Sunday, 5 February 2023

Exciting litanies of failure update

I have about 21 posts in my drafts some have been there for years. Once it was only a few. Occasionally I purge some docs I doubt I will be excited about or become dated. Here is the current status of my draft box. A few Items are drafts for in-progress books. Going through them now I killed off two and might have a crack at finishing a few others. Interest from random internet ppl might influence this.

My to-do list still has hundreds of items but that's more forgivable. I might post a version of this and see what people might like to see me do.

Acid Mines of Neon Mountain draft which has all art and map and logo assets for a book. Some more writing but also stalled a bit over recent licensing dramas. Im doing a playtest soon and working on making part of the rule set open-source CC or something. Possibly call Fantasy Heart Breaker FRPG-TTG. So some progress and stalls.

Review of two games I promised for years which i quite like but find it difficult to express

Kosmosaurs tables
I started and may finish and may publish somewhere. I ran the game a few weeks and had struggles scaling up risk vs experienced characters who add even a few extra dice to a situation they would struggle with earlier. I definitely enjoy the cartoon vibe but id probably use for 1-3 session games maybe a backup quick game when we cant get right mix of players in person.

Blank d100 this is where i get my d100 numbers from i cut and paste to other posts. Once had other stuff and accidentally destroyed it. A few time developed/carried some formatting bug and I've had to recreate a few times.

Two Exilon Drafts
for the book in development I'm a bit lazy on.
It's also directed the campaign we are playing now at 11th Lv and about to run a wizard war empire campaign with tactical and strategic war and adventuring. Poor players, I give a diplomatic deadline but I then tempt them with cool dungeons that cost them meeting kings. I need a session of collecting my images on this in one place and setting up a book for the production. I think it would benefit from more content for the setting possibly priest and god mechanic. If I released it shortly Id probably end up writing and posting more after the fact. Book now could help me run the game.

An article on my increasingly unhappy with HP Lovecraft, Atlantis and Ancient aliens in games, comics and pulp fiction. Links in with some stuff on appropriation many people are grumpy about when I recommend not robbing indigenous people who are mostly worse off for this. Its overly long and serious and feels like a uni essay. Oddly Ive fought on how to dislike HPL "correctly" and been defriended over this even though we both agreed he was racist. Splits more to exactly how harmful and how can we use it now. Id argue HPL fandom is far worse than the writer and more of a problem. Lots of unpopular opinions here also. I had pretty much completed my Mythos collection and now considering purging some. I might need to re invent my take on this to play again.

Legend of the Magic sewer children My novel draft. Its about lives of orphans in Shadelport being aided by a hag to have glorious careers just to destroy a three thousand-year-old bridge. It's sort full of rambling side stories and footnotes in part like some Greek, Iraqi and Indian lit. 

My list of d100 topics

Elemental battle toads One of my silly things when I try to design some elemental occult nonsense for a game. This was a system of elemental toads which you could breed into combo toads with para-elemental powers. Super bloaty nonsense. Remember kids it's better to write game twaddle than believe you can make extraordinary claims about science and history and reality online.

Some tables I wrote for someone. I usually give Apple a 2-year freeze I won't use in a book myself if I lease a table out. I will put them in a future comp revision of my Folk book or Shadelport or Auldwood.

Some magic notes of basic types of magic id done years ago and notes for XOR magic and my failed meat elemental magic system that helped put XOr on hold. Monsters were another issue - needed more local ones. SOme alchemy notes. Here is a bit:

Death Wizards practise Vernichtungcraft or Necromancy
Bone Wizards practise Knochencraft or Ossimancy

Blood Wizards practise Blutcraft or Sanguinmancy
Flesh Wizard practise Flieschcraft or Carnomancy
Animus Wizards practise Lebencraft or Animancy

Bundle of notes on classes and subclass ideas 

76% of a d100 sexbot generator

Just deleted the post on domain play and being nicer to humanoids

75% global supervillains for modern, espionage and superheroes
actually, with all the tech billionaires around now i could probably finish this

Cards in RPG - rambling thing on my use for cards. Mostly i like them for dramatic story stuff in games like BRP that are pretty deadly. My superhero and D&D-clones don't really need this so much. Most games feel like an add on or gimmick or microtransaction

35% through a Cthulhu mythos occult auction filler table i ought to just finish with all my archaeology books in arm's length. Might put this and some other mythos stuff in a COC fan content book one day. Mostly the quality of their art and layout are a huge turn off. Sometimes I like well-produced stuff or find it overdeveloped. Just like Goldilocks.

Hell article about ed greenwoods Hell in Dragon and listing all the devil types and source. Part of a big project I got on hell. I got about 5/7ths through a book on hell. Possibly my brain in a different place now. Have a huge list of hell posts on my to do page and planned a book on an adventure through hell that could be replayed with minimal GM work.

Pile of SF setting notes. I'm writing some stuff for my cults in space SF stuff not sure where going or my game ability.


  1. I would read a novel titled "Legend of the Magic Sewer Children". I would even read an extremely rough draft or something published on napkins with the same title.

    1. it may possibly happen

      i need another good bash at the set up and plan the story within a story format


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