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d100 Misions for monks, mystics and martial artists

In my game, my monks are an unarmoured fighting class that can specialise in one form of combat and gets lots of skill slots. So i can reskin as kensai/sword saints, unarmed mastery, duelists and others dedicated to martial skills. Because anyone can get oaths and spells from alignment fanaticism in my game you could make a more magical or holy or psionic type monk or just stick to being awesome over one weapon and combat. The more duelist type martial artist might use thief or warrior tables.

d12 Monks on the Road
1 Dedicated lone wanderer and d4 1=child student 2=foolish adventurer 3=spirit folk 4=secretly talking goat or piglet
2 Master with a dozen pupils on a pilgrimage
3 Loner on a mission for master
4 Youth looking for master and lost
5 On the way to the monastery and expected soon
6 On a job for the temple d4 1=message 2=trade 3=find runaway student 4=visit shrine
7 Scholar researching the area and writes letters to the temple weekly
8 Wandering martial artists looking for duels and combat experience
9 On a quick errand and expected back shortly
10 Lost students looking for other students scattered when master got in a fight
11 Looking for several other mendicants in the area on the same mission
12 Student on the run and wants to quit is being followed

d10 Quick Mission Types
1 Protect the way
2 Duel other masters
3 Unusual training
4 Pilgrimages
5 Defend the temple
6 Destroy an obstacle
7 Teaching the way
Build places of contemplation
9 Wisdom of Words
10 Mystical Exploration

d100 Missions for Masters of Martial Arts
01 Protect students trying to reach a temple to study
02 Drive away bandits and beasts on the road to a temple
03 Clear undesirables out from our isolated shrines 
04 Recover a stolen artwork used for teaching the way
05 Protect old mountain hermits from bandits and other pests
06 Visit an enemy region in disguise to learn their future moves
07 Protect a shrine treasure from ogres and goblins who desire it
08 Stop outlaws preying on a shrine and its visitors
09 Explore catacombs found in a monastery and ensure it is safe for the masters
10 Slay a creature killing pilgrims and students
11 Wait at a bridge and fight all comers until someone defeats you
12 Battle the master of the whispering mountains on the misty cliff tops
13 Battle the elusive forest hermit but he will require gifts to fight you
14 Battle the master who dwells on the burning mountain in the crater and they will give you a gem if you win
15 Challenge the head of a fighting school or order in public
16 Travel the foetid swamp and battle each of the three dragon brothers one by one
17 Take the sword of the air master if you can. Find them in a tavern drinking
18 Challenge the four masters of the Lion temple
19 A famous expert with your choice weapon is in the city go duel them
20 A tournament of your weapon style is being held with a fine sword as a prize
21 Make a speed run of this cave and claim three treasures from the monsters within
22 Blindfold yourself and fight the beast with a petrifying gaze within this cave
23 Cross this narrow bridge over a pit while men shoot at you with crossbows
24 Challenge the forest spirit to a duel to learn from this honour
25 Run through this trapped dungeon to earn a prize
26 Fight the crow folk of Frosttip Mountain and study their technique
27 Make the fighting hermits sitting on holy poles fight you by annoying them 
28 Enter this giant insect burrow and steal their royal jelly
29 Cross these ponds with dangerous creatures 
30 Snatch a live gremlin with just your hand and present it in a cage to the masters
31 Travel to a distant temple and train with them
32 VIsit a holy relics in a distant shrine
33 Take these scrolls of our secret techniques to our other school far away
34 Visit a foreign land and teach some local students the basics of self defence
35 Climb the 7000 steps to visit the mysterious Lama who knows destiny
36 Visit a distant mountain and train with a tribe of spirit folk
37 Escort a priest taking scriptures and medicine into some dangerous lands to heal the sick
38 Help build a distant shrine in a foreign land 
39 Travel this route and collect a stamp from every temple in your passport
40 Visit and repair all the shrines on a frontier trail
41 A village is surrounded by bandits, find them some fighters and train the villgers
42 A temple is under siege from a noble and needs these urgent supplies
43 A temple in mountains is being attacked by fearsome snow apes
44 A temple is waging a war with a heretic temples and needs your help
45 A school of martial arts is being persecuted by upstart noble thugs and need help
46 A martial artist master who is a drunken slob has taken over a town by force alone and they need help to stop this bully
47 A humanoid or barbarian horde is being raised to sack a temple, save it 
48 Join an army to save scrolls being destroyed byheretics in a monastery they are sacking and to avenge fallen order members
49 A khaos knight and mutant followers have been desecrating temples, shrines and schools so stop them before they destroy another 
50 Defend a library from a humanoid army led by some dark lord of evil (yes another one)
51 Slay the hydra guarding lost books and scriptures
52 A villain who quit our order has started their own school go and eliminate this heretic
53 Go slay the monsters inhabiting a former monastary
54 A noble is against our order and favours our enemies. Prevent the noble causing problems now and avoid troubles later. 
55 An evil order has a secret monastery, find it and make the leader disapear
56 Join the order of Assassins Island tournament and use it to get close to kill a heretic misusing our order secret knowledge in the event. Try to kill them in the ring so nobody suspicious
57 A necromancer made undead from one of our orders tombs so ko stop them ever casting a spell again
58 A monster dwells in a ruined shrine and it must be destroyed so the shrine can be restored
59 An enemy idol is being moved to a new location. Find out where and if possible sabotage the move so the statue is lost
60 A vile temple of fighters has been detected in our region and it now tries to help the nobility which will be bad for our autonomy. Destroy the temple and its heretical master
61 Recruit an orphan per level to be students eyat the school
62 Take on a student, the illegitimate child of a noble, the influence for us will grow with this relationship
63 Take students on a raid against d4 1=bandits 2=cult 3=goblins 4=orcs
64 Take a team of students of a battle royale competition and prepare them well
65 Watch and advise this student and protect them from unfair duels and competitions
66 FInd and return students distracted by alcohol and lust, give each a good beating
67 A promising student has fled make sure they return safe and are not tempted to join our enemy order
68 Help an old master and students travel to a new city to start a new school
69 Make a fake attack on the monastery and don't harm any students trying to stop you and wear a mask or something and don't get caught
70 Students carrying master up a mountain are struggling against the gibbering carnivorous ice ape creatures and need help
71 Build a new shrine and a shelter for pilgrims
72 Make a village a new well
73 Build a bridge where needed
74 Help protect labourers in a quarry from a monster
75 Supervise construction of a large bronze d4 1=bell 2=idol 3=gates 4=temple roof
76 Help build a wall to protect a monastery and its crops
77 Help build a monument to a great master or deity
78 Help flense the flesh from the dead and arrange bones in an ossuary, catacombs or mausoleum
79 Build a house for some local need to help common villagers
80 Make a monumental rock relief carving dedicated to your creed
81 Write a treatise on combat or some art form
82 Copy a famous holy book just find where it is first
83 Translate a foreign or ancient book into a modern scholarly language
84 commission an illustrated manual on some speciality field for nobility
85 Write a transcript of the forbidden walls in the caverns of the old ones
86 Seize books from the library of an enemy
87 Transcribe the life story of a dying noble of great fame
88 Document the fighting style of a rival sect and write a treatise on it
89 Compose a literary work and share ten copies with libraries 
90 Take a book from faerie land or hell
91 Ascend the magical golden staircase that appears again on mount Sungeld
92 Enter a cavern path to the underworld and bribe the ferry keeper to take you to see the underworld. Return and share what you saw
93 Capture and tame a flying beast on a sacred mountain
94 Enter a martial tournament of the changeling spirit folk in a hidden non-human temple
95 Duel a spirit folk causing commoners problems and make it agree to leave or behave
96 Visit the court of a spirit noble of a region or river or sea and offer to demonstrate our 
97 Speak with three spirits on a journey into the wilderness and learn their mystery 
98 Win a duel on another plane with a local spirit in human form
99 Find and duel three changelings hidden in a community of humans
100 Enter a martial tournament for monsters and claim a lost relic as your prize


  1. Nice one, very inspiring. Makes me want to run some Wuxia.

    1. awesome stuff
      i need one for family martial art schools

  2. Ooo, some of the missions sound enticing for anyone, monk or not.

    1. they can bring a friend...

      i like to give each player a faction mission


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