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SF Gear Packs

Stuff im working on
sf exploration encounters
mutant wars

Talking about modular tech of late so thought i would focus on my games multi role and customization survival tech. It is so spacepersons carry more with less.

I guess I could us a price list but this usually used by government or corp agents
Different brands need tweaking to work together

Smart WearComputer assisted wearable hardware with

Smart Suit AC 13 or 6AP Caries limited amount of Apps depending on make 4-6-8 apps
-Heater Cooler pack
-Gill Pack and memory plastic flippers
-Recycler Pack traits wast to reclaim food and water
-Relfex Pack +3AC vs lasers or beam weapons
-Stealth Pack low IR and hardr to detect
-Space Pack emergency use suit 1hour life support with bubble helm
-EVA Pack goes over space pack, +2 AC 4 hours life support + need a helmet
-Mesh Defence Pack, +2AC, includes extra pockets

-Thermal Grid Pack, +3AC vs IR, thermal, plasma and fire weapons
-Intercptor Rocket Pack, stops approaching missile 4 uses
-Micro Rocket Pack, four shot gyrojet rockets often on arm, shoulder or helmet
-Holofield projects illusionary image over the host
-Chamleon Screen, +2AC blurs silhouette and blends into surroundings making hiding easy
-Albedo Screen +3 vs laser and beam weapons
-Inrtia Screen +2 vs any kinetic attacks and -2 damage, high EM profile
-Auto medic treats minor wounds and scans vitals
-Auto injector often triggered by auto medic ten doss of one drug or 6 different drugs
-Comline, radio and phone with network options, cameras and hotlinks for emergencies
-Alarm, various signals if apps detect things, can activate other apps
-Threat Detection, looks for danger or aggression or weapons and alerts
-Scan Pack, EM passive sensor suite
-Advanced Scan Pack, active EM and sonar senses including ground radar
-Map Box, maps area with sensors or drone inputs
-Drone Pack, includes controls and hanger for 4 tiny drones or one small drone
-BioScan Pack, sense for life, disease, radiation or life threats in environment
-Stuttershot Pack, stops weapon firing on tagged allies especially for burst weapons
-Weapon HUD, links gun to HUD with ammo capacity and target painting ability
-ABC Pack, atomic, biological, chemical resistant with air filters, recyclers and hour air supply
-Projector suite, can display large images, also has improved camera suite
-Fashion Pack, can change colours and has memory plastic extensions to change form
-Camouflage Pack, suit can change to various environment schemes and memory plastic extensions
-Weather Field, shields from rain, keeps field of pleasant air over user
-Lume Pack, glow, change colours and project theatrical light effects for shows
-Vox Pack, has loud speakers for public events, with a synth and media player and personal sound
-Stealth Field, silences wearer and surroundings within a few centimeters, +4AC vs sonic weapons
-Lowlight Pack, night vision and thermographic cameras for low light or no light missions

-Sound Pack, provides sonar, enhance low range sound for listing, reduce sonic damage, records and analyses sounds
Shock Resistance Pack, +4AC stunning electrical weapons and reduces damage
Empathic Analysis Pack, makes suggestions on dealing with others by reading micro expression and voice stress

Arm Console, keyboard and monitor for arm
Holocon, small bracelet projects keyboard and screen
Smart Glove, interact with consoles via HUD
Smart Gauntlet, interact with consoles via HUD plus armoured glove with xtra app
Smart Boots, magnetic all environment boots some like 
Jet boots  or other apps

Smart Helm with HUD +1AC with xtra app
Combat Smart Helm HUD +2AC with gasmask, megaphone, with 2 xtra apps

HUD Glasses, stylish spex
HUD Monocle, eyepiece often connected by cable
HUD Goggles, armourd eyewear
HUD Contacts, near invisible

Smart Belt, increased battery life and computer power extra 4 apps, extra data back up
Heavy Smart Belt, as smart belt but armored and extra 8apps, armoured data back up

Memory Plastic Smart ToolsChang form at touch of a button
Not as solid as steel and can wear over time
Military and industrial stronger
Some have secret features

Explorer Hand Tool

Underworld Hand Tool
-club and prybar
-brass knuckles
-kasuiri gama

Chef Hand Tool
-chef knife
-rolling pin
-bread knife
-cutting knife

Explorer Tool
-sldge hammer

Recreational Tool
-beach ball
-cricket bat
-baseball bat
-hockey stick
-cricket or baseball
-volleyball or basketball
-soccer ball or football
-beach umbrella
-air mattress

Trench Tool
-trench tool
-razor wire


Spinneret GunsCreate 1km pr cartridge of cable spin by gun
Comes in plastic cable or sticky cable or glue form
Pocket Webber, used for packing and wrapping and sealing with touch range
Hand Webber with a pistol grip, with 3m range, can be used as restraint weapon
Industrial Webber with carbine and pack with x7 cartridges, 10m range can fire nets

Industrial Match
Mono filament rod inserts into handle, can b used for spot lighting or to cut through steel plate
Rod lasts 10 minutes on full burn or years with just spot use
Will cut a cm of steel peer second or can inflict a d6 damage but th rods break if forced
Often packed with 2d6 rods and d3 fuel cells with equal chance of being spent or full
Pocket Match can only be used for smaller jobs and is disposable and cheap

Variable Laser-beam mode standard careful combat mode
-pulse fires bursts of lower energy beams
-ray fires continual lower power beam good for cutting
-stunner fires electrical arc that follows the laser which stuns most animals and machines

Variable Launcher & Gyrojet Rockets
4 Shot wrist rocket launcher
-shoulder pad and helmet versions
-some disposable, can be linked, fire solo or all
Ten shot pistol or rifle magazine
Military com in 20 clips, 40 clips or 100 cassettes
Military have larger anti vehichle versions and disposal on shots
6 shot variable clip voice or button to select specific round
Most advanced are AI controlled drone carriers
Some guns have 2 clips and can switch from standard to fancy ammo
Some lower tech versions have multiple barrels but heavy and slow to load
Aquatic versions available, cope well with water, most sub sonic

Assembler builds ammo from propellant and warheads in storage
Can assemble based on voice, console
Some weapons ID threats and build ammo customised for kill target
More advanced nanite models can fabricate more types from less materials and have AICan connect to industrial recyclers to make more components
-4kg belt pack carries 30 propellants and 150 warheads
-12kg back pack carries 100 propellants and 500 warheads
-will load a magazine, clip or cassette or drum or can be connected to gun

Varied Propellant Sections
-rocket rounds are dumb rounds
-jet rounds have simple IR or HARM or painted targets +2 hit if right for target
-smart rounds steer themselves and have no range mods and are more advanced
-drone rounds are most advanced and use gravitic thrusters and a basic AI

Warhead Canisters
-slug standard damage
-needle round caries narcotics, with discarding sabot, some hyper velocity
canister high explosive
-flashbang make smoke and scatter flares
-gas canister (vomit gas, nerve gas, poison gas, tar gas, knock out gas)
canister disease based rounds
-incendiary canister with burning chemicals
canister sticky netting to incapacitate
-shock canister electric stunning charge in battery
-plasma canister
-Ice canistr with super coolant
-laser ignites a nanolaser on impact
-emp effects. battlesuits, robots, vehicles, screens and tech
-thunderbolt, hyper accelerates kinetic kill slug with power of a cannon

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