Monday 2 October 2023

Rate Your Cult Factor

A countdown mechanism for my current Patreon sf adventure and my campaign. But this mechanic and form could be used for a few styles of game genres and doesn't care about your system.

Table one is a list of events you can trigger once and tick off

Higher in the list events are harder to achieve vs earlier simple things to escalate your problems

Table two is where you record your event points and shows the increasing level of cult hostility

Cult Encounter Factor Checklist
Cross each event and for each also tick on the Cult Factor track 
⬜ Witness a cult activity and spotted
⬜ Search a cult location
⬜ Question a cultist about cult affairs
⬜ Research cult interests with public sources
⬜ Ask lots of public questions about the cult 
⬜ Violence against a cultist
⬜ Enter a secret cult shrine or temple with force
⬜ Steal from the cult wealth
⬜ Steal forbidden knowledge of the cult
⬜ Stop a ritual or supernatural manifestation
⬜ Expose cult to public scrutiny or mob
⬜ Expose the cult to an investigation by authorities
⬜ Save innocents from cult harm
⬜ Destroy a cult relic or location
⬜ Cause cultists to be arrested or investigated by law
⬜ Kill a cultist
⬜ Kill a cult cell
⬜ Kill a cult leader
⬜ Kill a supernatural minion
⬜ Destroy a supernatural manifestation

Cult Reaction Factor Track
Cross each event and for each also tick on the Cult Factor track
You can customise these results for each cult 
1 Cult cell will surveil for a while and intervene if targets seem to be enemy
d4 1=one cultist follow for d10 hours 2=two cultists follow d10 hours one better hidden 3=cell take it in turns to follow for d10 days 4=cult investigate and stalk for a month
2 Cult will arrange an accident or employ a third party to cause party trouble
d4 1=gang 2=desperate 3=proffestional goons 4=criminal syndicate or guild
3 Leave a threatening warning
d4 1=fetish 2=corpse 3=blackmail note 4=graffiti and vandalism
4 Cult permanently surveils enemy and uses connections to learn about them 
d4 1=dedicated cell 2=serveil homes 3=hire contract investigator 4=supernaturral divination
5 Specialist assassins called in to deal with the problem
d4 1=hooded cultist assassin one target at a time 2=criminal gang professional 3=mercenaries 4=adventurers by deceit or just money
6 Cults use any influence they have to cause trouble and spread slander
d4 1=;legal complaint (possibly fraudulent) 2=taxation or government red tape 3=framed for murder 4=framed for heresy, treason or terrorism
7 Cult make a horrible warning or revenge murder against some soft target
8 Cult cell or coven will be sent to attack or capture an enemy or destroy property
d4 1=cell makes hit and run attacks 2=cell destroys property of foe 3=suicidal attack using dangerous location, weapon or creature  4=cult use supernatural attacks
9 Cult calls some allies for help bringing in another cult or faction
1=a larger chapter called in 2=another cult steps in to take charge 3=a cult specializing in murder or killing is bribed 4=non human
10 Cult summon possibly supernatural minions to slay enemies
d4 1=small sneaky cunning vermin 2=dangerous creature 3=construct or automaton 4=sentient servitor species
11 Call several possibly supernatural entities to destroy cult enemies or a greater minion
d4 1=as per 10 but d4+2 2=powerful sentient otherworldly abomination creature or construct 3=squad of armed 
sentient servitor species 4=swarm of alien vermin or automation 
12 Cult manifest their deity to call on it for aid 
d4 1=turn cultists into alien servitors and the cult leader becomes an avatar 2=destroy everything and evidence at the site including the cult in a mysterious disaster 3=spawns huge servitor species 4=a titan walks causing a major historic disaster

Extra Cult Flavour

d12 Where do they hide?
1 In a legitimate business or industry
2 In a club or fraternal organisation
3 In a legitimate religious or philosophical organisation
4 In a criminal gang or syndicate
5 In a home or housing district or block
6 In transport or trade and always on the road
7 In a recreation venue like a bar or nightclub
8 In wilderness or parkland
9 In subterranean passages, sewers or tunnels
10 A government office or department
11 In a ruined or abandoned place 
12 Within a security or defence department

d12 What other dodgy stuff do they do?
1 Cannibalism
2 Spreading disease, contamination or corruption 
3 Looking for the heritage of their cult in the past
4 Collecting forbidden, obscure and strange information
5 Dealing in vice-like d4 1=booze 2=gambling 3=sex 4=drugs 5-6=all of 1-4
6 Smuggling contraband goods banned or taxed by state
7 Slavery and kidnapping plus take a few for the cult use
8 Revolutionaries, traitors, rebels and traitors against the state
9 Encourage public bigotry via slander and pro war
10 Spread rumours, slander and false information to underne order
11 Operate a generational breeding program for hybrids and unnatural abilities 
12 Deal with non-human species for technology and knowledge

I may tweak costs to climb the scale but will try this out and make a form for it so I can track multiple cults in the campaign area

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