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d100 Childhood Tragedies for Mercantile Class

So this is for the not so scummy city dwellers including shop keepers, merchants, traders, guilds men, senior craftsmen and the non noble rich. Such people travel more than the common poor also.

d10 Childhood Tragedies for Mercantile Class

1 Death

2 Family Drama
3 Wealth
4 Law and Tax
5 A Journey
6 Vice 
7 Power and Politics
8 Haunted
9 Church
10 Magic

d100 Childhood Tragedies for Mercantile Class
01 Family killed and robbed by ruler
02 Criminal organisation killed your family
03 Cult killed your family
04 Family executed publicly
05 Family all poisoned each other at banquet
06 Mysterious order of assassins murdering your family
07 Family wage war with another cult to mutual extinction
08 Family all killed dueling
09 Rival merchant family murdered and robbed your family
10 Magician or monster is killing family one by one
11 Scandalous separation of parents followed by family feuds
12 Children in family murdered you are one of suspects
13 Favorite sibling ran away with rival family lover and both died
14 Parents murdered each other and clan enemies finished rest off
15 You had a child out of wedlock and were sent away and shunned for years
16 You grew up with no problems and everybody hates you for it
17 You showed sighs of ambition and were locked in a tower
18 You were married to someone horrible for family connection and they still hunt you
19 Family members imprisoned by family leaders d4 1=mad 2=diseased 3=inbred idiots 4=curse
20 Your family have dreadful taste and make vulgar displays of wealth that people laugh at
21 You never got that unicorn you asked daddy, everyone knows you as a you spoiled brat
22 You squandered cash and were cut from allowance
23 You squandered wealth on magic beans or other rubbish
24 You lost everything on a risky merchant venture that failed
25 Conned into blowing money on big shonky deal
26 Family left destitute by enemies but are lucky to be alive
27 Enemy merchants make life hard for you and your family, slowly going broke
28 Your family reputed to be try hard rich trash
29 Family rich and famous misers hated by poor
30 Your branch lost all land and money in a wedding arrangement
31 Ruler made new tax to destroy your family funds
32 Clan head avoided tax and executed, you and your kin absorbed into new clan
33 Made it big but the ruler sold monopoly rights to enemy clan who sent yours broke
34 Family imprisoned for tax evasion, you are only one free
35 Family involved in royal loan scam and rulers will find and kill your merchant house one day
36 Family defrauded the mob and they are starting to get wise
37 Family incited a famous riot that nearly killed you and everybody remembers
38 Family had a feud resolved by murdering rival clans leaders
39 You were imprisoned, tortured and pardoned in court when hostile witnesses disappeared
40 Family broke and sold into slavery except you who bought your freedom
41 On a trade mission kidnapped and imprisoned in cave for several years
42 Spent years on trade mission in strange cruel land
43 Caravan destroyed by strange beast men, took years to get home alone
44 Shipwrecked on Island for years and luckily rescued
45 Captured by supernatural beings as playthings, tricked them to escape
46 Trapped in a frozen mountain pass perused by yetis
47 Ship ran aground on a corpse filled island city of the elder age
48 When abroad rival clan told locals you were evil spies and you were imprisoned
49 Trapped in a magical land, returned home generations later and clan reject you as liar
50 Lived among non human tribe in wastelands for years
51 You spent years gambling away your money till cut off from family
52 You are a terrible drunk and let the family down too many times
53 You are a drug addict seeking otherworldly experience in drug dens
54 Member of a secret sex cult with members from all walks of life
55 You blew a fortune on charlatan potions and medicine and were kicked out of family
56 You were in a group of gourmet snobs eating, drinking and whoring across the land
57 You were betrothed to several lovers you jilted who now all hate you
58 You are a member of a secret club indulging in drugs and sexual depravity
59 You have collection of forbidden books 1=political 2=pornographic 3=demonic rituals 4=blasphemous
60 You recognise prostitutes, pimps and other vice peddlers all over city
61 You ran in guild or ward elections but your secret shame was exposed ruining your chances
62 Kidnapped and tortured by rival merchant house but you escaped to seek revenge
63 Your ambitions were thwarted by a sibling, ruining your chances
64 Your guild or ward elections were ruined by slanderous graffiti on city walls
65 You began befriending those close to rulers court but others tried to kill you
66 A popular agitator started a smear campaign ruining your chances in public office
67 A major banking organisation refuses you credit or support over some action of yours
68 You joined a secret society committed to spreading influence over offices of power
69 Your ruthless actions in past avoided prosecution and earned you rep as stone cold traitor
70 You hired assassin who was caught and possibly gave clues to your identity to enemies
71 You are haunted by family ghost who appears to cause trouble and scare people
72 Your family home had phantoms that tormented and abused you
73 Phantoms of those who were killed by your greed occasionally appear to abuse you
74 A lover committed suicide and you hear their phantom at night driving you to madness
75 A hungry spirit appears to eat your food occasionally
76 A greedy spirit appears to steal your coins occasionally
77 A ancestors ghost comes to complain whenever you spend lots of money
78 A evil spirit has taken your form and occasionally causes trouble
79 A spectral hound follows you at night baying and scaring animals
80 A phantom of a depraved uncle is at times only visible to you, gives horrible evil advice
81 The church helped your family with a loan now they are demanding to your clan
82 Your unlucky family spent years trying to appease gods of luck almost sacrificing you
83 Family follow exotic foreign cult that is good for trade abroad
84 Merchant god was displeased so family stores and wealth lost
85 To avoid bloodshed most of your elders joined church and donated wealth
86 Family members of secret cult with secret ritual lodge under house
87 Family members exposed as cultists and killed by inquisition
88 Family gained wealth by selling souls to lower planes entities
89 Family bloodline tainted by non human beings, hidden by family cult
90 Many churches condemn your family for greed and evil deeds
91 Family has many spell casters, many prone to madness
92 You served for years under a witch trying to remove a family curse
93 Your family had strange relic which you released a demon from
94 You were bound to a cursed object you found in family store room
95 You lived under a terrible curse for years from ripping off a witch
96 Family has a devil for a patron gained by wizard clan leader generations ago
97 Your family trades material spell components with wizards which is quite hazardous
98 Your family trades live monsters, nobody can know you really make the monsters
99 Your family operated a magic store but adventurers robbed and burned it
100 You know your family heads have secret dealings with shapeshifters

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