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d100 Frontier Town News

These are events for that frontier town near the dungeon you stay in every time your spells and HP run low. Just to give some variety and more hooks. It assumes a typical adventurer village beset by monster, humanoid species and worse.

d10 Quick Types
1 Local problem - peety common problems
2 Marketplace - market variations
3 Crime - someone local is dishonest!
4 Workers wanted
5 Fueds & Fights
6 New arrival
7 Gossip
8 Scandal
9 Raiders
10 Supernatural

d100 Frontier Town News
01 Farmer has lost an important animal
02 Well is blocked or needs a dead animal removed
03 Moles ruining the common and eating gardens
04 Rats in cellars increasingly aggressive
05 Someone stole a farmers dragon shaped weather vane
06 Scarecrows have been stolen
07 Someone stealing apples from the orchard
08 Some creature living an attic
09 Wolves have been heard howling 
10 Nasty crows attacking baby animals and blinding them
11 Shortage or surplus of food affecting prices
12 Shortage or surplus of weapons and armour
13 Shortage or surplus of tools and equipment
14 Shortage or surplus of building supplies
15 Merchant late for several days and shortage of many goods
16 Travelling salesman buys and sells junk and trinkets
17 Alchemist here to buy exotic ingredients needed in the city
18 Shifty man offers to buy poor-quality weapons, armour and scrap
19 Animal trader willing to buy monsters for city fighting pits
20 Special market day with many out-of-town traders
21 Notorious horse thieves in the area
22 Rustlers steal livestock from goats to sheep to cattle
23 Somone is stealing chicken and their camps and remains have been found
24 A pickpocket is in town
25 Sherrif announces a hanging of bandits (sometimes the gang attempts a rescue)
26 Famour highway robber with the gang and famous horse in the area
27 Someone beat up and robbed drunk farmers on the way home from a pub
28 Someone has been stealing tools from farms and workshops
29 Someone is stealing pies, biscuits, scones and pancakes left out to cool
30 Someone stole a key of an important location
31 Workers needed to improve local defences
32 Tavernkeeper needs some help bottling beer and cleaning brew vats
33 Farmer needs muckraking for the seasons crops
34 Workers needed to collect building stone from a ruin
35 Extra temporary servants needed for posh visitors to richest local
36 Sherrif needs deputies to help hunt a criminal
37 Shearers needed for a few days, good food and accommodation included
38 Help hunters herd wild goats into a pen to combine with village herd
39 Farmer needs help butchering livestock for a few days
40 Farmer wants some help moving standing stones from field
41 Several farming family heads had a brawl and now both clans vindictive
42 A youth ran away to avoid arranged marriage and families feuding
43 Farmers fight over the line between fields
44 Farmers have a fistfight in front of a judge to decide who is guilty
45 Women demand a creepy labourer to be banished
46 Divorce case has split the village and all have an opinion
47 Farmer accuses neighbor of d4 1=witchcraft 2=lycanthropy 3=cult member 4=crime guild member and demands a proper investigation is called in
48 Children fighting over inheritance
49 Local faiths develop a conflict stiring up everyone 
50 Villagers play violent ball game with a rival village taking a d4+1 days or until someone dies
51 Priests of a new religion arrived and looking for accommodation
52 Knight and servants has come to stay in town
53 Secretive stranger always on lookout staying locally and seldom goes out
54 Charismatic scholar interested in local ruins and history
55 Pilgrims on a trek (are they legit or a cult)
56 Wounded stranger found and being cared for until lucid
57 Lost youth claims family perished 
58 Artist arrived for peace and inspiration 
59 Cook arrives seeking exotic meat and ingredients and rustic recipies
60 Moody stranger rents a shack and keeps to themselves. Village children very curious and speculate wildly
61 Wild rumours that humanoids are about to attack
62 Wild stories of a secret cult at work stealing clogs and cursing chickens
63 Locals convinced a sinister shapeshifter is among them 
64 Farmer saw a strange creature he thinks and villagers add to details each telling
65 Wild speculation of a food or water shortage coming
66 Everyone in the village putting up hex signs to ward away witches
67 Villagers convinced animals are up to something and assemble a court to interrogate animals accused of crimes against nature
68 Wild stories of the plague panic everyone
69 Wild ghost stories claim a spirit stalks the street but it's just someone local up to something 
70 Locals are convinced the area is cursed and all miserable
71 Someone has had an embarrassing affair
72 A surprise heir turned up to claim their inheritance
73 Priest passed out drunk giving a sermon
74 Local lovers have feuding families
75 Trader accused of having a fraudulent scale or clipping coins
76 Rude traveller was tarred and feathered and chased out of town by an angry mob
77 Local guard drunk on duty awaiting trial for possible execution
78 Criminal in prison claimed they had high connections and then found murdered
79 Outbreak of sexually transmitted goblin pox has embarrassed a few locals 
80 Important locals accused of murder and awaiting trial
81 Some humanoids from a dungeon have killed some farmers
82 A monster followed adventurers from a dungeon and killed some livestock
83 Regular monster patrols in the area and everyone in the village ready for an attack
84 A dungeon faction declares the village enemies and makes attacking it their primary purpose
85 The dungeon unifies and steps up its attacks and raids on villagers
86 The local dungeon boss hires same famous monster warriors to menace the village
87 Monster warband approaching the village surely to attack
88 Famous weird beast seen in the area by several locals
89 Huge creatures are seen in the area by hunters who warn everyone
90 Monster flew over and snatched an animal from the village scaring everyone
91 Locals find a hideous slime trail all over the countryside leading into a cave
92 An empty house or ruin has had strange lights seen from it
93 Undead seen walking in the area and the priest wants help to destroy
94 Several incidents of faerie mischief have been happening and people are unsure if fair or naughty faeries of the village offended them
95 New magician has settled in the region and many have heard rumours about this spell user and how will affect the area
96 Several lycanthropes have been reported and people want them rooted out
97 Shapeshifter has moved into town and has got themself into a high position of trust quickly. Are they a spy or in it for themselves?
98 Several people report having seen cackling witches flying by the full moon
99 Magician and minions attacked the village with spells then fled cackling 
100 Cultist were caught holding a ritual by the militia and scattered and now everyone is suspicious about secrets cults


  1. "I caught this goblin pox from a toilet seat, honest!"

    1. kissing a goblin toilet is forbidden by all 17 true churches


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