Monday 2 March 2020

D100 Space Crates

Sorta for s3 
Also thought what if ship had hyperspace accident and is lost in overspace but part of it appearing in a fantasy world. Might be time difference and ship map in s3 could be just a module of something bigger. A few decks of biological horror might work inside Hyperspace and horrible things from beyond. So odd monsters in the area for a long time since appearances of the ghost tower. Appears a few weeks a decade at night on the moors. This also continues the tradition of deeper weirder levels.

d10 Size (use dice d4 d6 d8 d10 whatever best for needs)
1 Small Locker 30cm/12" inch cube often amount of personal property on ship
2 Medium Locker 1mx30cmx30cm standard equipment case or foot locker

3 Large Locker 2mx60cmx60cm crewman locker for space suits, tool, weapons
4 Shipping Crate 1m cube standard cube
5 Transport Crate 2m cube
Cargo Pod 2mx2mx4m
7 Cargo Container 3mx3mx20m
8 Shuttle Transport Module 3mx6mx20m
Transport Container 12mx12mx60m 
10 Mega Transport Container 25mx25mx250m

d12 Structure (all recyclable many reusable, d10 for more ordinary range)

1 Tight plastic wrapped over a plastic structure, often goods pour out if cut
2 Faux wood textured brittle plastic, can shatter if damaged, lid or panels can be removed
3 Thin rigid plastic with denser ribs, lid is cut off, can be punctured and can collapse
4 Strong flexible rigid plastic box, requires cutting to open often a guide seam lid or door
5 Steel corrugated surface with structural beams and lockable door one end
6 Refrigerated steel but also has refrigeration and a power supply and can be sealed
7 Space sealed steel but is sealed for the vacuum of space but not ideal for life
8 Enviro grade can keep living creatures inside has limited life support possibly cyonic
9 Armoured canister for goods for hazardous or military with advanced locks
10 Drop pod can fall through orbit with rocket or grav thruster or parachutes, opens on landing and releases a signal
11 Force pod has own forcefield system to secure it has advanced computer and lock
12 Vortex Shielded Pod has forcefield reinforced container with life support theoretically can survive outside the ship in hyperspace but also keep out dimensional entities. Some have limited AI and various hazard sensors

d12 Common Items In Living Areas (use d10 for nice areas)

01 Clothing objects possibly fabricators or printers or raw material for them
02 Food objects d6 1=dust 2=sludge 3=mould 4=waste from dining 5=sealed meals 6=sealed snack or drink items but in larger ones more likely to have fabricators or supplies
03 Personal belongings in vacuum-packed plastic possibly of many persons
04 Cultural items including art, craft materials, museum pieces, musical instruments, old books, religious items
05 Recreational items including gymnasium, training androids, sports equipment, possibly even a ball court inside big crate, holographic video game tournament consoles, data 
06 Medical supplies from first aid to surgical automate and clone pods
07 Robotic and cybernetic parts, cyborg organs, android parts or "food", fabricators or even complete units in packaging ready to activate (might be decommissioned too)    
08 Computer equipment, data backups, consoles, AI (possibly decommissioned) 
09 Biological material including cryogenic crew or animals, genebank, biopets, artificial organ, hydroponics supplies, clone vats or biological printers, replicant vats
10 Educational material from data to manuals to teaching machines or student study isopod and even school classroom in a bigger one, training equipment and androids
11 Vice with drugs, booze, brewing supplies, adult toys, sex robots and androids,
12 Strange stuff d4 1=cult paraphernalia 2=remains of some alien creatures lifecycle 3=

Common Items In Industrial Areas of Ship
01 Tools and equipment for various tasks
02 Fabricators, micro factors or printers or even just raw materials for them
03 Parts for repair and construction 
04 Power supply from batteries to generators to cables or
05 Life support from a mask to space suit or escape pod or work pod
06 Fire fighting equipment possibly fire fighting work pod
07 Recycling materials and robots, machines to process waste for recycling
08 Robots from parts to work drones and industrial engineering robots or mecha
09 Biological material being taken to recycling or destruction 
10 Dangerous chemicals possibly under extreme pressure or explosive or corrosive
11 Hazardous nuclear material mostly waste or contaminated scrap
12 Alien biological mass d10 1=alien nest 2=slime 3=eggs 4=webs and corpses 5=alien corpse 6=crystals 7=plant or fungal 8=shed skin or old empty chrysalis 9=murdered human 10=colony

d100 Space Lockers

01 Match and d10 filaments and battery, can use to melt and burn through hull-plate
02 Laser torch for cutting with battery roll % for battery life left in minutes on cell
03 Force knife 3d6 for 10 minutes on cell 
04 Torch, a bottle of water, ration pack and emergency wrist com
05 Personal stash of clothes and pix of home and family, some policy manuals
06 Biopet in the sealed package comes to life when opened and bonds with opener
07 Handheld game console and d4 microcells
08 Tablet with letters to home, games and long-dormant ship social media app
09 Toy rayguns with harmless holobeams and training drones
10 Spacesuit, suit repair kit, hull repair patches, tech kit, hand em scanner  
11 Radiation suit, rad scanner, rad neutralizer foam, anti rad drug injectors d4+1
12 Stash of forged security cards of common areas and narcotics
13 Decommissioned sex android folded in bag with warning stickers
14 Human mummified corpse in flight suit folded up 
15 Strange alien eggs
16 AI size of alarm cock used to being worn on human or android servant chest. Will awaken and once communications established starts giving advice on anything unbidden
17 Live space lice hop and scuttle away into ships cracks
18 Genetic archive cylinder sealed in clear plastic cube
19 Bottles of alcohol and cans of beer
20 Robot toy dog follows and yaps and learns
21 Strange growth of alien crystals growing off old power cells
22 Alien green slime growing, an eye opens, it screams if burned
23 Servan robot anthropomorphic companion 1.2m tall batteries flat. Hid here once
24 Collection of art and craft projects and some art materials by amateur
25 Chef hat, a box of steel knives and a clever, apron and uniform and bottle of wine
26 Garrotte, silenced pistol, black stealth suit and mask, d4 door charges
27 Truncheon, handcuffs, riot shield, helmet, tear gas grenade and smoke grenade
28 Furry animal one-piece costume and bottle of fur cleaner
29 Pack of nappies, baby bottles, dummy, change of baby clothes
30 Brief case, suit, policy manuals, laptop, hat, a package of government orders
31 Hardcopy forms and policy manuals
32 Political stickers, flags and posters for the shipboard election
33 Birthday hats, balloons and freeze-dried ice cream cake, novelty crackers
34 Emergency suicide pills and a briefcase lethal poison injector that request to see your suicide permit and asks you ten questions before killing the user 
35 Knitting supplies, magazines, wool, crochet and weaving paraphernalia and several beanies, socks, jumpers, leg warmers and scarves
36 Bundle of subversive brochures and stickers, art or propaganda or both 
37 Lie detector scanner with AI also acts as a basic medical scanner 
38 Laser microphone, spy bugs and detector, tracker bugs and locators, audio dedicated tablet linked to all in a case that evades scanners 
39 Bathing costume, body oil, a bottle of tequila, sunglasses, towel, romance novel
40 Two weeks of emergency rations and 2d6 tins of spam, d6 tins of water
41 Booklet of memory plastic tools that can have a charge to grow into disposable cheap compact tools that only sometimes break
42 Modified neural stunner turned into an addictive electronic pleasure device
43 A small canister of spent radioactive material in mildly radioactive canister
44 Collection of awesome action figures possibly of deities of the former inhabitants
45 Set of golf clubs 2d6 and bag 
46 First aid kit, auto defibrillator, d6 stim injections, a box of 50 pain killers 
47 Collection of tiny drink bottles, tiny soaps, hand towels and a bathrobe stolen from hotel rooms
48 Messy collection of scrap, some odd tools and blueprints for a level and sub level
49 Collection of antiques and valuable decorative objects well packaged with documents of certification
50 Camp set with a tent, canteen, stove, mess kit, week camp ration, sleeping bag, backpack
51 Inflatable emergency raft inflates when opened
52 Two cartons of cigarettes and a bottle of spirits, saucy paperback
53 Hardcopy self destruct manifesto, crumbles to dust 2 hours after opening case, contains plans to mutiny and control on behalf of a cult, includes d4 pipe bombs, a low calibre plastic one use 6shot silent pistol and a bandana 
54 Telescope and tablet full of astronomy data and a science keycard
55 Fishing rod, hand reel, fish scanner, line, hooks, dried bait, net, a small refrigerated container runs on the microcell
56 Business suit, toiletries case, pair of glasses with HUD, financial data tablet, corporate ID documents and shares and bond certificates 
57 Clothes and laptop configured for hacking doors and electronic toolkit
58 Flight suit, jacket, cap and tablet of course routes and inventories
59 Pair of glasses, sensible cardigan, several tablets of school data and student assignments
60 D4 robot brains, robotics repair kit, tablet configured for hacking robots, tin of spray robolube
61 Book bound in human skin in some strange language not found in area, wavy meteoric iron dagger and some 
62 Hairstyling helmet, nail painting machine, makeup, mirror, various beauty products
63 Sealed pouch of coded mission orders, memory plastic cane turns into sword, garotte, virus on a data cube, em jamming chaff cloud grenade, several spare bionic eyes from a modular cyborg one a 2d6 one-shot laser and other shoots a poison dart and one has low light optics and interacts with a smart weapon
64 Piles of stolen jewellery, d6 com bracelets, d6 key cards, a concealed body pouch worn under clothes, blackmail documents and photos in envelope xd4
65 Collection of cleaning tools including handvac, gasmask, rubber gloves, disposable ABC plastic suit, chemical cleaners (possibly toxic or flammable or mixed to make explosives), goggles, apron, wipes
66 Various tapes, cable ties and lengths of wire
67 Flack vest and six tear gas grenades, a foldout truncheon, handcuffs and a wristband on command folds out a memory plastic riot shield and a helmet with gasmask and radio
68 Antique children's toys carefully packed in a custom case with certificates of authenticity
69 Synthetic industrial conductive crystals that are shiny and look fancy
70 Packed seeds for hydroponics farming facilities
71 Mummified horrific creature corpse, battle damaged
72 Human skeleton with some cyborg scrap parts and red jumpsuit and running shoes 
73 Sports uniform, towel, items of sports equipment, first aid pack, trophy, d6 beers, stim pills  
74 Fold-out electric bicycle, helmet, racing suit and water bottle and lock
75 Scuba set with gill suit, radio and lamp helmet. jetfins, gyrojet spear gun and 10 rocket spears, dagger, ink cloud grenade,
76 Recharge pack with wall plug and battery adaptors and d6 rechargeable chem power cells, d3 solar batteries, a hyrdrogen cell, 1in6 chance of an atomic cell, 6d spent old cells 
77 Industrial space suit with engineers tool kit
78 Small maintenance bot and a d4 drones specialise in d4 1=cleaning 2=repairs 3=household service 4=pretends to clean but really spy on crew. 1in4 have power, others require a recharge cycle jacked into a power supply
79 Body bags in roll of a dozen, corpse marking tape, corpse ID discs, marker pen, rubber gloves, sanitiser spray, goggles, filter mask, apron, d4 disposable plastic suits
80 Collection of conspiracy nut collecting documents and notes detailing alien organisms, strange encounters in warp space, some calamity and the slow death of survivors turning on each other and androids turning
81 Android child therapy for crew wanting children, tries to comfort and provide therapy and listen and mirrors and coaxes to keep talking. Follow "crew" and help them resolve conflict and remain calm 
82 Stasis packed human hearts and brains and dna plus one sample of d4 1=alien dna 2=mutant dna 3=plague sample 4=bio printer file to print a biological creature or replicant
83 Engineering jumpsuit, industrial radsuit, cutting torch, two emergency hull patches, fire extinguishers 
84 Locked with officer uniform, Secure linked data stylus, ship officer keycard, stun pistol and cell, riding crop, officer hat, graduate class portrait, family pictures, d6 medals 
85 Pulsating fleshy mass with a heartbeat, numerous tentacles feel out and the eye opens
86 Glowing alien crystals, when exposed to light it starts to pulse calling crystalloid life via em pulses that detect with a radio scanner. May exert psionic influence or 
87 Mould and spores from the rotten mess inside, stench smelled over a wide area
88 Dust once something organic destroyed during the disaster and reduced to powder
89 Disgusting stinking slime oozes out 
90 Vapour pours out d4 1=flamable 2=smoke 3=fog 4=tear gas
91 Black stinking liquid and human bones pour out
92 Prefab colony dome folds out to become a colonists house
93 Micropower plant or vehicle battery pack
94 Ground vehichle maintinance tool kit, overals
95 Persoanal oneman re-entry pack, fold out bag with parachute and rocket pack, automated
96 Power claw with atomic cell, can chop and clamp for years 2d8 nip but slow weapon, work helmet with flashing warning light and lamp, fluro vest, liquid metal spray, goggles
97 Medical jumpsuit with first aid kit, hand mediscanner, wrist com, medical keycard, apron, stun gauntlet and power cell
98 Shaft tech repair kit, climbing gear, 200 foot plastic rope, grapple line, belt whinch, helmet, lamp, scout drone and remote
99 Psionic mood emiter (set for various conditions like fear/calm), sonic riotgun, d6 teargas grenaides, d4 convinving biological masks in packs last for a week, d4 fake ID, megaphone, book of rumours to spread
100 Cache with journal of end times, las pistol, 3 empty ration packs, first aid kit, command hand com, gasmask, 30m plastic rope, command keycard, flack vest, light helmet

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