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d100 Druidic Circle Missions

old related stuff

decided I have to do more of these for my other four main classes

d10 Quick Types
1 Find a rare plant
2 Hunt a beast
3 Processional Journey
4 Protect the sacred 
5 Avenge nature
6 Contact sylvan beings
7 Trade with the fairy
8 Recover relics
9 Defend the old ways
10 Build a monument

d100 Druidic Circle Missions
01 Guard young druids searching for mistletoe
02 Aid a druid in harvesting the deadly mandrake
03 Gather fruit of a magical tree deep in the forest 
04 Help an acolyte find a magical cave mushroom in the deep
05 Obtain a magical plant from underwater with these water-breathing potions
06 Trade some specific spores from a tribe of mushroom folk
07 Gather seeds of a dangerous plant creature for the druid's secret garden
08 Plant these vege folk seeds and plant them in a certain location
09 Catch a naughty young treant needs to be captured before he comes to harm
10 An insane with pain treant is on a rampage and needs healing or destruction
11 A lycanthrope terrorised the area kill it
12 A questing beast has been temping hunters to their doom stop it
13 A great wurm has taken residence in the forest and is causing harm stop it
14 A great bull or boar roams the woods damaging trees and attacking animals
15 A huge wounded lion or panther roams the woods and has killed some commoners
16 A basilisk has been tainting an area with poison and needs to be stopped
17 A huge unnatural black dire wolf that speaks has terrorised local life
18 A mutated beast has been roaming the woods lashing out at everything
19 Unicorn hunters need to be driven away from the area
20 A young dragon has settled in a cave shrine shoo it away 
21 Guard the pilgrims on a holy forest trail of the dolmen
22 Guard a holy procession while they pass the haunted barrow mounds
23 Visit various sacred stones and investigate any damage
24 Travel to a path of sacred artificial hills each representing a star sign and pass the test there to bring blessings to the land
25 Travel around the barrows by night to see where undead coming from
26 Nonhumans have built a village around a sacred stone and need to be driven away
27 Nonhumans are trying to drag monoliths away to use for themselves in new projects
28 Travel to and from a distant sacred grove guarding a druid 
29 Keep centaurs from carrying away our pilgrims visiting sacred rock art
30 A procession of faeries needs to have humans kept away from their dancing path
31 A druid grove is under attack from giants
32 A sacred stone has a vicious giant serpent coiled around it from some fell power 
33 Wicked dark elves have been playing cruel pranks with pilgrims on their way to a festival, find their hidden tree fort and punish them
34 A sacred stone ancient kings were crowned on has had raids on its keepers by a civilised church
35 Adventurers keep raiding a barrow for ancient gold torcs of olden druid kings reserved for some future cause. Stop them
36 An enemy cult seeks to burn a wooden temple and a great carved idol to kill our faith
37 A sacred pool used by seers has been threatened by a crude formation giant
38 A druidic crystal cave has been hidden as greedy outsiders desire to mine it and sell the holy wonder. Drive off the thieves 
39 A druid festival ritual requires privacy and in recent years outsiders have tried to stop the event so stop them
40 A sacred are needs protection while druids awaken spirits and make monsters to protect it long-term
41 Burn a logger camp to the ground and drive the lumberjacks away
42 Drive away prospectors, trappers and hunters from civilisation in area
43 Hunt an arsonist cult who keep starting forest fires, a werebear ranger may aid you
44 Kill a hunter who does not follow the rules and rites of local people
45 Kill a group of outsider hunters who boast of killing a unicorn
46 Destroy a shrine of a new god intruding on area and persecuting us
47 Recover gold stolen by a knight from a sacred place and punish them for theft and murder as a lesson to other thriving knights
48 Recover slaves taken by foreign raiders and kill the raiders
49 Lead a warband to attack a borderland enemy fort
50 Sew these seeds on our borderlands to expand the forest, ruin roads and slow the forest clearing civilised folk engage in
51 Contact centaurs or satyrs to recover captives, perhaps bribe them with wine
52 Contact a dryad and convince her to free some prisoners or even take their place for a while
53 Bring a tribute to the wood elves to renew our ancient pact, don't let anyone stop you
54 Visit the mountain giants who mine monoliths, menhirs and dolmen and request they start work on a new one
55 Bring this mead to the gathering of tree spirit folk to renew our old ties
56 Aid treants who are defending the forest from orc and ogres
57 Take this magic sword and give it to the river god to renew our vows, don't take any for yourselves or disaster will be unleashed 
58 Visit the lord of the forest with this gift of gold arm rings and silver torc
59 Contact a tribe of wild people or beast folk and aid them against their enemies
60 Trolls have been living in a sacred cave or druid grave barrow go kill them
61 Take these gold rings and antlers to the faerie to pay the ransom of their enslaved captives
62 Take this tribute to the dark faerie court who manifest on our world at a certain place on a certain date
63 Challenge the faerie knights to a non-lethal duel, an ancient rite of friendship
64 Find the faerie dancing circle by night and join them but do not eat their food or have sex with them
65 Return these faerie relics to them to ensure our friendship 
66 Visit the goblin market and purchase certain rare magic herbs and mushrooms
67 Hunt a wicked tribe of goblins who escaped the slavery of the faerie realm and are now bandits
68 Take these enemy severed heads to a bugbear village for their master craftsmen to share and mummify and make into magic weapons
69 Goblins have been seen flying giant bats, investigate signs of them preparing for war or other trouble and report
70 Take back sacred goal stolen by an enemy commander
71 Recover a druid relic from a cave tomb heavily guarded with magic traps and monsters
72 Creatures came from a cave and stole a sacred monolith go get it back
73 Go recover a sacred weapon from an adventurer who killed a druidic hero
74 A sacred object was hidden in a cavern for a certain time that has come, go fetch
75 Someone carried away a gold cauldron and sacred sickles and rods and then must be recovered before melted or buried
76 A secret valley hides a long-hidden relic go find it and avoid killing the guardians
77 Civilised men stole a druid mummy for wizards and it has arisen to attack. Lost and confused it needs to be brought to its grave to rest
78 A scrying crystal was stolen by a faerie and must be recovered without killing if possible
79 A sacred animal has been stolen by a giant go get it back
80 A gang of harpies killed a druid, recovered his golden sickle and kill the pests
81 Drive away an outsider priest trying to start a mission here
82 Where we killed an enemy priest has started attracting pilgrims who want to erect a shrine so stop them and destroy the growing sect
83 Convince the outsider noble on our borderlands that our beliefs should be preserved
84 A foreign church recruited some people and took them on a pilgrimage, go bring them back
85 A foreign frontier trading post has a new priest mission and a school to corrupt our people, burn their buildings
86 A foreign minstrel has stolen our bard's songs and has returned for more. Capture them and bring them to the druid council
87 A foreign priest declared our kin witches and heretics and has taken them in a cage to be burned in the city, rescue them
88 Knights have gathered with templar in a border fort to launch a crusade on our faith, our monuments and our sacred gold hoards
89 A sacred tree was burned by outsiders and must be punished so none try again
90 Outsider adventurers have enraged a sacred monster who must be lured back to its cave with treats and song
91 Supervise the construction of a mighty artificial hill on a grave mound to protect it from looters
92 Take back our sacred stones used to build a temple of an outsider cult
93 Go refresh chalk carvings on a sacred hill bit foreign templars may try and stop it or even carve their own symbols
94 Help move a great stone monolith in a procession and beware of trolls in the area we left it at last year's ceremony
95 Fortify a shrine in need of defence with earthworks and a wooden wall
96 Repair an ancient hillfort in case it is needed in the future
97 Build a hilltop wooden fort and watch tower facing the borderlands
98 Clean up these sacred paths and drive away any vermin or pests that might bother our pilgrims
99 Help build a section of stone wall, perhaps take stones from the troll ruins
100 Clear an are for a druid to create a magical gate tree so our order can move rapidly across our lands

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