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d12 Backgrounds for Broken Hill, Xor and my Space Colonial Settings

So based on the last post

Would love to hear from readers about stuff I should be doing here this year. 
Any old settings to revisit? 

These could also offer skill suggestions also for characters

Been writing a thing about space explorers looking for out of contact earlier colonies finding humans on odd planet not on records with archaic technology, strange design like for not humans, archaic earth languages and DNA that seem to predate possibility of space travel. Over generations of bad contact the colony is left alone on a quarentine colony and out of bounds to the more recent advanced colony. People mangage to not get into conflict with them. Some speculate an anti tech cult put all tech on colony ship and sent it into the sun or a colony module was destroyed in volcanic activity. No idea where its going and part of my cults in space stuff I guess.

Humans are the default so please feel welcome to replace human with tiny purple horse people or ninja aardvarks or whatever furry is cool this second your playing. Its up to you

Broken Hill Early Years Backgrounds
1 Feral child living in the bush possibly with a gang of feral kids
2 Small families of farmers in waste are often attacked by gangs or paying them off
3 Small wasteland farming community with well-organised defences and trade
4 Gang child in settlement of wasteland maniacs where kids looked after each other
5 Ruin settlement living off ancient scrap and trade, kids played in the rubble
6 Huge fortified urban centres with awful ghettos and dangerous industry 
7 Isolated community hiding in a badly patched up worn ancient complex 
8 Functional bleak bunker complex or worn ancient tech operated as gruelling dystopia 
9 Pleasant bunker community unprepared for the surface worlds problems  
10 Utopian pleasure garden bunkers where drugged residents were occasionally taken away forever 
11 Habitat complex of ancient tech in space or under the sea 
12 Lived in the ancient world as a child and then frozen for centuries possibly for medical reasons or as a 

Broken Hill Later Years Backgrounds
1 Lived with a nomadic road gang
2 Lived in the wilderness alongside tribal people
3 Worked as a labourer in dangerous industrial sweatshops or mines
4 Scavenged ruins living off and selling cool garbage from a hideout
5 Enslaved by and sold into service to the labour 
6 Forced into pit fighting and professional brawling 
7 Lived in a sleepy rural town or settlement which was pretty nice
8 Travelled with nomadic hippy clan putting on feats and shows with lots of drugs and parties
9 Trapped by an AI or androids in a complex and experimented on
10 Lived with gangs in the ruins fighting for turf and stealing food
11 Studied in an isolated bunker, science cult temple or a restored university settlement
12 Trapped in a failing underground bunker complex and trying to get out

d12 Xor Early Years Backgrounds
1 Budded fully formed youth from the very flesh or Xor, often from pool, cave or ground 
2 Nomadic family who travelled seasonally through subdermal flesh caverns
3 Formed as a clone in a village of clones (ancestor reproduce by budding?) 
4 Found as a baby and raised by some non-human species or monster as own
5 Delivered by a flying creature to your parents who performed a ritual to call it
6 Hatched out of an egg, pod, clam and found by common folk
7 Born from a species not normally associated with bipedalism and found by tribe 
8 Traded to non humans as a child and grew up among strange ways 
9 Magician changed your species and made you a human for wannabe parents  
10 Lived in a thriving ancient flesh citadel or cathedral cavern complex 
11 As a child your family cannibal cult found a gate to Xor a paradise of infinite meat
12 As child saw your universe devoured by Xor and somehow survived despite your poor preperation

Xor Later Years Backgrounds
1 Lived with a nomadic tribe traveling the surface and in the subdermal worlds of Xor
2 Kept as slave labour and cattle by cannibalistic dwarvern morlocks in the deep
3 Found a secret wilderness cavern with good hunting but lonely. Who lived their before?
4 Village life in a good safe isolated location favoured by Xor 
5 Trade town crowded with people many strange and foriegn 
6 Lived in shanty town or district of a citidel full of vice and crime  
7 Lived in upper districts of a bone citadel overlooking the crowded lower zones 
8 Lived for a time is a utopian flesh citadel that cared for inhabitants but eventually resisted the narcotic effects and escaped 
9 Lived in shadow of a citadel of Xor managing the terrain and making it fruitful for the urban peoples. Mostly safer and treated better than urban poor. Produce strange flesh fruits for the elites not grown by the city interior
Adopted by nobility to replace losses and lived well 
11 Community overun with degenerate mutations turning people into protoplasmic monsters  
12 Beings antithetical to Xor from beyond invaded and killed your community d4 1=plague demons 2=chaos hoarde 3=alien mutants 4=undead

d12 Colonial Space Era Early Years Backgrounds
1 Isolated outer system habitat looking to leave Sol forever one day  
2 Gas giant orbital or lunar outpost or fuel refinery or a classified research habitat
Born in the belt on mining or industrial habitat, most resent Terra and its AI
4 Mars colonists engaged in generations of terraforming and tech innovation, own local AI declared independance
5 Luna colonists from one of the famous crater cities, own local AI declared independance
6 Terra still undergoing terraforming post limited nuclear exchange where AI managed to rebuild civilisation and send people into the stars. A council of AI operate government with an elected human consultation committee of over 3000 delegates  
7 Terran orbital in one of the stations or mega habitats or shipyards in space. Working on building a ring around the earth 
8 Inner planets habitats or orbitals or cloud cities from the hot zone 
9 Born on a old slow FTL generation ship intercepted by more recent patrol vessels and taken to join already operating colonies at their destinations from generations of faster ships 
10 Automated FTL colony ship intended to print human clones at the destination to accelerate faster without meat on board, intercepted by more modern ships and taken to operating colony 
11 From first generation of one way ship colonies who enjoyed long isolation from Earth and joined the commonwealth by the the first fleet of current FTL technology scouts and gunboats. More habitable but some local unique traits often developed during phases of terraforming 
12 From settlers of a later generation of high risk colony ships designed to carry dozens or even a hundred colony modules and stasis pods. Intended to system hop help set up colony and collect fuel for the next jump with reserves for a few extras. Contact is still being made with these colonies and they were often made of groups most hostile to AI controlled life on earth. Many had distinct identities based on old nationalism, religion or cults. Many went weirder and modified colonists to suit planets instead of terrforming

d12 Colonial Later Years Backgrounds
1 Outlaw clan in outer system hiding isolation
Lived in vice filled ghetto on crowded habitat
Got a working contract operating in system ships for transport and industry  
4 Spent decades in cryosleep on slow interstellar trip 
5 Student in higher education specialty 
6 Joined military and hunted illegal modified humanoids, rogue androids, defective AI or rebel habs and colonies 
7 Joined law and dealt with in system pirates and crime
Worked in new colonial and habitat construction on new world
9 Nice safe government admin job on a safe colony in system or interstellar 
10 Colony in violent civil war or violently resisting to join the Sol Commonwealth 
11 Agent of habitat, colony or specific planet or moon, often had a modest job far from home and reporting local activity
12 Recruited to report directly to one of the big AI back on Sol operating with some trade or government cover job 

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