plots to drive them away or even kill
12 Lover insanely jealous of partners friendships, always afraid they are having affairs
13 Lover dislikes you spending time with anyone attractive
14 Lover does everything to stop you leaving home even feigning illness
15 Lover declares partner's religion is a obstacle
16 Lover cannot stand partners life of danger and tries to get them to settle down
17 Lover hates partners suspected children from other relationships and wants them dead
18 Lover scared of magic and tries to get rid of lovers enchanted junk
19 Lover wary of partners attempts to have fun or enjoy any vice
20 Lover thinks partner needs a new career and goes on and on and on with the hints
21 Kidnapping by evil kinfolk in seeking power
22 Kidnapped by vengeful enemies of one of lovers
23 Kidnapped by a cult to brainwash or sacrifice or ransom
24 Kidnapped by a evil wizard for a nefarious scheme
25 Kidnapped by a wicked knight and carried away to their tower to marry
26 Kidnapped by a monster as a mate or meal
27 Kidnapped by other worldly beings for a nefarious plot
28 Kidnapped by criminals seeking a huge ransom or blackmail
29 Kidnapped and replaced by a shape changer or imposter
30 Kidnapped by savage tribe to torment and ravish 
31 Assassins plot to kill lover sent by enemy
32 Poisoned by a witch seeking to get revenge
33 Lover given false news which drives them to suicide
34 Lover gets the plague and lays ill near death unless saved
35 A tragic pointless accident kills or maims lover
36 Killed by undead and raised as monster by power of evil
37 A lynch mob under mistaken fury slay a lover
38 Lover falsely accused of terrible crime and awaiting execution
39 A petty criminal kills or maims lover over paltry scraps
40 A jealous rival wants one of lovers out of the picture so they can get closer
41 A witch curses a lover with terrible spell using a attractive gift
42 A wizard transforms the lover into d4 1=stone 2=common beast 3=dragon 4=ogre
43 A sorcerer tries to enslave lover into life of vice with charms and potions and drugs
44 A necromancer seeks to kill lover to be be their eternal undead mate
45 Faeries steal lover away to fairy land for themselves leaving a changeling behind
46 Faeries take lover to fairy land and due to differences in time scale is married with adult children
47 Lover is bitten by lycanthrope and exhibits strange behavior
48 God drives a lover mad for hubris and they try to kill lover and any offspring
49 God mates with lover willingly or unwillingly producing a magical child
50 God plays tricks on lovers to test or torment them
51 One or both partners catch a horrible sexually transmitted disease
52 Stillborn childbirth d4 1=mother dies too 2=parent suicides 3=mother sterile 4=parent drive mad
53 One lovers becomes responsible for d6 adopted children
54 One of lovers turns cold and disinterested in affection or intimacy
55 Church claims relationship not recognized and intimacy forbidden
56 Lovers have a child but birth surrounded by omens and prophecies
57 Child replaced with changeling by faeries or is a monster
58 One partner obsessed with having as many children as possible and fertility potions
59 One partner is infertile and other badly wants children
60 One lover has multiple lovers and has insatiable appetites
61 One lover is a shape changer
62 Lover is member of a forbidden cult
63 One lover used to be opposite gender
64 Lover used to be non human d4 1=demihuman 2=humanoid 3=monster 4=animal
65 Lover is a witch or warlock and seeks to spread evil using lover as protector
66 Lover committed terrible crimes and fears being discovered
67 Lover secretly employee of evil faction or villain
68 Lover has a curse or prophecy dooming them
69 Lover has a cursed relic they keep a secret and cannot abandon
70 Lover is actually a ghost in human form or in control of a human host
71 Boasting lover keeps local gossip mills churning with wild stories of partners prowess  
72 Boasting lover infuriates local leaders with claims they are inferior to partner
73 Lover urges partner to help genocidal cause due to personal vendetta
74 Lover boasts partner better than the gods who are displeased by hubris and blasphemy
75 Boasts that lover greatest in land attracts duelists and punk kids from peers far and wide
76 Lovers gossip about partner offends local faction who demand death for this dishonour
77 Lover gossips about partners hidden wealth, trade secrets and problems
78 Lovers gossip attracts stream of unwanted suitors, jealous rivals and concerned holy teachers
79 Lover has unreasonable phobia and begs partner to keep horrors away
80Lover boasting about partners wealth attracts criminals and con men
81 Lovers family scarred by a dark history
82 Lovers family has many enemies that try and destroy the new partner
83 Lovers family have many factions and several mark the couple for death
84 Lover has divine or other planar ancestors that interfere in key family events
85 Lovers family hate the partner and humiliate them with scorn and lies
86 Lover has hopeless family in laws move in
87 Children on one of lovers clan carry a non human taint of the elder gods
88 One lovers clan include agents of a rival foreign power and serve to weaken the kingdom
89 Family of one of lover connected to cursed and haunted location feared across the land
90 Both families of lovers hate each other constantly causing problems and threatening murder
91 Lover always running away to serve a cause
92 Lover goes mad and tries to kill partner, possibly caused by gods or inbreeding
93 Commits suicide if left alone too long from depression
94 Lover has multiple personalities that begin to emerge with different alignments
95 Lover loves to waste money on gaudy status symbols, always making new debts
96 Violent streak in lover willing to kill to help partner in secret
97 One lover likes to throw money at shams, cult leaders, frauds and hucksters
98 Past trauma reduces lover to madness requiring constant treatment and nursing
99 Once married lover turns into domineering, drug abusing and lazy bully
100 One lover only aroused by strange possibly illegal or sacrilegious sexual acts

*any similarities to real life coincidental - no scrying was used


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