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Lonely Inn Encounters

Some stuff fo those daily rural inn visits to live up travel.

 d10 Quick Types
1 Unfriendly Locals
2 Petty Crime
3 Major Crime
4 Job Opportunity
5 Friendly Strangers
6 Entertainment
7 Local Rumour
8 Local Mystery
9 Mysterious Strangers
10 Sinister Strangers

d100 Lonely Inn Encounters
01 Locals silent and surly, talk as soon as you leave
02 Local drunkenly comes up to  abuse strangers for out-of-area looks and customs
03 Locals like to prank adventurers with tails of treasure in a septic tank that needs emptying
04 Locals like to fight jumped up strangers and start a fight
05 Locals challenge you to a contest of darts or arm wrestling, if they don't like the outcome start a fight
06 Locals demand your best drinker challenges their best town drunk
07 Locals challenge their best versus your best in a fistfight
08 Locals offer a few copper coins to sleep with the prettiest party members
09 Locals offer to pimp you their barnyard animals because you look like perverts
10 Locals warn you your type not welcome here and innkeeper looks scared
11 Animal thief tries to steal party livestock or pets
12 Someone tries to steal adventurers' clothing or boots
13 Pickpocket makes several attempts to rob strangers
14 Gambler offers a friendly honest game to pass the time and swears is a beginner
15 Thief tries to rob the room
16 Crook selling fake treasure maps to adventurers
17 Flirtacios youth offers drinks at their place and has a gang waiting to rob the mark
18 Friendly youth offers dance and is a pickpocket
19 Con artist offers a fancy object and swaps it for an inferior one at the last second then leaves
20 CHarletan selling fake potions
21 Someone tries drugging a stranger to rob them
22 Charming outsider offers to go for a walk and is d4 1=serial killer 2=cultist seeking sacrifice 3=offers marriage 4=warns of local spying on party for villainous reasons
23 Bandit spy watches the party and sends messages to the gang about party wealth and movements for an ambush
24 Cuththroat tries to stab and rob a stranger possibly while asleep
25 Corrupt sheriff wants to throw visitors in cells unless they pay a fine for their behaviour and leave
26 An angry mob are forming for some reason possibly to pursue someone
27 Gang demand protection money and if not paid off arrange bandits to attack
28 Scout for a highway robber earmarks adventurers as targets for the gang of mounted robbers
29 Scout for a robber-knight watching for targets for master's warband to rob. Based in neighbouring lord's land and out of reach of the law. Possibly protected by the lord even though outlaws
30 Rival adventuring party on hard times and jealous decide to kill and rob the party
31 Sherrif has some bounties on local criminals for a party to see
32 Local lord or village head requests audience in the house about a local problem needing to be fixed
33 Local merchant wants a gang or goblinoid band removed from the area and their business
34 Locals warn of trouble with local non-human people and need some diplomats to make peace
35 Priest wants some undead cleared out of old graveyard so he can sanctify it from evil
36 Hunter invites adventurers to join in the hunt for a fabulous monster in the area
37 Local smith wants someone to look for a fallen star stone in the wilderness nearby to make fine weapons and armour and car reward party with a crafted metal item
38 Local magician has not been seeing a local trader will pay you to check up on them
39 Someone stole an animal or valuable of great value to a poor commoner taken by a criminal or humanoid monster
40 A beloved pet is missing and needs to be returned quickly
41 Meet friendly adventurers and swap rumours
42 Meet a friendly wizard who asks for help recovering a valuable item or lore
43 Meet a friendly merchant caravan team who offer to travel with you for a day at least
44 A friendly hunter warns you of local wilderness hazards and encounters
45 Friendly sheriff requests help to capture a felon
46 Local druid offers healing berries for help with an unnatural monster
47 Priest offers healing in return for cleaning out the crypt of undead
48 Local wealthy trader has the scheme to plunder an ancient tomb and needs help
49 Villagers all want to hear adventurer's stories and buy them beers and cider 
50 Noble offers adventurers to stay in the house for a few days to rest
51 Bard looking to follow some adventurers to write songs about
52 Poor bard with lame skills and bad songs 
53 Observational humour bard comments on patrons and starts a brawl
54 Bard sewing sedition and rebellious songs, criticises nobility
55 Bard mocks cowardly adventurers singing about past failures and scandals, often they feel vindictive from this burn
56 Cringingly rustic yokel folk performers possibly with animals 
57 Contest on tonight in some physical challenge like darts, dancing, dunking for eels, etc
58 Big dance with a band and local eligible youths and chaperones
59 Crazy old person tells wild spooky stories to a silent crowd possibly relate to a local horror, mystery or dungeon
60 Local magician makes a humourous performance giving the impression they are bumbling and harmless. Someone will foolishly try to attack or rob them
61 Rumours of a creature disturbing a nearby farm
62 Disappearance recently of some vulnerable person
63 Strange footprints were seen around houses recently like some creatures spying
64 An old abandoned house has had strange lights probably ghosts
65 A famous bandit, murderer or traitor is in hiding in the area with a good reward
66 Someone lost a piece of jewellery visiting the village and a reward is offered for helping recover it
67 Strange hooded-robed or masked people have been seen around at night possibly for a secret meeting
68 A crime guild has agents locally aiding bandits and informing crooked merchants of incoming goods to market
69 A ruin used to be nearby with underground chambers but it is long lost
70 Villagers found a sinkhole to a cave system with ancient paintings of monsters and boarded up the hole
71 Long ago a robber drowned with a relic near here trying to cross while being shot at. The relic was lost
72 A witch cultist was caught red-handed and burned. They refused to say who in the village was buying their devil dolls, witch charms and potions made without guild memberships!
73 Recently an old miser died and nobody found any treasure.They searched the house but nothing was found and most considered the house haunted now
74 Every few years several young men vanish swimming in the area, especially on hot evenings
75 Someone in the area is secretly stealing horses and livestock and possibly part of a gang
76 Granny's prize big black prize cock was stolen and now the other roosters are silent each night
77 A caravan disappeared and a merchant guild offer a reward for any signs of where it went
78 Several young deserters with a stolen payroll hid here for a while and were ambushed and killed at a brothel. The payroll was never found
79 Some invisible creature at night dances on rooftops, poops down chimneys and urinates on people's clogs
80 Recently a billygoat attacked a stranger killing them and they were carrying forbidden chaos mutagen potions and some documents written in code. The goat is now a local hero
81 A mysterious robbed traveller has rented a cottage and has demanded privacy. SOme say they are spell casters of some kind
82 Foreigner from over the border spends lots of time here just watching alone
83 A young labourer has gained popularity with youth with their modern songs from the city. Are they bard in disguise or using witchcraft?
84 Strange shift seasonal visitor comes here to meet hooded traveller and exchange sacks
85 Group or nervous youths d4 1=medical students requiring corpses for anatomy class 2=cultists looking to hook up with local sect 3=aprentices looking for missing wizard 4=runaway youths looking to become adventurers 
86 Mysterious stranger has been buying some people drinks and whispering some secret to them. Some say these people have had more money of late
87 Battered tired stranger comes in to eat and drink and patch up recent claw wounds. Tries to stay awake and then gets a private room
88 Sickly stranger comes in coughing. Has a drink and dies. Under robes are horrible bandaged bloody buboes indicating the worse sort of plague
89 Scruffy traveller brings in fleas to inn and stable
90 Locals blame the arrival of a stranger on a creature that has been hunting and killing local farms and hunting dogs by night. They seem to be very angry and hateful of dogs and very strong and sneaky
91 Robed diabolic wizard students escaped the dimensional black school to get drunk and keen to get back to secret portal by dawn
92 Attractive stranger arrives with several fawning admirers or servants d6 1=lycanthrope 2=undead in disguise 3=changeling spirit folk in human form 4=doppelgangers seeking victims to lure away and kill 5=shapeshifting demon (succubi/incubi) 6=dragon
93 Visiting holy person and servants. Mostly avoid people but the master had a dream they would meet adventurers here that might help
94 Witch Hunter and thugs arrive making everyone nervous. They drink and glare at everybody and size up who in the village will be best to blackmail for treasure and sex. Often threatening to take people's families away if they don't get paid
95 Shabby stranger in filthy robes gets a cheap drink and some bully pulls off their cloak to reveal strange freakish mutations. The mutie jumped out a window and fled to the wetlands
96 A posh cruel sadist visits with servants and a private duelist to defend their honour. They will provoke attacks, especially from filthy adventurer scum. The master will bet on the outcome of hundreds of gp
97 Bleeding caravan guard stumbles in begging for help on the road at night nearby. Its a trap set up by d4 1=bandits 2=cult 3=monsters using charmed dupe or traitor 4=shapeshifter
98 Nervous stranger comes in and shortly after two cult or foreign assassins arrive to kill them
99 Famous bandit gang come for the beer and don't want a fight. Actually, quite a few are prone to psychotic violence and aggressively drool over pretty people and talk like nobody can hear them
100 Obvious noble in common clothes drinks alone. Several bounty hunters come in seeking to claim the noble as a traitor with forged papers. Really evil step-parent wants them dead and out of the way


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