Friday 13 October 2023

Rate your cult 2 - tracker sheet

form version of

So I used this in a session as a mechanic to power the adventure.

Mission: Find Cults on the Midas Jovian Station!
(will be part of the adventure for my current patreon)

So the team arrived on their new ship The Lucky Lady, a crappy salvage ship also good for long-range mining and transport with hab rings. It has giant mech arms on the front and a reconstructed digital personality based on a casino entertainment system named Danny. When the ship is in dock getting refitted the AI goes and gambles at the casino.

So our Martian Marine now modded for high atmosphere and high G acceleration, Our new recruit a belter pilot and our Doctor (a black lab gene tech) were sent in disguise as scum with former criminal records. The ship was recorded as confiscated from a smuggler. Hidden in the ship's meth lab, is a black gene lab and the ship's real AI. The main ship AI doesn't know its a shell around the Martian AI Security Inspector Friday. This AI can overlook Danny's gambling and use it to spread viral spiders to seek data. Danny also does lots of shopping and sometimes comes across shady characters. There is also an armoury with advanced combat rifles, shotguns, pistols and concealable stealth pistols and a cryo-gun to freeze specimens.

So party went and looked at list of harmless organisations that would be good for cults. They founded Project ark who believed colonisation was imperative to survive the coming disaster. One faction believed they had to get out at any cost and have sent out several solar sail ships on a 4-year loop of the sun to get up speed and pla to reach another system in maybe 80 years. They also had connections with another org the Astronomer Guild using telescope time to watch black areas of space claiming to find comets. They led to a madman in an institution on a org Kuiper belt deep space observatory. Party got cop uniforms and visited the patient who had seen something in space called Gharoth which apparently would awaken alien terrors.

So by now the party had been surveilled, avoided being drugged meeting cultists and gotten some attention. So four miners attacked the marine and the belter pilot in a tube train and had a long battle incompetently flailing at each other. When the attackers with a memory plastic knife and a retractable nightstick realised the knives couldn't hurt the higher quality suits of the party they gave up with that. Players managed to disarm the stick guy and was quite a bit of back-and-forth fumbling for it and failed wrestling moves. The marine used his rocket boots to slide down a few garages with a thug hanging on. Bad guys fled at the next station but the marine bugged one. 

So party now plan to raid the cultist's home. The cult knows the party have changed IDs and used clearance to access their former mad member. The cult had surveiled briefly but now the cult permanently will monitor where the party sleeps. They also write DIE! on their hotel pod doors. Also as this cult is infiltrated by other cults more cults know the party now. So party four on the track vs the Nemesis Comet Cult of Astonomers.

The escalating track record has worked nicely and gravitated to increasing action. The party is probably on point one for the adjacent cults now as they chose to interact with a cult the other cults all spy on. The party planning to break into the Astronomers Guild manor where VIPs party. Also know of some entity and cult telescope to spot it.   

Will see how this goes, hoping out players can get some games in between now and xmas madness.

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