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d100 Petty Manse Hazzards

So on this trek describe lots of low-level sidequests, funnel quests and beginners' problems to solve. Have done the village and the city so my Auldwood and Exilon settings will have more court stuff. Household dramas of the rich are a thing. I'm tempted to make an optional simple background table set for character classes or social classes. 

d10 Petty Manse Hazards Types
1 Beligerant beasts
2 Tennant troubles
3 Industrial Irritants
4 Criminal conspiracies
5 Legal laments
Domain drama
7 Romantic rambles
8 Court calamities
9 Mansion mysteries
10 Magical maladies

d100 Petty Manse Hazzards
01 Favorite lords hawk has gone missing
02 Noble wants you to help cheat in a cockfight
03 Horse race through the wilderness with lots of cheats
04 Boar or stag has gored a noble hunting
05 A wolf or bear has been bothering the commoners and livestock
06 A valuable horse has been stolen
07 Hunting dogs have not returned yet
08 An evil weasel has killed a rooster find the beast!
09 Help is needed to capture some wild beehives, look out for bees and bears
10 A supernatural dog or cat has been seen scaring folk and saying mean things by night
11 Commoner fleeing estate to marry without permission
12 Tennants expect lord to fulfil an ancient custom they find silly but commoners take it seriously
13 Local peasants reading and winning legal claims which is embarrassing for the noble
14 Locals convinced lords sheep are intended to replace farm tenants and getting mischievous
15 Peasants mocked neighbouring nobles and they demand satisfaction
16 Tenants keep bickering over-allocated fields by the farmer's council. Fued over measurements and land quality
17 Peasants keep fleeing taxman and joining bandits for some reason
18 Commoner has been hurling cow shit at nobles and knights possibly a witch or heretic
19 Local tenant children spied on bathing lady and deserve a good thrashing
20 Village child and pet fell down a sinkhole
21 Miners have been having problems with kobolds nesting
22 Hunters report some creature is scaring game animals away
23 Quarry has flooded and some creature living in shallows
24 Lumber campers have been attacked by elves and even a unicorn
25 Satyrs and centaurs have been stealing grapes or robbing a brewery deliveries
26 Giant fish bothering fisher folk near a pond or river or coast
27 New quarry or mine site is required and assistants are required by mining sages
28 River users complain of tannery killing fish and water life and ruining water downstream
29 Carpenter wants to marry a wood golem he made and people outraged, needs help escaping
30 Jeweller has had attempted robbers break into the workshop, so far dogs and locks have driven thieves away
31 Bandit gang has moved into the area and claims to fight for freedom when robbing
32 Robberknights from some other nobles' domain come here to rob merchants and have given up the way of true knighthood
33 Thieves guild has a spy in the house
34 Bandit boss is a child of a rebel kinsman or bastard and wants revenge not gold
35 Someone stealing vegetables and herbs and they belong to the lord of the house
36 Several household staff and some disgruntled kin robbing the estate systematically
37 Seducers trying to marry a family member for the money and may even fake wealth or status
38 Someone in the noble family is in league with a crime guild and hope to take over the clan
39 A crime syndicate want their money from the previous lord and don't care if things have changed or no evidence it ever happened 
40 Kidnapper gang specialise in Ransome rife in the area, especially like noble children and women, elderly are too fragile
41 Farmers tying up lord's time with petty field dispute in farm court and wants problems to stop
42 Someone in the family wants divorce claiming something scandalous about their partner
43 Commoner claims paternity suit from the family demanding the rights of a bastard or at least some money to go away
44 Two old warriors want to duel over some matter and lord wants this to stop
45 Two knights claim some matter of personal conflict with honour and it needs to stop. Someone needs to keep an eye of them
46 An elderly noble who mostly reads in a tower library has been seen sneaking into the woods at night 
47 Distant relative appealed to the king for control of the estate and the lord needs proof the lineage is a forgery years in the making
48 A servant or squire wants to get out of their obligations for a new career which is not normally permitted
49 Commoners were seen wearing colours and clothes beyond their station, where did the clothes come from?
50 Someone has taken the executioner's sword or axe and they cannot humanely behead heinous criminals without it
51 Tax revenue is down for some reason and it is a problem
52 Rival estate has been sabotaging equipment of industry
53 Young knight wants to quit and needs to be talked out of it
54 Magician offers to perform before the noble family and court but is in trouble
55 Young nobles drinking causing problems and they need a lesson 
56 Young noble did a dastardly deed and needs a good thrashing on lords command
57 Prisoner escaped lord's castle and vows revenge if they get home
58 Sibling rivalry makes both kin make bad decisions for the family's interest
59 Bard is slandering nobles in bordering estates to cause trouble. Who do they serve? What is beef?
60 Family members joined church without permission and needs to be dragged back home
61 Someone in the household has a mysterious forbidden lover
62 Seducer tricking family members of the lord into revealing secrets
63 Court full of illicit romance and flirting in the most fashionable way due to recent bardic song styles
64 Bastard of a noble needs to be located and brought into lords service but don't tell them why
65 Someone had a baby they should not have and the family want the scoundrel rounded up, beaten and forced to marry their jilted lover 
66 Nobles playing cruel games seducing servants and villagers in some cringy contest for noble-born sleazebags
67 Take this possibly bastard noble-born baby to a monastery for safekeeping from enemies
68 Noble to avoid divorce must prove to the committee of village-wise women they are potent and needs someone to fetch a potion from a horned druid hermit or they will have to pay back their wifes dowry
69 A mysterious lover has been visiting a noble family member. Are they even human?
70 Philandering noble has a duelist bodyguard and likes to flirt outrageously knowing the duelist will beat most enemies and make them some money. Has grifted many courts
71 Entertainment acts for important guests is required for a VIP guest
72 Animals are required quickly for a feast and its traditional
73 Someone is murdered and the killer is unknown
74 Mysterious stranger in court challenges anyone but most don't know they are not human until too late
75 Foreign knight challenges the lord and might defeat their champion. Someone is required to watch the stranger for magic or trickery or some deeper plot why they are here
76 Knight needs a new temporary squire for a joust
77 Mysterious stranger comes preaching doom to court. Who are they and why?
78 Someone receives a fake letter inspiring them to attack an innocent - who sent this?
79 Popular romantic knights were killed and so many suspects
80 Several clan members denounced the family and left to become vindictive robber knights. The lord wants them spied on and evidence of any crimes collected
81 A secret oubliette is found with a gibbering long bearded madman inside. Who is he?
82 Someone finds a secret passage in the castle
83 Someone finds a secret room. It holds a secret someone wants to destroy
84 Someone stole an important castle key from a drunk guard
85 Find a forgotten prisoner in a castle dungeon and they are bitterly resentful
86 Someone is using spy holes to collect information for an enemy power
87 Door is uncovered under filth in the cellar going to a forgotten sub-cellar
88 Someone tried to poison a family member of the lord and everyone is tense
89 The cook is furious someone is stealing pots from the lords kitchen
90 Lady requires a true messenger to deliver secret letters, no peeking
91 An Imp or gremlin is haunting the manour causing trouble, smashing stuff and shitting in the kitchen
92 Popular moat or pond monster is ill and help is needed to administer medical aid from a visiting sage
93 Crearure has broken into the dungeon and possibly eaten or freed a prisoner
94 Spirit haunting the house searching for something so it can rest, some say it lives inside an artwork
95 Beast seen around manour grounds by night some say it is someone in the household is cursed into transmogrification 
96 Mysterious phantom has been seen trying to touch a house member but fled when realised it was seen
97 Found a witches poppet or hex sign now people want to know where it came from
98 Moaning phantom rattling chains and passing through walls, angry because it was bricked up in a wall and forgotten and want to be buried in its home soil
99 Glamourous strangers bearing exotic gifts (what is their secret?)
100 Word is out that there is a secret trail on the mans grounds leading to a secret goblin market through fairy portals in tree stumps, under roots or in hollow logs 

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