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d100 Elf Clan Missions

I was a teen elf fan and still like them in D&D and was a bit sad when i started ad&d that elves were not a class. So obviously this was the start of my whole homebrew system.

Elves suit subtypes with colourful varieties with different spells and looks. I went back to my dwarf post and added a table for a more career-based dwarf table as a type option I think I prefer for them. I suggest trying both approaches with elves also and will do so here. Possibly starting elf followers might include goblin or human servants.

I consider certain elves will have additional abilities if they are not earthborn but in return hate iron and are vulnerable to planar magic like banishment.

Elves in my game are a class but can be reskinned a bit and you could change your class in my game and specialise in a different branch of magic. Oaths can also expand this. In my SF games with the same engine, they are Eloi/Eldren modified for space long-term space travel.

My changeling class has overlaps with elves a bit - they are spirit folk who look like elves but can become human or some other form related to species or plant, fungus, animal, faerie or planar being. 

d12 Elf Varients
1 Wood elves CG use nature magic and defends the forests from destruction
2 Celestial Elves LN live in the crystal citadels of star faeries use divine magic
3 Bright Elves LG use divine magic and guard sacred places ordained by the gods
4 Dark Elves CE use arcane magic and guard the darkest forests and fungus caves
5 Desert Elves LN use mentalism and use it to hide from humanity with illusions
6 Chaos elves CE use negative divine magic and worship demons or demon-tainted faerie
7 Blood Elves LE using Arcane blood magic, carnivorous fanged hell elves
8 Grey Elves CN use mentalist magic and are infamously gloomy in the underland 
9 Half Elves CN use arcane magic and lived with humans so long are called half-elf
10 Sea Elves CN use arcane water elemental magic and live on coasts and islands
11 Ice Elves CN use arcane ice elemental magic and live in the north or mountain tops
12 Astral Elves LN use mentalism and are scarrified and bandaged enemies of chaos, the astral winds have withered their immortal flesh and made them harsh 

d10 Elf Careers (some will change class after one level in elf class)

1 Elf Knight - LN chivalrous cavalry of faerie court, usw composite bow and arcane spells
2 Elf Ranger - CN scout and border defenders on wilderness frontiers, nature spells
3 Elf Magus - CN specialises in magical skills and crafts to make magic items, arcane spells
4 Elf Watcher - LN spies and agents of elf court, secret orders teach mentalism and skills
5 Elf Paladin - LG wages eternal war on evil using divine magic
6 Elf Minstrel - CN uses mentalist magic and trickery to entertain, gossip and spy
7 Elf Healer - LG use divine magic and skill to heal the sickness and wounds of evil
8 Elf Sailor - CN sea traveller and adventurer using mentalism magic
9 Elf Seer - LN oracular diviner and scholar uses mentalism magic
10 Elf Harlequin  - CN dancing order of assassins use mentalism
11 Elf Trickster - CN elves who play mean tricks on humans to scare them from elfland
    Use arcane magic. Kidnap humans even babies to be slaves & addicted
12 Elf Gardener - CN elves who help spread forests and fill them with food using nature magic

d12 Whats this elf up to?
1 On a quest
2 Carrying a message between humans and Elfland
3 Going to market to buy hardy livestock of humans
4 Spying on human activity
5 Warning humans about some menace
6 Helping a sick tree or animal
7 Planting fast-growing acorns and bramble hedges
8 Hunting an enemy that passed through elfland and hurt some elves
9 Poisoning a well or pond with d4 1=love potion 2=confusion potion 3=hallucinagenic potion 4=temporary polymorph to animal potions, effects last a day, the elf will try and watch from hiding
10 Spreading diseases d4 1=lycanthropy 2=plague 3=cowpox 4=swine flu
11 Out doing pranks and mischief possibly with spells
12 Kidnapping human d4 1=baby 2=children 3=adults 4=criminal who wronged or offended elves 

d10 Quick Elf Mission Types
1 Prank the humans
2 Defend the natural world
3 Fetch exotic substance
4 Smite something
5 Wage war on our foes
Recover lost treasure
7 Impress us with artwork 
8 Sylvan Shenanigans
9 Faerieland Frolics
10 Fabulous journies

Also see my various prank posts including ones for dark elves

Yes my elves are scary jerks

d100 Elf Clan Missions
01 Fill an empty farm with undead, constructs or dangerous creatures to keep people away
02 Perform vulgar and crude pranks on every house in a stone's throw of the forest
03 Prank the woodcutters in a logging camp by damaging or stealing their tools
04 Prank the local children by casting spells on them and offering them fairy food
05 Scare all the livestock of humans near the farm or passing the woods for a week
06 Get us a half a dozen human babies or children to come to fairyland with us forever
07 Cast spells on farm animals bordering elfland 
08 Scare away all the game from human hunters in the borderlands for a week
09 Burn down the blacksmiths and noble halls of a village near the borderlands 
10 Enrage a mob of humans so they chase you into elfland for us to round up like cattle
11 Plant 300 of these fast-growing tree seeds this month on the borderlands
12 Shut down a mining or lumber camp in the borderlands 
13 Dam the river, perhaps hire beavers and then flood the downstream living peoples in a month
14 Lead these goblins to drive away herdsmen on our frontier pastures for a month
15 Hunt the unicorn hunters but you may warn them first (or some other questing beast)
16 Kill this hall of rich trophy-gathering hunters while they are feasting
17 Kill all the human dogs living within a stone's throw of the forest  
18 Stampede wild herds through a human settlement, outpost or caravan
19 Destroy a human road through the wilderness
20 Perform this rite at these ancient monoliths by the full moon to release the wild hunt
21 Fetch us these flowers from the Forbidden Valley, keep the flowers safe now
22 Fetch us this wagon load of copper from this shifty human who owes us and failing that punish him
23 Fetch this magical fruit from a magic tree in the enchanted woods 
24 Bring us a witch shawl and her clogs
25 Fetch us 40 kittens, nice ones not the sewer ones
26 Fetch us the hat of this wizard without his permission
27 Procure us two pounds of black lotus resin, from the human port city best
28 Recover a minor elf weapon from a human grave 
29 Fetch us a talking goat - they are more common than you think
30 Go to the goblin market and bring back five types of magic mushrooms
31 Bury a dungeon complex sealing its airholes and entrances and exits. Guard it for a month
32 Slay the beast of Bloodknock Falls for eating an elf
33 Kill the chaos goblin warlord and anyone you have to to get at him
34 Kill the forest wyvern of the Brakkenwoods
35 A coven of werewolves has escaped our hunting estate go get the leader and the rest will follow you back to elfland as thralls
36 Go kill this d4 1=ogre 2=troll 3=giant 4=orc boss who has claimed a d4 1=haunted ruin 2=sinister cave 3=bridge 4=old tower
37 Kill the green dragon in the Wyrmwoods, you may keep its treasure 
38 Kill this wizard in a tower near elfland 
39 A vampire is hiding in the area find and kill them
40 A bad nature spirit is manifest as an evil tree monster spreading its evil taint, go kill it
41 A tribe of feral goblins have been raiding our goblin's villages. Go help our goblins win so they can get back to work for us 
42 An evil orc warlord has respawned an ancient anti-elf cult from aeons ago go kill him and his followers and destroy their ancient orc anti-elf weapons
43 A rival elf faction has made some threatening moves, go to this tree fort and kill everyone
44 Dwarves are burrowing into a mountain and polluting water and land and stinking up the pretty mountain, go get them to leave and seal the entrance
45 Flatulant halfling drunks have flooded our community eating everything and asking questions about everything. Take these clubs and drive them out of town
46 Bugbears have been collecting heads from our human secret contacts, go get the bugbears
47 Ogres attacked one of our hillforts went to their lair and exterminated them
48 Go kill the famous human robber knight and his band hiding in Gruberhole cavern 
49 A hideous horde of chaos mutant beast folk are in the swamp plotting evil so go kill them all
50 A necromancer in the forest is amazing an army using forgotten plague era graves now covered by our forest
51 Recover this priceless diadem of elfkind from those filthy dwarves
52 Find the ring of an elven king in the dungeon on this map
53 Jewels of an elven diplomat have been stolen by a thieves' guild, get them back
54 The Dwarf king regalia is made from royal elf jewels so steal it back
55 Rival elves have stolen a ring from an elf noble hand please return it
56 A jewel much admired by a queen elf was lost to goblins and the jewel is now in this dungeon go get it back
57 A much-loved pearl was returned to the sea go get it back and here are your potions to visit the underwater fairy world and passports to enter the sea kingdom and visit the current ruler d4 1=dragon 2=fairy 3=sea elf 4=tako octopus fairy
58 In the temple of the orcs is an idol of their one eyed gloomy god set with a fabulous long lost jewel we owned millennium ago and want back, go fetch
59 Find the Dragon NIrfsvart who has implanted a jewel in his head to spite us and take it
60 Find this last gem we need to open this ancient portal to faerieland so our gods may visit our world more freely
61 Write a scathing witty poem about how vulgar wild humans outside elfland are
62 Produce a painting of the fairy queen we can put in our palace and she might see it one day
63 Bring us a fabulous tapestry of unicorn hunters being ironically killed in a forest with silver and gold thread
64 Make a float for the next season's solstice faerie parade, do not shame us
65 Bring us one of those wizard paintings with a world inside its frame
66 Bring us a stuffed owlbear in an exciting pose
67 Take these wretched unwanted slaves and return in three months with a decorative carved skull wall hanging to remind us of mortality
68 Take this elf slayer to this wizard who will turn him into a living immortal flesh chair and return it to us 
70 Fetch us 100 cats so we can make a cat organ, make sure their cries are in a chromatic scale
71 Drunken centaurs stole an elf and we fear the brutes will be vulgar and coarse to them and must be rescued. The centaurs are a wild drunken berserker clan who love to drink and fight and kidnap people and humans
72 Satyrs stole musical instruments from an elf palace and are playing terrible bawdy music on them that hurts our head, fetch the instruments before they are ruined
73 Lonley Dryads are visiting for a ceremony could you look after them for three days while we are busy preparing for a royal visit from faerieland. Dont let anybody kill them
74 Goblins stole faerie food and are using it to enslave humans, best go get the food, punish the goblins and any addicted humans will probably need to come with us for care
75 A great dance of forest and faerie folk need you to stop excessive drinking and violent behaviour
76 Go help this old treant catch some troublemakers and make sure he doesn't get in trouble, he is not as sharp as he was
77 A tribe of coarse beast folk have been camping and putting on band performances and parties and dancing but we don't like it, please drive off these coarse oafs
78 A greenhag wants a lover for just one night, go help her find a nice young mortal willing to sacrifice themself and to father some trolls or ogres. The lovers only last so long
79 A unicorn grazing area has attracted thieves who want to steal unicorn poops (heal a d4 rubbed on a wound). Go stop these thieves and scare them away forever. Our servant goblins are permitted to take these blessed unicorn poops
80 Take this gift to the kindly old forest giant and ask if he has a prophecy for us
81 Take these costumes and you will be doormen at our faerie ball tonight, don't let anyone in not on the list
82 Take these sprites and brownies to faerieland for their visit to the faeriequeen who will choose some to be transformed into wilderness spirits or elves
83 Track this thief who stole from elfland and the faerie, this hunting werewolf will aid you
84 A goblin clan has escaped elfland go bring them back as their chores are going unattended
85 Help these swan maidens recover their cloaks stolen by sleazy humans  
86 Fetch this elf back from captivity from this noble's castle and take any children they might have
87 Take this baby wyrm and drop it down this village well, please and don't get seen
88 Take these old people back to human land to their old villages so they can meet their relatives and even descendants. Give each this gold ring to thank them for their service. Dont mind their archaic human speech or memories
89 Visit this other strange faerieland seldom spoken of and take this message to their ruler
90 We will turn you into unicorns so you can distract human hunters
91 Explore this region of giantland and place these new border stones
92 Visit the roots of the world tree and ask the dark elves of the roots to give us some of their cursed items
93 Visit the world tree branches and ask the wood elves for one of the great tree's acorns
94 Visit the world tree upper branches and ask the bright elves to give us some of the finest golden misstletoe found there and don't get distracted by all the cloud worlds you can visit 
95 Visit this castle in the nightmare realm of shadows and bring us this elf relic hidden there
96 Visit the glass citadel an invisible elf bastion that appears and disappears in the North Sea. See if they still live
97 Ride these giant moths to the celestial citadel of this star faerie and her court and present her with this jewellery from the elf queen
98 A changeling wronged us and has fled to another plane of one of their parents. Go find this wretch and bring them to us 
99 Enter this elemental portal and take some of the elemental crystal you find, don't get into fights with elementals if you can 
100 Visit this elemental world of plants and get us some seeds of their dangerous plants

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