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d12 Popular Pipeweed Blends

Roll on your first use then when you qualify for short term roll again and roll when you hit long term. If you get clean you have to start all over again.

first use - firsts try save success and fail
short term use - up tp 7 hits in a week, need a week free to clean up and a daily WIS roll
long term use - daily use for a month, need 6 months to clean up and monthly WIS save
save if you don't get a daily fix -2 all rolls until you do

d12 Popular Pipeweed Blends
1 Blueburrow Blend 1cp/dose
aka Mountain Blend, Millpond Blue. Rich, earthy smells of morning
first use: save really hungry need a meal/fail eat until vomit pass out d4 hours  
short term use save eat 50% more/fail gain 10% mass per week if not halfling
long term use save or start to shrink, grow fatter and curly hair and become halfling in a year

2 Dream Weed 
aka sleep weed, purple haze. Sweet, numbing that dulls senses 
first use save have a d6 hours dreamy sleep that night fail awake terrible nightmares
short term use save have deep profound dreams/fail constant nightmares
long term use have waking hallucinations daily/fail chased bt nightmare demons

3 Elf Weed aka Faerie Grass 
aka Titania's Moss. Crisp, herbal and floral flavour 
first use can see normally invisible faerie portals, magic circles and doors for d4 rounds
short term use save can sense faerie things by touch/fail you crave faerie things and food
long term use save reincarnated as a brownie on death if not elf/fail lose d4 CHA
4 Troll Root 
aka Bitter Root, Iron Weed. Harsh induces coughing & numbs senses
first use save and smell rocks by type for d4 rounds/cough helplessly a d4 rounds
short term use save smell and taste rocks like gourmet rock eater/fail lode d3 max HP a week
long term use save identify minerals by touch/fail and find geology and digging arousing

5 Marsh Weed 
aka Toad Buds, Hop Weed, Frog Weed. Swampy smell of frog butts
first use save feel dancing 3d4 hours/fail must dance till you pass out then sleep d3 days
short term use save gain +d3m jump up or across/fail warty -1CHA to non-amphibians
long term use save save improves fertility and singing voice/fail all your speech is croaking non-amphibians cant understand
6 Silver Cloud s
aka Lamb Breath, Angel Leaf. Tastes pure and mild, burns quickly
first use save you can exhale a huge smoke cloud/fail lose voice d4 rounds
short term use save your voice is sweeter +1 vocal skills/fail you become gassy and flatulent
long term use save your voice is a delight +2 vocal skills/fail you turn into a delicious lamb

7 Snake Weed 
aka Hydra Leaf, Gorgon Pubes. Smells like a reptile house and spicy
first use save giggle like a snake d4 rounds/fail lisp for d12 hours
short term use save +2 vs reptile venom/fail -2 vs reptile venom
long term use save can speak to snake beings/fail die from poisoning

8 Black Spore 
aka Dark Root, Witch Weed, Grim Weed, Night Fire. Smell of fungus and mold
first use undead or corpses glow d4 rounds/fail blind for d4 rounds
short term use save invisible to undead 2d4 rounds per use/fail blind d4 rounds & delicious to undead 3d4 rounds per use
long term use save can detect undead 3 range/fail become undead when you die instantly

9 Scorpion Sting 
aka Stonk Weed, Weepers Weed. Burns mouth and eyes
first use save +1 save vs poison d4 rounds/fail face and hands numb hour -2 most skills
short term use save +1 save vs poison/fail lose d4 from max HP until clean
long term use save +1 Hit +1 save vs fear and poison/fail lose 2d4 from max HP permanently 

10 Red Devil 
aka Hell Weed, Old Spice, Old Hobb's Weed. Burns like cinnamon
first use save see tiny imps in smoke d4 rounds/fail d4 hours see your fingers as imps giving evil advice
short term use save aroused and erotic dream of devils and witches by night /fail a smoke imp you exhale becomes real and wants you to sell your soul
long term use save a senior devil offers you a lesser wish for your soul/fail you sell your soul speaking aloud in your sleep or dreams and are carried to hell by a nightmare

11 Pixie Dust 
aka Sprite Spoor. Tastes fruity and floral. Get urge to dance & laugh 
first use save everything sparkling d4 rounds/fail teeth vibrate and confusion d4 rounds
short term use save detect magic within 1 range with concentration/fail see pixies and sprites tormenting you
long term use save detect magic 3 range all the time/fail vision becomes B&W and eyes like hungry black pits permanently

12 Kracken Weed 
aka Seadevil Weed, Mermaids Moss. Iodine and salty scent of the sea
first use save and can breathe water d4 rounds/fail take d4 damage if try breathe water
short term use save and can breath water/fail you become a water breather only 
long term use can enter underwater faerie realm at will and breathe with free action/fail lungs inflate and explode

d12 Trying to Score (Streetwise Roll)
1 Seen a halfling smoking on street corner
2 Met a dude but lots of middlemen to work through and 2d4 hours and double price
3 Pretty sure that druid in the grove is always high
4 Gang of dandies staying near by look arty so probably have loads
5 Meet a rep of the local crime guild or smuggler racket
6 Saw some swamp degenerates and they looked like they were all wasted
7 Wizard students on a drinking rampage but don't get scammed
8 Local dealer but not much variety and double price for non locals
9 Local witches deal but only if you're not affiliated with legal churches
10 Wise magician has some but they have some dumb quest they want you to do
11 Find the secret goblin market where all kinds of fey follk deal
12 Elf or a changeling offers you some stuff nearby d4 1=press ganged into elven slavery 2=offers addictive faerie food to enslave 3=has large inventory hidden in woods 4=Invites you to a faerie dance party 

d12 Failing to Score (Streetwise Roll)
1 Seen by a minor deputy or bailiff who thinks you look like a degenerate
2 Get into a brawl with local addicts or people who are sick of them
3 Local reports to the priest that debauched drug fiends are in area, won't someone think of the children 
4 Meet an addict who is your new best friend and may offer to serve you if they think you can score
5 Ambushed by priests and acolytes who want to save you and will follow for a d4 days
6 Local gang lure you to an alley to rob
Local serial killer lures you into an alley
8 Joker sends you to d4 1=haunted house 2=hag lair 3=monster lair 4=sewer goosechase
9 Someone sees you and spreads word and a bard writes a funny song about your party
Secret police take note of your addiction and report to the capitol
11 Brought to a party turns out to be a cult orgiastic event part of a ritual
12 Charletan Alchemist makes a deal d4 1=fake goods 2=diareah medicine 3=2d4 damage poison save halves 4=extra addictive blend -4 saves 

d20 Magic Pipes
1 Clay Pipe of the Generous once a week creates an extra ordinary clay pipe
2 Ivory Pipe of the Mammoth doubles how much weed you put in the pipe
3 Brass Pipe - three times a day pipe fills with Red Devil Weed 
4 Skull Pipe of the Necromancer - speak with dead once a  day by smoking 3 doses
5 Majestic Panther Pipe - once a day turn into a panther or a war club for one hour, if panther killed pipe breaks
6 Dragon Pipe - while smoking can speak dragon and pipe self-lighting
7 Wizard Water Pipe - complex pipe apparatus takes INT roll to understand after d4 hours of study. Once activated, it makes drug effects last twice as long and stores one 1st lv wizard spell
8 Demon Pipe - while smoking can cast a 3d6 fireball once per day
9 Musical Pipe plays entertaining tunes while used to smoke, different users get a different tune depending on mood and alignment, after lots of use you get to work out its code 
10 Bubble Pipe makes colourful bubbles float out end and pop releasing the smoke which looks cool
11 Green Pipe of wonder makes the smoke exhaled be able to be animated as user desires for one round
12 Devils Pipe if you run out of weed an imp comes from the pipe as smoke and offers you all the red devil weed you could ever want (one pound) delivered daily by imps in return for your soul 
13 Daddy's Favorite changes any type of pipeweed or lotus into the one type of pipeweed Daddy liked best
14 Dolphin Pipe +2 on ant saves vs drug effects and makes smoother
15 Frog Pipe lets you smoke in rain or underwater and has requires no flame
16 Iron Pipe is also a +2 club
17 Cursed Pipe makes user -4 all saving throws but spooky face on pipe eyes light up and make cool smoke rings. If your are a long term user the pipe will give you terrible advice like smoke more, maybe steal some money gamble it and keep the profits nobody will know
18 Ghost Pipe allows a ghost or spirit to smoke a dose which some really like
19 Warlock Pipe allows you to have dreams about your patron spirit or daemon or petty godling
20 Brotherhood Water Pipe allows six users to smoke the same dose at a time with own mouthpiece

d12 Intelligent Pipes (1in6 chance)
1 Spirit of a halfling offers snack and recipe advice when hungry
2 Spirit of goblin gives gardening advice for drug crops
3 Spirit of a wizard who just wants to talk about awesome times was stoned in wizard school
4 Spirit of a creepy pimp gives you terrible advice to make drug money by selling your body
5 Spirit of a horny satyr who give you unwanted crude love advice
6 Spirit of a brownie who encourages you to drink, dance and be merry
7 Spirit of a drug addict encourages you to smoke all your drugs at once and has deranged stories of where hid some tin of drugs years ago or some great place to score that has changed since they were alive. Jolly when you have drugs but lashes out with mean abuse when low 
8 Spirit of a bard who sings jolly songs about drugs and promises you a good time if only you'd get some more
9 Spirit of a disapproving elder who complains about your drug abuse and why you no have children yet and why pipe doesnt have own shrine
10 Spirit of a party fiend who encourages you to gatecrash parties and stay out late
11 Spirit of a cultist encourages you to join for the free drugs and talks about the good times leading up to their death and being bound to this pipe
12 Spirit of old noble and head of some order will tell old war stories of conquest and bringing civilisation to filthy beast folk. Kinda offensive but knows lots of millitary history

d12 Extra Abilities For Intelligent Pipes (d3 powers)
1 Controls body in sleep and gets you drugs somehow if fail save nightly
2 Summon a minor smoke elemental weekly lasts ten minutes, 
Understands all instructions but only speaks own para-elemental tongue 2HD AC+3 Att d6 Mov 12 Fly 15 
3 Shoot a magic hot rock magic missile d4 dam 6 range from your pipe by smoking one dose in a round
4 Create floral garlands to hang around your neck 3 per day
5 Can form a smoke ladder by smoking one dose, lasts 2d4 rounds up to 20 feet
6 Can cast fog cloud spell up to three times a day by smoking one dose  
7 Can cast charm person 
spell up to three times a day by smoking one dose
8 Can cast burning hands spell up to three times a day by smoking one dose
9 Can allow user to speak to fungus, mushrooms, lichen, moss or mold for ten minutes per dose smoked
10 Any arcane spells cast through the pipe take on the appearance of being smoke based primarily, forming objects from smoke, or replacing damage spell effects with smoke and sparks. The effect is cosmetic only but looks cool 
11 Pipe heals user a d3 hp the first time they smoke a dose in the piper each day
12 If short on LV 1-3 arcane spell components, you can replace them by smoking a dose in this pipe

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