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d100 Gnome Clan Missions

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Like I allow other races to be reskinned into various sub-types of class gnomes offer a base for a small magical humanoid. Every game needs more of these (i didn't do this with my dwarves much or settle on my subtypes and might go back to this topic and ppl like dwarf stuff). Also types can pick what spell list they use which I use to vary types. My gnomes also get some other minor magical abilities. I prefer the type list here to my dwarf version before i rewrite my dwarf class. 

I could reskin a gnome as a type of small magical troll or brownie it wouldn't change much.
My gnomes refer to animals as people and disapprove of animal cruelty (most are vegetarian). Evil ones prefer to torment, enslave and eat humans but will be protective of their pets and become enraged if pets are hurt. 

d12 Gnome Types
1 Forest gnomes CG with green hats who use druidry and live with and help animals of the woods and live in mushrooms and trees. They can assume small animal forms
2 Hill gnomes NG love mining and craft and trade and live in vast burrows with animal friends. They use arcane magic and wear brown caps. Very materialistic and good at craft. They can assume small animal forms
3 Snow gnomes LG often hide when warm and come out when other people hide from the weather to help animals. They also live on mountain tops and have many flying pets. They use divine magic wear white caps and watch over vast areas for evil and good people in trouble. They can assume small animal forms
4 Deep Gnomes N are a gloomy civilisation that dwells in the Nederlands and they employ magical machines and pets. They employ clockwork and steam and gunpowder.  They have mole machines and airships. They wear grey caps and employ mentalist magic. They cultivate vast mushroom fields tended by mole people and mushroom harvesters. They can become invisible
Dark Gnomes LE kidnaps victims to be their slaves and uses magic to shrink them on the way in so they cannot escape once in the gnome's lair. They have concealed doors in trees and even gardens or buildings. They are notorious for imaginative cruelty and traps. They wear black hats and prefer arcane magic and they can become invisible
6 Red gnomes CE are cannibalistic killers and brigands who wear red blood soaked caps. They use arcane magic and have the ability to grow huge
7 Gold gnomes LN are haughty crafters of treasures and hoarders. Some live in cities running pawn shops, coin changers and banking. They are less interested in mining and prefer urban living. They prefer mentalism magic and have limited teleportation ability 
8 Silver gnomes NG are humbler cousins of gold gnomes who are more interested in common crafts and helping ordinary people. They like urban areas and village life. They prefer arcane magic and can turn invisible. Often help commoners resist supernatural evils
9 Sewer gnomes CN are filthy naked sewer dwellers who scrounge for unwanted trash to build new things. They often live with rats, bats, toads and other sewer animals. They use druidry and can turn into small animals
10 Sand gnomes NG live in desert ruins especially old libraries or with inscriptions. They love ancient lore and preserving knowledge. They are kindred with various animals in ruins like hawks, snakes, foxes, hares. They mostly hide from people but might help adventurers or offer to trade lore preferring arcane magic
11 Cave Gnomes CN are subterranean hunters who hunt monsters for trophies. They avoid contact with most races and excel at hiding. Other people are rivals but they may aid people beset by monsters. They use druidry and can turn invisible 
12 Slime Gnomes CE live in swamps and feel kindred to slimes and oozes that live in chaos-tainted places. They sometimes build machines to refine chaos slime and gain mutations. They prefer arcane magic and can turn into ooze to hide or escape

d12 Gnome Activities
1 Hunting with pets and a tiny bow
2 Carrying handicrafts to market possibly with a pack animal
3 Hiding in secret watch outpost with message birds
4 Giving animals first aid
5 Selling handicrafts from a roadside stall
6 Camping in a small tent with pets
7 Armoured and armed looking for missing friends
8 Prospecting or gathering craft materials 
9 Luring child into a tiny doorway with candy and toys
10 Mourning dead relatives through song
11 In full war gear hunting enemies
12 Travelling with home on the back of a creature or automaton

d12 Gnome gadgets
1 Hand grenades and incendiaries with various link self-igniting fuses
2 Large iron mines can be buried, floated at sea or placed directly on a structure 
3 Muskets and pistols with 3-gnome arquebus teams
4 Rocketry team, poor accuracy but causes panic and covers the battlefield in smoke
5 Carts with multiple gun barrels or multiple heavy or repeating crossbows with a 4
-gnome crew
6 Artillery with cannons or smaller swivel-mounted defence guns and mortars
7 Mechanised Infantry, fearless automatons follow officer's commands. Variants include wheeled dome machines with whirling saws, blades and darts
8 Mechanised giant, with a crew of 12 gnomes inside, has multiple repeating crossbows and can punch and stomp. Smaller models with 1-4 crew are possible also
9 Mechanical steed a usually 4-6 legged mechanical riding animal like a horse, goat or beetle
10 Centipede a walking engine with many legs and articulated carriages good for all terrain and uneven tunnels. Various carriages including cargo, passenger, VIP and combat models with turrets. Some are larger and taller with just 4 or 6 longer legs for sieges. Agricultural versions harvest mushrooms, water crops and turn over compost loading carriages with mushrooms behind them
11 Mole machine a burrowing vehichle for sieges, exploration and tunnelling. Various sizes usually 4 gnome crew and a dozen tunnel fighter sappers
12 Tank a mobile armoured artillery piece, slow, awful to be inside but dangerous with 4-14 crew and squad of infantry or pets depending on size. The smallest good in tunnels larger for big caves or outdoor battles
13 Land leviathan a mobile armoured castle or metal citadel using legs or tracks to move in war
14 Balloon an inflated sack mostly for observation while tethered some filled with hot air or explosive gas 
15 Ornithopter a mechanical winged animal with room for 4-12 gnomes depending on version. Some are fanciful like griffons and they can walk too. Some manoeuvre better
16 Airship a great metal hulled cylinder for travel and freight across the sea or across giant tunnels. Can fly over storms and are powered by magical helms to make them fly
17 Monocycle a gyro-stabilised large wheel with big spring shock absorbers and a gyro-stabilised cabin above. Older models without springs are dreadful but other model's cabin have inside wheels. Some gnomes dream of a 6-12m war wheel 
18 Gnome Carrier a wheeled armoured self-powered steam car with sawblades and crew inside with repeating crossbows and a mostly arrowproof shell
19 Automaton servants and golems operate and are built in everyday devices such as stoves, pumps, farm and factory machines
20 A humanoid race of golems who are servants and fight wars (ill reskin my SF robot class one day) 

d10 Quick Types of Gnome Quest
1 Helping creatures
2 Scavenger Hunt
3 Rescue
Pet Trouble
5 Pest Control
6 Crafting 
7 Construction
8 Warfare
 Faerie frolics
10 Exploration

d100 Gnome Clan Missions
01 Help return these giant eagle eggs to their nest, the parents might be a bit angry
02 Catch a poor owlbear who is wounded and needs help with an evil parasite
03 Help catch the rabid dire wolf so we can heal it and make friends with it
04 Go give this medicine to these sick giant frogs that can swallow a whole gnome one gulp
05 Help load up these giant stalks with baby gnomes so they can carry them to the motherland far away. Look out for mean humans who shoot passing storks nearby
06 Go help the beavers finish their dam, it will help if they like you and accept you
07 A dragon is grumpy perhaps it has a sore tooth and needs help getting it out
08 Unicorn hunters are in this forest and need to be driven away with tricks and traps
09 Herd these dangerous ambulant explosive fungus back to their home cave without exploding as we don't want these critters up here
10 Some mutant animals have been seen  Get a sample of what causes it 
 Go collect dead beached whale blubber and bury it on a cold mountaintop to make delicious aged frozen blubber to harvest in a decade. We already got the whale ambergris and teeth but look out for crabs 
12 Go fetch a manticore egg for the craftsman to decorate with gold for a surprise gift for an enemy
13 Find the royal platinum back scratcher that was lost in the maze of terror three hundred years ago  
14 Recover the dread Gnominomicon a book of frightful gnomish lore and wizard spells from the age of the long night
15 Go find which frog in the pond is really a missing gnomish prince avoiding his duties
16 Help find the long-lost silver sceptre last seen with adventurers entering the swa,p castle ruins
17 Find enough gems to refuel the magic lantern in the clan heart chamber
18 Collect shaven troll hairs to make a dozen brooms and a score of hand brushes 
19 Help a mermaid recover her stolen pearl so she doesn't get in trouble
20 Help an old retired gnome chief recover his clan's ivory horn
21 Help orphans trapped on rocks in a rapid river
22 Save a puppy that fell into a slimy portal and was yapping for help 
23 Baby goats have been kidnapped by trolls and their nanny is upset and wants help
24 A magical faerie sandcastle appeared on a beach and several children went exploring inside so get them out
25 An alchemist has stolen some griffin eggs and we need to get them back to the parents
26 Some kittens got in a boat and washed away go find them
27 Some barnyard friends were snatched by abominable creatures that crawled from a sinkhole - go bring them back
28 A teacher has lost all their students and thinks they might have gone to explore the woeful caverns  
29 Pirates have kidnapped people from a building who need your help d4 1=orphanage 2=nunnery 3=lighthouse 4=wizard school
30 Giant has kidnapped some gnomes and carried them to its mountain lair
31 A puppy has fallen down a vent into some forgotten underground complex please save them
32 Giant dragonflies are hunting our songbird friends please chase them off
33 Find a druid who can help us grow our pets into ginormous size for sensible well thought out reasons
34 Catch us some giant rats, bathe and clean them, give them pretty ribbons and bring them to us
35 A young gnome's pet bug has got big and wreaking havoc d4 1=robber fly 2=carniverous beetle 3=preying mantis 4=hungry grub
36 A recent naughty pet has gone running amok! (actually its an imp in animal form)
37 A talking goose has been stolen by idiot ogres who think the goose lays golden eggs. The goose in fact is a master storyteller and so far has captivated the ogres in their cave
38 Some of our talking pets have learned swear words, ask the animals questions to see what animal or person taught vile words to our adorable friends 
39 Our pet rust monster has run away please bring it home (maybe has a nest?)
40 We have tried to tame this carnivorous hill ape and teach it to be a vegetarian. It has failed and is roaming the area trying to eat people 
A crazed undead treant stump in the forest needs to be put down
42 Help bathe local animals in this tonic to protect them from a tick plague
43 Some rotter keeps sending plagues of fleas into our burrow, find this jerk and bring them to us
44 Swarms of lemmings have become aggressive and need to be destroyed before they eat everything
45 Giant locusts are eating our herb gardens and flower beds please shoo them away
46 A giant mole has been damaging our tunnel complex and will not listen to reason
47 Take these shrinking and animal speech potions and go convince the local rabbits to stop eating our gardens and live in peace. Bunnies are furry cuddly types so should be easy
48 Giant leeches have invaded our burrow and well, please talk to the leeches or whatever it takes to make them go away. Maybe there is a reason they are doing this 
49 Giant ants are invading our burrow and won't listen to reason. They are stealing our cakes and our gold and our children to raise as slaves. Please stop them but try not to hurt the ants too much
50 Patches of corrosive green slime need eradicated from our burrow and find where this chaotic slime came from
51 Go fetch us a pearl-encrusted silver diadem we need
52 Go fetch us an ancient oak tree to make new doors for our burrow
53 Go into our forge coal cellar and find out what monster moved in and stop it
54 Go get examples of high-quality expensive navigation equipment from humans
55 Take these new muskets and hunt this giant spider to test them
56 Go collect a meteoric iron star stone that fell from the sky for our crafters
57 We need these pretty crystals for our jewelled luxury items, please get some and avoid the guardian 
58 Go negotiate with elves for some gold leaves from their magic tree we would like for some artwork
59 Test this fabulous strange new vehichle built by our distant cousins
60 Go catch these clockwork automatons that have learned to wind up each other and rebel
61 Excavators have found a black ancient granite tomb while digging a new section please go declare it safe to demolish by exploring it for monsters or traps
62 Please help guard our surface workers installing secret spy hides connected to tunnels
63 Please deliver these perfect polished basalt stone pillars we lathed to the customer building a temple
64 We are making special mortar to block ethereal creatures made of basilisk blood we just need you to get us some basilisks 
65 We have marked some large boulders on this map we would like you to steal and bring to us
66 Help protect our trap patrol by setting fresh traps on our border
67 Take this wand and climb up this mountain and cast rock to mud three times, don't worry we've done the maths and you will be in the safest place (drown area of lowlands where humanoids live with mud and in a few years will be flat farmland)
68 We have connected a tunnel to one of the secret underground highways abandoned by dwarves. Go clear our wandering monsters for us and report on tunnel condition
69 We have been expanding our burrow and found a dungeon passage. Could you oook about, please
70 Gnomes are building a huge titanic war golem they just need two identical gems to finish the ultimate peaceful war deterrent. We hear these two famous gems are in this evil temple
71 Lead our mechanised infantry automatons into battle and don't let them commit any atrocities
72 A kobold tribe in our area plot against us and will never want peace. Please go drive them off our land
73 A goblin stockade has been built nearby and they plan to settle more goblins. Go see them off and destroy this 
74 We want you to get in this one-way burrowing torpedo and attack this orc gatehouse from inside and let in our forces to victory
75 Orcs besieging a community need to be taught a lesson. Take these explosive mines and use them to destroy earthwork ramp they have spent months building
76 We need some help. While our surface allies besiege there we can burrow under the enemy fort and collapse its defences. We need you to guard our workers and pet war moles in case they burrow into our tunnel or we his some ancient dungeons
77 Destroy that one ballista on a castle tower then we can move in our siege artillery without risk
78 Take this steam-powered battlewagon and charge the enemy in the flank in tomorrow's battle/ You will be the first to test it
79 Gnomes and goblins have been fighting a dismal underground war for generations. If you can punch through and kill the goblin nobility we can win this once and for all
80 We have equipped these war snails with saddles for your sizes. Please take them and fight the enemy war snails on tomorrow's battle so they don't crush our archers or infantry
81 Take these baked treads to the faeries of nightmare wood and ransom forest 
82 Help these dopey druids find a faerie land location d4 1=cosmic tree 2=celestial grove 3=garden of the knowledge god 4=entrance to giant land
83 Go rescue young gnomes from a dancing faerie circle, its been days and they have missed chores
84 Faeries and gnomes are having a squirrel grooming contest so make sure nobody disturbs this serious ancient contest used to prevent war
85 Go collect us some dryad moss but don't get enslaved by her
86 Drunken vile lecherous satyrs deserve a beating for their lewd behaviour in front of a gnome matriarch knitting circle
87 Take these gifts to the elves accept their return gifts and bring them back
88 An animal pet in our village is really a changeling and we would like to know which and why it hides among us
89 A hag has been sending her troll sons to kidnap gnomes for her to eat, go stop her and save the gnomes
90 Go help faeries and elves make hunters in their forest fail as secretly as possible
91 Escort this airship from enemies on its trip to the moon. Aid the crew in taking specimens and prospecting and looking out for native selenites
92 Ride this mole machine into the deepest realms looking for unknown people of the deep
93 Take this balloon and use it to board a cloud giant cloud castle
94 Take this submersible vessel under the sea and observe the wonderful creatures there
95 Wear these salamander skin suits and masks to explore the ruins in this volcanic crater
96 Wear these baby Roc costumes to observe a family of great beasts on top of that mountain. Remember to look adorable to the mother and she will feed you and protect you
97 Take this wonderous ornithopter through this portal explore the psychedelic vortex on the other side and look for life
98 Help us establish a colony on the world tree for scholars and explorers
99 Go to the top of the world tree to map some branches and see what cloud worlds are accessible for future travellers
100 Board this outer void rocket craft with its crew and see what horrors lurk beyond the sky. Save some rocket powder for the return trip. Don't be afraid our best artillerists are here to aim you and promise not to hit any gods, stars celestial crystal palaces or elder star daemons 

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