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d100 Construction Delays for your Bastion or Stronghold

I heard a utuber say they would like something like this.

They could hit price and time of construction (especially if a government-funded project with private contractors). Some of these are actually interesting or good so not a complete drag to roll here.

1 Geological
2 Weather
3 Hirelings
4 Sabotage
5 Materials
6 Political
7 Discovery
8 Attack
9 Supernatural
10 Cosmic

d100 Construction Delays for your Bastion or Stronghold
01 FInd a natural cave complex needs exploring or can just seal up
02 Discover soft substrate will need some extra foundations +10% or it will sink over time
03 DIscover a deposit of d4 1=metal 2=coal 3=marble 4=clay 
04 Gas floods underground construction d4 1=poison 2=flamable 3=smoke 4=irritant
05 Find a spectacular natural geode crystal chamber with a skeleton inside
06 FInd an underground water source could be good for a well or just seal it
07 Find petrified bones and remains of ancient monsters
08 Find a cave with a heated grotto nice for relaxing in with huge crystals
09 Boiling pool of d4 1=lava 2=mud 3=sulphur 4=nitrites
10 Discover a cold underground cave with ancient paintings on the walls of some sacred complex with bones of prehistoric creatures
11 Storms damaged the work site and workers settlement d4 times in a month 
+10% time and cost
12 Flash flood or heavy rains damages site and causes some mud slides +10% time and cost
13 Lightning strike sets alight scaffolding and wooden items on site +10% time and cost
14 Fog blankets work site and labour camp slowing movement +10% time
15 Constant rain, sleet, hail or snow slows work +10% time
16 Lightning shatters a major part of construction +10% cost
17 Weather triggers a mud slide or avalanche that damages site, workers' camp or road +10% time and cost
18 SInister clouds, lightning and bad weather scare workers who believe project is cursed and want to stop work
19 An evil face appears in the sky and clouds and scares workforce who want it stopped
20 Migrating monsters decide the work site is a good place to stop for a bit
21 Workers complain about terrible food making them ill
22 Workers complain od giant d4 1=ants 2=rats 3=badgers 4=carniverous moles 
23 Workers want entertainment in their camp 
24 Turns out a major expert has become senile or is a fraud +10% time and cost
25 Major expert adds a secret entrance or hiding place for nefarious reasons 
26 Workers sneak off to go adventuring in local d4 1=ruin 2=cave 3=dungeon 4=haunted manor
27 Slavers kidnapped some of your workers
28 A troublemaker has come to recruit your workers to another job site
29 Some creature visits the camp at night d4 1=doppelganger 2=shadows 3=succubus 4=ghouls
30 Workers fighting about alignment in camp after work and forming factions
31 Enemy bribes workers to leave the site
32 Bard arrives to gossip and sing about the terrible deeds of the boss and what this is "really for"
33 Cultist uses a rock to mud scroll to sabotage the work site +10% time and cost
34 Cultist infiltrates workers and tries to get them to join evil cult
35 Small humanoids burrow under the site causing damage +10% time and cost
36 Lots of accidents on site until saboteurs from enemies is stopped
37 Cultists use curses and spells to cause trouble with workers who are scared
38 One of the workers is a werewolf probably best to sop them before workers leave
39 Some deceased workers arise from dead and menace the crew making them want to abandon the work. An evil priest, cult or necromancer are to blame
40 Arsonist on site destroys lumber, scaffolding and carts 
41 Shortage of quality stone need a new quarry or supply
42 Some creature harassing the woodcutters chopping wood for the project
43 We need lots of sand from a new quarry
44 Turns out some of the rubble used for landfill were old headstones of a previous civilisation
45 Elves and treants are disrupting local wood supplies
46 The local quarry has been overun by kobolds and the masons cannot work
47 Some creatures in the clay pits are stopping the local potters and tilers and brickmakers
48 A rust monster destroyed a shed full of nails and tools and might come back
49 Local wells have gone dry and we need water brought to the site if they don't flow again
50 Local prison governor can supply cheap non-guild labour -10% but upset the guilds
51 Rival noble dislikes the project and appeals to the ruler to stop it
52 Rival noble wants major road moved away from your domain
53 Rival noble wants the property and tries to frame the owner with a fake treason plot
54 Rival noble claims your not paying your taxes to the ruler and you have vast hidden wealth
55 Ruler wants to visit so hurry up to receive them, maybe you can bribe their chamberlain to delay the visit few seasons
56 A faction wants you onside, if you reject them you are their enemy
57 A faction believes your property is a threat and send spies to work on it
58 An enemy power thinks obtaining your property will be part of their invasion or attack
59 A cad comes to join your followers to rob and steal from treasury or art objects
60 A competent stranger arives to serve and is really a spy for the ruler
61 Discover an ancient sealed monumental tomb for d4 1=druid 2=king 3=wizard 4=holy leader
62 Discover ancient tunnels of dwarf civilisation that connected the land by vast underground highways long ago
63 Discover the site of an ancient temple destroyed for evil ways, The sub-levels were sealed generations ago
64 Discover ancient mine tunnels including a shrine and some graves and stone tools
65 Discover a forgotten dungeon left centuries ago and covered by disaster
66 Discover prehuman ruins and chambers sealed with wards long ago
67 Discover a tunnel system with ancient graves in niches from long ago
68 Discover remains of vast stone monument now buried d6 1=ziggurratt 2=mousoleum 3=fallen statue 4=great temple complex 5=sphynx 6=haunted palace
69 Discover cave trade route used long ago between surface and underland folk
70 Discover access to a traversable underground river at the bottom of a vast rift it has carved over aeons. Home to giant fish, bats, bugs, prehistoric albino marine dinosaurs and giant axolotl
71 Goblinoid raiders attack camp to steal food and tools while workers away
72 Orc raiders come to enslave workers and burn everything
73 Bandits raid your work camp and supply wagons
74 Barbarian raiders come to rob and kill on a raid
75 Vile beast folk serving a witch raid your work site and take workers
76 Robed cultists try and kidnap workers to sacrifice constantly for their hungry god
77 Mysterious masked riders sent by a secret faction to stop your project wreck the site and scare workers
78 Monsters keep raiding the site and are being directed by some mysterious boss
79 Someone summoned a monster from another plane to attack and may try again
80 Undead came from the woods at night and attacked the workers' camp. They were sent by a d4 1=cult 2=mummy 3=necromancer 4=vampire
81 A mysterious singing spirit has been trying to lure people into the wilderness by night
82 People have heard screeching and moaning sounds at night and a fearsome supernatural being is causing trouble d4 1=nature spirit 2=hag 3=banshee 3=vengeful spectre
83 Local scruffy old madman decrees this site has not been blessed by some long-forgotten earth cult and people are starting to believe him
84 People have had dreams in the worker's camp and some believe some spirit is trying to make contact or investigating
85 Local witch sends doppelgangers and undead that pretend to be human to spy on the workers. A few people have disappeared and possibly replaced
86 Traces of cult paraphernalia of outdoor rituals are being found often and it seems more than just the usual druidy stuff
87 Workers find a haunted witch house near the camp and work site
88 An ancient golem has awakened as if angered by the building site has been causing trouble. It is pre human and responds to some long-gone threat like a good automaton
89 Ghost seen at night moaning about something angrily, workers want an exorcist called
90 A dark monolith things come to worship under the full moon
91 A prophet predicts some great world event will take place here
92 A petty god visits, possibly will just pass but look out it it is made mad
93 An elemental node is discovered in the area sealed long ago and connects with another plane. If opened a guardian comes out to protect it
94 Found the decaying flesh of some vast alien god killed aeons ago
95 Find a location marked by a famous hero d4 1=saint 2=knight 3=wizard 4=fool  
96 Find remains of an ancient broken portal once on the surface
97 Find a long lost treasure horde and among it are some famous artworks and a troublesome artifact
98 Find a lost holy shrine with some unusual power that is mentioned in holy texts. A famous religion believes finding this shrine is of special significance 
99 Disturb an ancient barrow ling grave and a revenant with an ancient crown of this land arises to fight the new-coming ruler. The crown imbues wearer with link to the land allowing them to arise as a revenant if dead and also speak with dead three times a day
100 An ancient prehuman stone vault is discovered sealing in some minor divinity or entity of the outer void

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