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Adventure Time Reviews

So I have been writing and reading more adventures than rules sets over the last few years. I have been a player more and mostly running my homebrew game. Possibly I think I will get less stuff as I feel a long way ahead and get a few indy things a year. Feeling like model-making again. About 2 years ago I got a tenant and hoping to have the studio back. Urges to build lots of apocalyptic terrains. 

Advanced Adventure Compendium Vol 1-2 💗💗💗💗💩
S0 these are for Osric and obviously easily adapted to any early editions. Available on LULU as hardbacks they are very solid reading. Mostly the maps are almost all good, art varies from fine to good. Wide variety of adventure styles and tropes explored. Some traps I even enjoyed. Literally a bunch of modules slapped into a book, each section with own numbering scheme and no titlepage for book contents just straight into adventure one. Possibly those little stick on tabs or some bookmarks would help use. Each has monsters and other goodies also. Some have overly long stories but mostly dungeons and puzzles and monsters oldschools stuff easy to get your head around for quick prep. I wish the older DCC modules would be bundled like this. All have B&W versions of previous covers. Im still reading these so vol 3 and 4 soon. I got them all in a panic that OTC would be killing all publications under OGL. They have all been enjoyable.

Compendium One
Turns out I already had The Pod Caverns of the Sinister Shroom but yes I like fungus caves and this one has clues to some weird magic processes. It almost verges into gonzo fantasy and you might slip it into Anomalous Subsurface Anomolly (also at LuLu).

The Red Mausoleum is a undead-filled hellhole for high-level clerics.

The Curse of the Witch Head has a good story and a cool evil relic.

The Prison of Meneptah is a desert theme planar trek with some wilderness and several small ruins and a larger final one. Lots of traps and chapters and good for my current game as for 8-10th Lv.

The Flaming Footprints of Jilath has a cool backstory and mystery and a search in a ruined pirate base on an Island. The Island has a few interesting locations and a mad wizard with wax creepy golems that I think of as looking like Vincent Price.

The Chasm of the Damned is a magic monster-filled location that comes and goes and adventurers have possibly limited time to explore and hostile rivals.  Good setup with multiple mini-dungeons. 

The Sarcophagus Legion is another desert adventure to find a woman missing but it turns out employers are wicked and they turn on party. There is a plot to arise an undead army players might want to stop. 

The Seven Shrines of Nav'k-Qar is a nice straightforward puzzle dungeon with some nice scenes. 

The Lost Pyramid of Imhotep, an upside-down pyramid in a huge cave. Multiple small levels and interesting rooms. 

The Lost Keys of Solitude has a wilderness treck and a ruined monastery. Under that is a sprawling dungeon. Has lots of monsters including magic mice people.  

Compendium Two
The conquered Worm. Literally based on a Clark Ashton Smith story and was going to be in my world. So this was a treat. Includes some wilderness and giant ruins before going to the glacier wich is a nice dungeon. A nice ice treat to start the compilation.

The Barrow Mound of Gravemoor features a highland bandit turned undead overlord from a barrowmound. 

White Dragon Run a low level rural sandbox with a sequel in one of the other volumes and a good start adventure - exploration or wilderness with a ruined temple and an outpost to explore - more if used with sequel.

Verdant Vault of Malakum is a short tomb of traps and slime you could stick anywhere

Stonesky Delve is a cave crawl but more realistic with lots of climbs and squeezes and things you might miss due to shapes of caves. Paid by busy dwarfs and full of dwarf heretige items and wonders. There is a lower level dungeon also and intended to be a 2 part con game. I didn't know ppl still scored contests like this. Most con games here just awarded best by DM and for fun vs winning. A very scary magic item here also which would be a menace in player hands and Id probably curse it more.

Under Shattered Mountain is an underground hexcrawl with a dozen detailed cave lairs. Some remnants of wickedness remain and must be stopped so evil ppl don't awaked old evil power here. Its quite high level and might fit in with D1-3. There is a small dungeon also and a bunch of devils.

The Frozen Wave Satsuma seems to be a magic cursed ship from Oriental Adventures raiding an area and could be used in various settings as an alien menace. Map here seemed a bit less awesome of the ship but functional. 

The Forsaken Sephulcher is a high level mausoleum on another plane and two tombs are detailed with probably every room full of magic traps. One has a vampire and another a slime-lich. Id possibly alter some of the background stories and room to add your own tombs and possibly have people return to their home plane for clues in between the dugeons to  break up the trap chamber crawl. Lots of nasty powerful traps for high level. 

The Secret of Callair Hills a low level wilderness hex crawl with lots of small ruins and extra adventure ideas. The Barrow Lord is quite a menace for this level but without long dungeons to deplete HP and spells should be achievable

The Riddle of Anadi is a elf sage tomb full of high level magic traps and I feel a lil bit bad robbing this place just cos a sage wants to know stuff. Has some new spells too of interest

Overall this book has lots more linear one way trap chamber dungeons than vol1

Dungeon Delve Fantasy Game Adventures
These two are part of another KS campaign and I have quite a few. They also have good prices, bundles and international shipping that I found better than many as I bought stuff from previous books directly. Basically "for the first edition game" so mix with Oric or AD&D1 but for me, that is easy to fudge as BX. Also, have loose cover modules with cyan insides so good retro feels too. The ink is a bit shiny is the only modern thing about it. Fantastic stuff. Like adventures of 1981 a minimal story is quick to get into and run. Most offer multiple ways for a party to get involved. Actually probably better than the originals in some ways for info design and lack of wasted space. Art is always good.

Mystery of The Wood of Dark Boughs 
A forestcrawl wilderness with a bullywug dungeon and other classic stuff for level 2-4. Id run this after TSR Eye of the Serpent happily. Im also a bit reminded of Fighting Fantasy Forest of Doom which you should steal encounters from. This is a chase for a relic with other interested parties. Plus beautiful bullywug art. I am pretty much in love with this because of frog related reasons.

Labyrinth of the Dweller 💗💗💗💩
A dungeon with giants for level 6-8. Starts as a giant lair with vassal troglodytes and a few monsters who hunt here. The next level is a demon hellhole with a few new types of demons with illustrations. Also ogre giant hybrids for a new twist. Plus rules detailing strength and size and scaling weapons for big humanoids rules that i would have put on a DM screen in the 80s. Handouts for puzzles too. Its a good dungeon

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