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d100 Halfling Missions


Halflings or any small feyling small folk are all good at looking cute and pressed by bigger races but of course, are in fact more like ninja ewoks who bumble through everything like its easy. They make good patrons and friends. In my current homebrew of my game halfling "subclasses" will be reskinned for goblins or beastlings (small humanoid beast folk) and small elemental or plant or mushroom people. These folk are surprisingly tough and dangerous in a brawl 

d12 Halfling Settlements
1 Halfling loner in large unoccupied but cluttered complex d4 1=evil bugger 2=old and family gone 3=others all fled 4=last of kind
2 Extended family Burrow of d4 family hearths on the frontier
3 Village d4 1=Crossroads 2=Row or burrows 3=circle of family burrows 4d4 family hearths usually in civilised lands with many goods and housing in the local style
4 Town with large population of over d4 x 1000 traders, markets and inns with enclaves of other peoples among them. Much like any town of people of the region with some unique halfling charms and quality services and goods
5 Town burrow complex with a population of d6x1000 mostly halflings and on the surface seems like a smaller village with secret defences and watchmen. Everything is made for halfling comforts like cushions, snack stations and animal petting stations 
6 Halfling minority enclave in population of another demihuman with a d4 thousand members in a district and others over town. Their technology and craft look local and well-made
7 Halflings are enslaved or dominated by some local faction, bullies or wicked lord and are treated as serfs. They pay harsh taxes for their "protection" and many other petty and mean-spirited fees to earn a living. They only get 3 meals a day and no nap breaks!
8 Halflings are enslaved and kept caged like animals and controlled by mean bullies with whips and chains. Another species farming them like Morlocks
9 Natural cavern with the village a trading hub between the surface and the deep. 5d6 households with their own burrows. Inside the cavern is tunnels to faraway places and d4 1=lake 2=vast pit 3=ruins or cave art cathedral 4=fungus forest. A few other demihuman traders will stay here 
10 Prehistoric clan of halflings living in a great cavern near the surface. 5d6 Burrow families live in an area in carved extensions from the natural cave. Some are extra savage shunning light and eating outsiders. The cave has a d4 1=fish-filled river 2=ancient ruins 3=secret cult shrine 4=vast piles of gnawed bones including human
11 Nomadic clan for 5d6 families who travel on foot or with wagons or ponies and often some beast like small deer or goats or dogs. Their villages are temporary or seasonally rotated for best food. Most are shy but some will attack civilised people stealing their land
12 Advanced halfling bunker complex built to avoid some disaster long ago with 3d6 families all interrelated now. This vast metallic vault was built by advanced halflings with plate armour and flintlock pistols. They prefer to be a secret and are quite off even for halflings

What's this halfling doing?
1 Visiting friends
2 Going to the shops
3 Gathering d4 1=herbs 2=mushrooms 3=berries 4=honey
4 Take a pet or a friend for a nice walk
5 Looking for adventurers to employ
6 Visiting elderly kin with a basket of delicious food
7 Running away from some bad recent encounter
8 Take a picnic basket for a private feast
9 Drinking possibly with friends and jolly
10 Blazed on some pipeweed, really good got from his brother-in-law, d6-1 friends
11 Watching area in secret working for d4 1=clan 2=gang 3=kingdom 4=cult or just alone and scared
12 Feeling ill from a big meal or not enough. Needs food badly to survive,
"Can you spare a few chickens or fruitcakes, perhaps some beer, I'm feeling feint"

d12 Unusual Features of a community
1 Standing stones and dolmen even in the village square and graveyards
2 Magnificent tree with a door, the home of a local magician  
3 Grove of ancient trees where dryads and other sylvan beings visit
4 Door to a locked older complex d4 1=mine 2=dungeon 3=cavern 4=escape tunnels
5 Temple d4 1=Dedicated to a local cult 2=Dedicated to druids 3=Dedicated to faerie 4=great gods depicted as halflings
6 Criminal family guild members and will pickpocket guests, have a secret training dungeon and vault
7 Stranger who lives here a retired adventurer d4 1=Wizard 2=sorcerer 3=Warrior 4=Bard  
8 Has a dungeon door right in the community and they keep it locked and have drills
9 Enemies bullying locals and have caused some injuries to drive away small folk
10 Spectacular market with good snacks, herbs, spices and unusual breeds of smaller farm animals
11 Vice-loving halflings  drinking, pipeweed and gambling and all a bit poorer and unhealthy
12 Village has drills to hide, activate traps and use secret doors for hit-and-run tactics and a peril-filled tunnel complex built for smaller people

d12 Halfling Rewards
1 Feast for you and your followers
2 Free accommodation and meals for a year
3 Free beer for a year
5 Free stable fees for a year
6 Weeks of drinking and gorging
7 Magic potions d6+4 
8 Old unused burrow for you
9 Choice from a pile of +1 items d6 1=shortsword 2=club 3=stick 4=rock 5=sling 6=dagger 7=sheild 8=shortbow
10 Quiver of dozen +1 arrows or pouch of sling stones
11 Pouch of rocks - make a sling stone or a throwing rock per round you reach in (possible it could fill a room over time but stops if mouth blocked
12 Magic Stewpot make a meal for six once per day in these versions d4 1=venison stew 2=vegetarian gruel 3=delicious raw flesh of the idiot god 4=warm porridge with a bit of butter

d12 Halfling Hardware
1 Sensible clothes, boots, backpack, sling, dagger and club, fruitcake
2 Shirt, trousers, clogs, pocket knife, wheel of goat cheese, a loaf of bread 
3 Tweed suit with hat, walking cane sword, buckled shoes, bottle of wine, glazed fruits 
4 Hooded cloak, shortbow, short sword, dagger, leather armour and roast piglet
5 Fishing outfit with high boots, cap, necktie, boots, oilskin coat, stripey shirt, dagger, line & hook, pet cat or bird, dried cod for d4 days
6 Animal skins and a wreath of holly leaves and berries, club, sling, roast rabbit on stick
7 Chain shirt, iron cap, shield and a shortsword, sack or war booty, leg of roast lamb
8 Axe, horned helmet, chain or scale armour, ham, small keg of beer, beer mug 
9 Priestly robes with a staff a dagger, holy book, suet pudding, bottle of wine 
10 Shirt or dress, sandals, club, plus a dog, pig or goat on a leash, six boiled eggs, bread, d4 apples
11 Hooded robe, dagger, burning torch, cult mask, d4 mysterious minced pies
12 Shirt, vest, fancy hat with feather, musical instrument, pork pies, deck of cards

d10 Quick 
Missions Types
1 Shopping
2 Cookery
3 Vermin
4 Building
5 Borrowing
6 Travel
7 Bullies
8 Investigations
9 Relics
10 Weird Wandering

d100 Halfling Clan Missions
01 Buy three large stuffed leather chairs, make sure comfortable type
02 Buy four large decorative rugs for our burrow walls in winter
03 Open the roof and lower in some new furniture and take out the old stuff
04 Buy all the apple brandy you can for our special apple festival
05 We need all the pheasants and game hens or any small birds we can get for a feast
06 Bring us a new cast iron oven from this port it is for sale at
07 Buy us 24 smoked hams for an emergency56tpoi
08 Bring us four tons of sacked flour please, the good kind without gravel 
09 Bring supplies or spun wool, thread and fine cloth for folk dancing costumes
10 Buy the finest tea set in the town and impress the snooty old widow
Make a wonderful wedding cake in 24 hours 
12 Prepare a roast oxen stuffed with wild boar and 200 loaves of bread
13 Gather a sampler of the region's best pipeweed for the meeting of elders 
14 Bring a wagonload of beer or wine, some brandy would be nice
15 Catch this famous elk with a silver patch stag for a feast, watch out he is feisty 
16 Steal this Cloud Giants cookbook
17 Prepare a feast for visiting emissaries from the king
18 We need you to fetch ingredients for dragon sausages
19 Manticore testicles are an important feature dish on an upcoming holiday, go fetch a pair
20 Collect giant bee honey for our mead, look out for bees and elves who think it is theirs
21 Giant beetles bored into our cellar go destroy them
22 Giant rats are all over the storehouse licking our ham and cheese
23 Someone is stealing our pies and making our guard dogs sleep
24 A pack of wolves are getting closer to our homes each night destroy them
25 Some large burrowing beast has built tunnels under our fields go stop them and find our missing pony
26 Take this wicked outcast far away, we will not speak of their crimes again and they must leave by sundown. Somewhere hard to get back from perhaps an island
27 Grandma's root cellar is full of giant centipedes go get them and don't break her preserves
28 Squirrels are hoarding our nuts and we believe a were-squirrel lives among us
29 Mischievous sprites playing tricks on us, go beat them up and don't mention us. Best to leave the area after really. No murder please that would be wrong
30 Sherrif reports lots of severed creeping undead hands coming from the swamp please find the source
31 Build a new burrow barn
32 Build a nice burrow house for the old widow
33 Dig new secret tunnel crossing area
34 Plow all our fields you mighty human meat machines
35 Pick all our fruit, look out for snakes
36 Build a new stone wall fence around the sheep meadow
37 Cut down a dozen trees and get them to the village
38 Help the smith heat his forge, fetch water and beat metal
39 Help clear out the haunted storehouse
40 Help empty a house of goods and sell them and house for the mayor. Owned by some missing adventurer weirdo been gone for three months 
41 Go borrow the Trolls grindstone for us thanks they use it for bonemeal but we find they are superb ancient quality
42 Go steal our prize cow back stolen by a human noble who claims was on his land
43 A human took one of the holy symbols as a souvenir please get it back, it's ok if you need to beat them soundly
44 Go collect some owlbear dung please it is the most marvelous fertiliser for squash and marrows, ill win this year's contest you'll all see
45 Go collect some unicorn dung please it is a wonderous healing agent (d4 rubbed on a wound) but the pesky elves think they own them all so look out
46 Stingy dwarves won't sell us iron from their mine, even for cake and sandwiches. Because they eat grey grimy instant gruel and love it. Please go convince them to sell us some iron and if they don't steal about 40kg of ore, Maybe they can be bribed with beer 
47 Go to the local goblin village and steal back the fertility totem as its our turn now to steal it back
48 Convince the druid to make us animate scarecrows to toil in our fields and fetch water. No, you can't try and trick us with undead like that last part
49 Long ago a magician left a relic in that cave. Just bypass the traps and get it, please. It's what we call a cakewalk
50 A thief stole the land deed we had with the human kingdom in a plot to drive us off our land to replace us with sheep. Go to the noble's castle and steal it back
51 Go through the haunted forest and recover the hostages held by an evil knight and bring them back
52 Go carry this cursed relic and chuck it in the sea or a volcano or something, please
53 Go to our great sacred tree and get an acorn from the druids there and bring it back so we may have part of the clan tree too
54 Carry this magical healing cauldron to a village that had floods and mudslides. Help all you can with the healing magic food of the cauldron (mean halflings with evil cauldron food look gross but the taste is amazing and is addictive). Bring it back to our temple after
55 Go fetch these peaches from a tree guarded by terrible monsters
56 Search this road for signs of family and a wagon that went missing. Are they ok?
57 Travel to the city and beat up this young noble for us
58 Go take this sacred potplant to our sister temple in another town we have lost contact with. Traders say the road has become too risky
59 Go contact a clan we have lost contact with perhaps in another land
60 Go check these four island treasure maps we bought and we will split the costs with you if you find anything 
61 Hobgoblins get drunk and come into our streets and urinate on the hedges please stop them
62 A dangerous build-up of fearsome kobolds has gathered and you must cull them before they invade us
63 A big ogre came and stole our picnic and now all of us are afraid to eat outdoors on a nice day. Please kill it
64 A troll snatched a harmless halfling who only threw a few rocks as a joke go get him and thrash the troll within an inch of his life a few times
65 A hill giant has been seen and we know they love to eat us. It doesn't take a wizard to figure out we need to kill the giant and dispose of its corpse
66 A mean human bandit gang came into town and were very rude and became drunk and belligerent and harassed our sheep. Go deal with them permanently and get a royal reward too
67 A great big fish gobbled up an angler recently and now has attacked coracles and rafts of the river folk. Go catch this fish
68 Terror birds are in the woods pack hunted and chased Miranda Appleblossom when she was in her orchard. Go drive away those giant angry stupid birds that cant fly and eat meat
69 Slavers tried to snatch some children and are camped in the area, especially after our kind
70 A human cult have tried home invasions to snatch sacrifices but failed thanks to a few blunderbuss in the elder's homes and a lot of rock-throwing
71 Help the sheriff work out who stole the radishes from Borris Stoutwang's garden
72 Some wizards borrowed some prisoners from the lockup and the sergeant cant remember much about the visit. Anyway, get the prisoners back and the wizard so we can question him to see if he has any mind control powers he is using unlawfully
73 Pappa Marigold promised his daughters to a mysterious black-robed stranger for some gold and toffee and he wants you to find this fellow and destroy all copies of the contract
74 Someone is moving garden gnomes around by night. Some say gnomes are moving on their own, Solve this mystery
75 Go find out if the old haunted house is haunted or just some crime gang using ghost stories as a smokescreen
76 An assassin left this strange iron ring with a fly design on it that mercenaries distrust, what is it?
77 A special selection of cakes was arranged to be judged by the town council and were stolen. Recover the cakes and don't taste any just bring them back. Maybe clean them up quickly if needed
78 A sinkhole in a field fell into a prehistoric cave like our ancestors lived in. Go see if its got any of our relics or art or if its just a monster-filled hell hole
79 Grandfather had this strange map with and od language he made possibly leading to his treasure. He loved scholarly puzzles, codes and maps as he was a famous adventurer
80 Some small mysterious creatures have taken roost in some rooftops and air vents and chimneys. Go deal with these pests d4 1=vent trolls 2= gremlins 3=brownies 4=tiny adventurers shrunk by a god
81 Our clan used to have a magic cauldron but orcs took it to carry their loot home and its been lost 300 years. Recently some divination got answers and we can finally send you there to fetch it
82 Somewhere in the dismal swamp is the remains of Silo Thumpnunts who stole a magic egg from druids and as fled into the swamps were chased by monsters and drowned by the swamp. We think the egg will be in his body in a boat in a certain area as parts of it were in a beaver dam 
83 A treasured recipe book was burned, go to this other village and ask to copy there's and bring the copy to us. You might have to impress them before they will trust you
84 A book of our heritage explaining how we crossed the world in secret in the old times with all our family trees is said to have fallen off a cliff in a wagon with horse and all into a misty narrow valley without a known climbable entry. You may keep other records unrelated to our people, mostly documents seized by a short-lived conqueror
85 A magical water pipe with infinite pipeweed was dropped by Uncle Yaleb Chunkbork (of the Butter Hills Chunkborks) into a river when he was fishing. He would really like it back as he is the secret custodian and he requires pipeweed to sleep and paint really detailed unicorn miniatures
86 The clan Harp Draegfilgr was taken by a dragon to its hoard one hundred and twenty years ago. The clan say we have a promising bard in the community and this relic would aid them in their service to the people. Go get it 
87 The famous shortsword SIlverfriend was stuck in a bugbear boss in a battle who then fell into a sinkhole and was carried away to his burial chamber in the deep of the earth, Go get this clan weapon back it would look so cool in our clan hall for rituals
88 Mortar & Pestle of the clan matriarch has lost its Pestle and without it we cant use it to make magic food. Which is better than normal food and free. Go get the pestle from whoever stole it. As a reward, you will get a magical feast for you and 12 friends
89 Chamberpot of King Goldcobble which empties unwanted waste and garbage to some other place. The king was somehow swallowed up by it so see if you can work out how to open the gate to the dismal trash-strewn dimensions used as garbage heaps from dozens of worlds. Go find the king's regalia and bring them back if possible
90 Cooking Pot of the Faerie Queen flavours any basic food item to be delicious with faerie seasonings and flavours and is not addictive. Treasured for generations until a secret club of chefs plotted to steal it with the help of an evil wizard. Go get it back and punish them and the wizard
91 Go join the first party of adventurers who offer you work and assist them in plundering their current dig 
92 Carry this evil relic to a location and throw it in d4 1=volcano 2=deepest sea 3=pit at end of world 4=mouth of a dragon god
93 Take this blessed sheep to a faraway temple and beware of demons who want to harm the beast
94 Escort this child to their family of nomadic wanderers somewhere beyond the frontier
95 Find a long-lost colony that went to sea and make contact with them
96 Find the world tree and use it to get to the underworld. Avoid the dragons gnawing at its roots and pick this rare herb from the shores uf the river of the underworld
97 Find the world tree and locate an ancestor who moved there long ago and see if they are ok
98 Ask the squirrels in the world tree upper branches how to find the world of delicious food and report your visit
99 Read the writings on sculpture in the world of Arcadia relating to our earliest history and see if any creatures know any true stories of our past
100 Take this hamper of delicious magical food to the temple of the hearth goddess in the upper branches of the hearth goddess to help replenish her divine pantry

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