Saturday, 4 March 2023

Campaign Shenanigans

So for my Exilon campaign characters decided to visit the thrones of the reptilians and the elves so the Tyranean nation could aid the land of Exilon in a coming war with the south. They first teleported to the Tyranian palace and were taken to their new ambassador's courtyard and room. Food and wine were sent and entertainment was offered. The Amazonian wizard and her paladin wife went to be early. The draconic shapeshifter monk tried to charm some dancers and fort one in his room. The barbarian warrior drank heavily and passed out. So as the draconic shapeshifter in human guise was in the throws of passion saw the dancer quickdraw a poison dagger. He managed to cast certification on her and get out from under her stone body. Ran out and called for help, the amazons came out to see the fuss, and two girls came from the warrior's room having stabbed him. They were all 13th Lv thieves and had lethal poison. Wizard and Draconic hero cast spells to trap the two women but they nimbly tumbled away and out the window. Guards arrived and palace officials apologised.

Turns out the women were spies from the Arcane Empire of the south and ordered to kill the party. They managed to charm the assassin and unpetrify her and obtained the info they needed.

Now I have a good player's map of regions and armies they have begun marking teleporter points and planning more ahead. Apparently, dungeon time was cutting into urgent diplomacy. I'm using my own setting but using CM1 Test of Warlords and 
X10 Red Arrow Black Sheild for ideas on running an international campaign of diplomacy and warfare. Party met various warlords on the lizard borderlands who were hostile to peace but the party told of a mountain pass too cold for lizards and shunned by humans as a way to avoid the frontlines of the warring kingdoms. Met the king finally and he had heard what a mighty drinker the barbarian was. They had a drinking battle and our barbarian hero was wary that he was not the drinker people said he was but managed to win. The next day the king gave permission to try and make peace with the reptilians.

Party spent 4 days travelling to the mountain pass and the rustic log palace of the more rustic Tyraneans who lack the new king's benefits of civilising projects. Finally, they went into the mountains where the air thinned and the peaks were drowned in white. Locals and royal explorers say the pass was a place of doom. On arrival, they discovered a frost giant wall of ice with towers and a gatehouse. 

The dragon changeling summoned a fire elemental and melted a new hole next to the thicker for and howls of wolves began. And so began a long and horrible battle with 6 frost giants and their winter wolves. Early on the draconic changeling had cast heat metal on some giants and a few kept busy trying to strip. Others jumped from the towers after throwing rocks and winter wolves' ice breath surprised the party and had them on the ropes. The wizard used fireballs and magic missiles and with the barbarians cleric follower had to back off from the fight. Finally, the changeling threw up a wall of fire trapping many giants and causing havoc. One giant threw wolves over the wall before succumbing to the heat and others went in to attack from the tower and wall. The heroes won and found a few interesting items. Saw a path going higher up the mountain. 

Went to the lowlands on the mission with a banner of the kingdom of Ikathon one of the cities of Exilon. This worked well as reptilians recognised the fish banner from trading with Ikathon when it was ruled by fish over a thousand years ago. Sent a familiar to drop a gem belonging to the wizard on the lizard city palace. He then scryed for the gem and teleported the party there. Party also used the flight and the eyes of the eagle to spy on the city and its vast fields and domestic dinosaurs. They ended up teleporting to the city square and the eloquent dragon man announced the party mission of trade and peace. Were taken to the old fish folk embassy which they explored and found some spellbooks and art. Wizard teleported back to the palace of the King of Ikathon and returned with some staff for the embassy. The Amazon wizard nagged the party to clean up the dusty embassy and the dragon hero summoned an air elemental to dust. Were taken to the huge king and presented and given their gifts of cups of gems. The king did not really look at them and waved them away but apparently, this was good. Next day the king's servants agreed to a truce of several years and they wanted figs and dates from humans. Hundreds of camel loads. The king did want them to go to the mountain pass and wipe out the giant kingdom.

Oddly the reptilian city used no fire and many dinosaurs used it daily. The reptilians used magic light and bioluminescent algae. The party shopped in the serpent folk wizard district and got to buy some petty items but did find an affordable wand, gem of brilliance and rod of negation.

Prepared they teleported back to the melted giant wall and headed up the path to the Frost-Jarl's glacial fortress (G2). Had a good search and managed to kill lots of giants and ogres and get lots of looks. Fun rolling the "what's in a giant sack table". Rescued a goblin from elfland who they sent home with some giant tallow candles to eat on the way. Found a bunch of corpsicle adventurers from Tyraneans, dwarves and elves who had more magic goodies including a ring of fire resistance, a ring of spell turning, a wand and scrolls and a sword that wanted to kill the changeling. Teleported back to their home base to recover and rest and carry back the sacks of giant weapons and gold to level up.

Had some very odd things happen this session and trying a Saturday that was a decent amount of time for a 7-hour game.

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