Thursday, 21 January 2021

The Joy of Gyrojets, Cannister Rounds & Wrist Rockets

One of best things in star frontiers was gyrojet guns especialy with the possibility of other canister ammo in a dragon mag. WW1 banned such many such ammo types on earth (but landmines and nukes ok?). TSR advanced marvel had canister rounds too. If I was fighting vampires or somethin imagine the bizare special ammo you could make and ethics of such a weapon on humans isn't a problem (right - i mean screw all vampires).  I'm not really talking stats here just options and a bit of a love letter. Star frontiers basic gun illos were very awesome.

So basically the gun is a launch tube that fires rockets 
I saw basic ones as simple tubes but the ammo might be more advanced than the gun
More advanced ones electronically fired with locks and laser painted targets so whole squad over hill can target one target an observer points out. Good for space or under water too.

We did mixed loads so you could say alternate depleted uranium slugs and flechettes. A Variable magazine has a 6 shot mag wich you could select which round fired in which order. Some guns came with a standard and a variable mag. Good for judge dredd type antics so you can have non lethal ammo or lethal overkille if sanctioned.Perhaps you might argue with your guns AI. 

We had 3 stage ammo you could vary componants and there were guns or backpack that fed a gun and assembled custom ammo on the fly to fire. 

Gun Complexity
-Dumb - simple launch tube
-Advanced - sealed system, electronic ignition, ammo counter, camera, lock, laser designator/sight, can link to squad weapons to fire together
-Smart - links to ammo to scope to help select targets programs munition which hunts target on parameters, some guns can assemble ammo specific to mission

Various rocket options but more high tech might include high tech ramjet ammo or gravitic drive in the round instead of a thruster. Longer range thrusters might be possible.

Fuses vary too. A dumb round requires impact and the round just fires in a straight line. Specific ammos using specialist scope might target lock on a heat or EM or even genetic signature guiding the round to the target. Some ammo can be laser targeted to home on a target point or smart ammo with an advanced scope or HUD can lock of a targets visual appearance and home in on them. 
-Dumb - impact detonation where aimed
-HARM - designates target by energy emission signature, anti-robot or vehicle
-Thermal - designates target by heat signature
-Laser - seeks point targeted with a laser designator on the gun or elsewhere
-Smart - locks onto target designated by smart scope, identify on database 

Ammo comes in individual rounds or jetclips and comes in many types
Standard Clip
Variable Clip
Extended Clip
Backpack Feeder
Micro factory ammo mill backpack feeder

Steeljacket - standard slugs
Plastic - cheap usually vs unarmoured civilians
Plastic Flechette - safer to use on spacecraft 
Flechette - scattering cloud of titanium darts
HEX - explosive
Armour Piercing
HEAP - high explosive armour piercing
Tracer - flares leave trail of light, not to be shot at living
Shock - a taser like stun munition
Plasma - magnetic bottle of superheated fuel
Web - entangling plastic polymer threads or foam
EMP - anti unshielded machinery causes shut downs
Incendiary - burning napalm
Smoke - cloud of smoke
DOZ- sleep gas
PLAG - bio plague liquifies flesh 
CHEM - corrosive gas that eats through protective wear
ICE - super frozen gas
TOX - poison gas
Tear gas - irritant to break up mobs
Vomit gas - causes vomiting and choking
Fear gas - causes irrational fear
Tracer - paints target with radioactive frequency isotopes to track or target missiles

Weapon Types
Might be called rocket gun, jet gun
-Wrist Rocket - 4 shot wrist-mount 
-Helmet Pack - 4 shot helmet-mount
-Rocket Pistol - 10 shot 
-Rocket Carbine - 20 shot combat weapon uses pistol ammo
-Rocket Rifle - 10 shot sniper or hunter rifle
-Assault Rocket Gun - 20 shot burst fire 
-Cone Rifle - one or 4-shot versions, shoulder-mounted or bipod mostly

Gun Complexity
-Dumb - simple launch tube
-Advanced - sealed system, electronic ignition, ammo counter, camera, lock, laser designator/sight
-Smart - links to ammo to scope to help select targets

Imagining that shotgun casing with anti-g smart rounds that once fired fly about killing targets until destroyed by targets with armour slowly ablating them. Then you keep firing 10 shot bursts of these things (no recoil as ammo does flying). Some poor low tech army will be massacred. Could have a various pattern like spread in wave of just liquify certain targets working together. AI in gun could control or program in a pattern. Perhaps the gun has a stuttering flash unit that lets the AI get a battlefield image to calculate best kill patterns. Could link to data in a flying drone or scout round


  1. What a blast from the past! I haven't thought about the Gyrojet in a long time!

  2. Replies
    1. they had as ammo type in any gun
      think had hit or dam bonus cant recall

  3. I was just working on something like this! DARPA has the EXACTO program that also allows bullet redirection in flight, kinda the poor-mans Wanted bullet curving. Dunno on what chart that would go on above though haha

    1. runaway movie tom selec had dna hunting rocket ammo i think and drones everywhere like bugs


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