Sunday, 5 February 2023

Weird Blogger Warning!

Blogger gave me this message:

"This post was put behind a warning for readers because it contains sensitive content as outlined in Bloggers"

But no idea about the post it refers to 2100 posts including this one.
I have no idea of the sin I committed.

If anyone sees such a warning please let me know what posts or if the whole blog has a warning.
Maybe too many innocents were harmed in a d100 table.

I quit google advertising over similar vague comments about 5000-word docs that might have had some vague content issue it found at random. At least FB gives me a vague deranged reason and mostly tells me the post it means. Sadly I'm currently in FB prison for threatening harm to Jesus on an atheist group in a hypothetical question response. At least Twitter suggests your phrases potentially make you sound a bit like an internet terrorist like a grammar recommendation which you can learn from. Rather than just autoflagelates you in an AI star chamber. When your dog dies you like to know why not just get a letter saying we took him he is dead now and cremated.

Wishing you all well and good luck in your efforts to be nicer.

Update: Blogger says it has deleted a post and i don't know which

Update: The blog was removed due to content but I found it was unpublished not deleted wo was in my drafts folder. It is a piece complaining about toys gendered for girls being pink and comments on toy sales at the time it was written. I can see maybe MRA or Incels might not like it. Will see - I have asked for a review. Quite a few years ago 2015. I suspect someone found it and made a complaint. Had 848 views and a few positive comments.

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  1. That's pretty funny. Incels: girls playing with army men and Legos is not the reason you can't get laid. ;)


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